Dude Where’s My Car Chicago?

My car got towed this morning.

Not for parking illegally. It was just moved or relocated to somewhere else in the city because of street construction. There was a sign, but the signs have been up for months with little or no construction actually taking place and everyone just ignored them.

Now there is a lake to the East of me so that only leaves the North, South, and West to have to search for my car. I managed to find a city of Chicago Streets and sans town truck driver and was able to ask him where my car was towed to. He gave me an address and I walked over there. It was about 6 blocks away. My car was not there. The tow truck drivers where no longer there. So I searched google for the City of Chicago page about where I might find my car.


I was happy to find this page.


It was slightly helpfull, I could see that they towed some other cars on my street. My car was not on the list. It appears that this data is updated in batches. It has a time stamp at the bottom of the page.

Next I visited this page:



I called the phone number in this page and was given another number to call that was not correct and then tolled to call 311.

311 was able to give me the current location of my car.

Total time: 2h