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Chicago Boiler Repair

The Boiler for a hydronic system must be mounted level. All local code and requirements must be checked and followed. After a system is installed, it should be checked before it is put into service. The procedure used to check the new boiler is commonly  referred to as “boiling out.” …

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Mysterious “Meteor” Flies Over Chicago

On November 3rd, at approximately 6:25pm in Chicago, Illinois, locals reported a mysterious fireball falling from the Chicago skyline. What was this fireball, you ask? The beginning of an apocalypse? Maybe a meteor? Well, Jon Devore, Mike Swanson and Sean MacCormac from the Red Bull Air Force took an epic …

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Chicago Hydronic Heating Systems

Hydronic heating systems use hot water to carry heat to occupied spaces. If you live in Chicago or the Surrounding Suburbs, Call 312-243-9896 & Schedule Around the Town HVAC to Service Your Hydronic Heating System or Boiler Today!

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Tampa Short Sale Lawyer

If you are unable to make your mortgage payments or have already fallen several months behind, a short sale lawyer is a valuable ally. Boss Law Tampa short sale attorneys can help. Mortgage debts and home loans are financial and legal issues. That’s why you need an advocate with experience …

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Judith Barath’s Fine Art Gallery in the Chicago

Judith Barath in her gallery Chicago is known to many as a home to a wide variety of cultural fine arts, with a strong community that appreciate the arts; from building architecture, to exhibits and galleries for paintings, to the collections of sculptures that are showcased across the city.   Such …

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Patient, 60, Says Nurse, 33, Forced Sex On Him

Retiree accuses Illinois RN of “unsolicited” acts in hospital bed SEPTEMBER 17—A female nurse “initiated unsolicited sexual relations, including intercourse” with a hospitalized Illinois man who was awaiting a heart transplant, according to a lawsuit filed Monday against the woman and the hospital where her employment was later terminated. In …

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