Enjoy your vacation in Sardinia

Wondering where to go this vacation? Well, if you want to get as close to an Italian break minus the noise and stress of the city, Sardinia is the place to be.

Put simply, why you must visit this place is it has some of the most amazing beaches along with some of the greatest restaurants and bars, all within easy reach.

When you normally think of Sardinia the first thing that comes to your mind is the glamour of Costa Smeralda, but it is a lot more than that.

Places to see

When you are at Sardinia you simply cannot ignore Costa Smeralda with its eye catching beaches and plush hotels. If you love beaches this is the place to be. Just sit there or go for a walk, you can enjoy in your own way. What is really interesting about this destination is that the smallest places are more attractive. Cagliari is the arrival point of many and so this should be left off. It has many beautiful inns and hotels. In fact, it is makes a beautiful option for exploring the southern part of the island.

If you love fishing and want to give it a shot, Alghero is the place to be. This is the fishing port. Even with numerous tourists coming in this place has managed to hold on to its beauty and essence. A trip to Sardinia is also incomplete without Nouro. This is a necessary stopover for hitting the mountain areas. Even though there are many areas, the best is the Gennargentu. This mountain region covers heart of this island.

Food and wine

You simply cannot complete your vacation without tasting some rich and lip smacking Sardinian food and wine. There is no doubt that pasta is the top most on the list of foods, you must also try the Vernaccia or the Sardinian wine. The rich taste of the wine will definitely lingers in your mouth for long reminding you of the place. You can also search for dry Torbatto or the flavoured Trebbiano Sardo.

When to visit

The best time to visit Sardinia is May or June. This is because at this time the skies are clear and so is the sea. You can enjoy a lot of activity at this time. Some of the hotels and inns also remain close in winters till Easter. You can reach the island from any part of the world. There are different flights connecting you to Sardinia.

Some tips

Before you leave for the exotic location, you must contact the tourist offices. You will get a whole lot of local offices. You must also know the emergency numbers that you might need. Don’t forget to carry your driving license and other important documents.