New dating app Cupidon similar to Tinder can be a matchmaker itself


The cyber space is full of advice how meet friends or a partner online. The dating apps and website make picking up a potential partner easier but there are still pitfalls. New app Cupidon is similar to Tinder but the software plays important role to match similar profiles than just like the person and try to hook up. Cupidon is aiming for quality, with possibilities on your fingertips than tethering yourself behind the computer. The app is all about mobile devices as people spend more and more time on cell phone. The product of Silicon Valley based app and game company owned by Marketa B. Linden W. is new player. The software is in testing mode, the final product will be free to download, the upgraded version will have Swipes for sale.

‘I am aware that customers usually want a free download. That’s all what we offer’, says fragile blonde Marketa B. Linden W. who is also film producer dipping her toes in the field of PC games and apps similar to Dana Brunetti. ‘I am Blondetti’, she laughs. ,No I have huge respect for Dana and there is always good banter and big rivality but he is a heavy weight in film industry.’ Marketa is more known for her writing of books, blogging, modelling and covering NHL, but she gained kudos in corpotate business world as one of the best analysts for social media, having perfect background in maths, algorithms and computing. She attended two universities, gained a master degree from history and psychology, the second one from economics and marketing. Marketa and marketing research is her battlefield. Social Network like Brunetti’s movie? ‘The first person linking film and IT industry was Steve Jobs, not me or Dana. He bought film animation company, I had good background in finances and money to invest, that’s why I was asked for help. It came from this. If you have a film production company for commercials as other division for your marketing company, if you have a role of film executive producer, you think what is next for you.”

Marketa has set up a game and app developer company four years ago, planning her first film feature based on 3D animation.Her team of animators was busy to build computer games but they are keen to progress into indie film project, the 3D animation movie for children, similar to Frozen. The film pre production have started in the fall, the dating app Cupidon has a premiere in early spring 2016. Probably earlier, around Valentine Day. Marketa still knows when it is time to hit a jackpot. The news about her app comes up to the air during National Coding week, her health diet book at the beginning of year 2016 when any person is Annicky Panicky about weight gain.

She keep her private life private, her only known boyfriend was a soccer player of Arsenal London ten years ago. She says she is old fuddy duddy and she prefers speaking face to face and meeting people than having 5000 Facebook friends. ‘Is it real? Do you feel? I have just 100 friends on sealed Facebook, many of them are my friends from NYC, from fashion, arts, business but also friends from my childhood.’ she askes. Marketa was engaged, she stresses old word bethroted to her second cousin and it was arranged match. She refused to tell the name of her cousin for arranged marriage but she said it wasn’t set in the stone and she was in the shock when she saw him for the first time. ‘Arrogant, entitled, noisy. Yellow teeth, waving his hands, drunk,in his shirt with stripes, his hairy chest visible and dancing in Mahiki. Always telling who he is, lazy to work’, she smiles. ‘He has sent me Facebook message he will be engaged and it will be announced soon. He even didnt bother to tell the gran, he just announce it without any notice, perhaps for the reason, the gran will have time to ban it by her veto. His text was, he will announce it using funny sentence: Are you happy for us? I asked him what is the meaning of that. Does he mean me and him or his present wife and him.’ She admits her cousin as former fiance was a fiance just for the sake of unity between two family branches. Also the people seen as perfect match on the paper doesn’t work in reality. There isn’t mutual chemistry, spark or people are bad to each other. She is happy to be out of gilded case and lazy husband who likes to throw the burden of things on the shoulder of other people. She describes his wife as a horror, nicknames her Lady Idleton but she is grateful to her she took that burden from her. She will be locked in the gilded cage until her death, no chance to escape and due to her lack of pedigree also not enough freedom.

The meeting face to face and seeing a friend or partner in flesh, speaking to them is important factor to her and it should be the case for any user of her dating app. “I don’t want to have an app for shallow people seeking just a hook up, sipe and bed, full of explicit content. My app will be monitored.’ The chance meeting a jerk or gold digger on Cupidon will be small’, she promisses.

She is usually trolled by jealous NHL female fans or refused suitors as well as she fiercely protects her privacy. Was she dating NHL superstar Sidney Crosby? ,No!, she says firmly. ,He is almost a decade younger and it is a sci fi tale by the admin of cyber slapping bullying sport forum. Randy Morin is not able to find my song because he is lazy, but he is busy bee to create fabricated gossip I was a girlfriend of Sidney Crosby because it sends his crazy fans into meltdown like some fans of One Directions. He found out Crosby was his cash cow after Olympics, he follows the tactics of tabloids to stir the pot, fabricate and publish. The fabricated match of two known people works well, but he was also aware I will be bullied, there will be drama and it means more hits and bigger ad revenue for his person.’ She always raised eyebrows by losing her mask of straight laced ice baby face when Captain Serious is around. Jonathan Toews was a talk Jonathan Toews belongs to her good friends, always supporting her or team mates. Toews is known for giving up his title of captain on one of his Stanley Cup so the name of less important player was carved on the famous throphy. ‘He is very competitive and focused but also easy going with good heart. If I am very sad, his cover photo from 2010 when they won the first Stanley Cup makes me laugh. He is so horribly serious in business suit trying to look like a CEO what’s my position.He looked so young, so funny and so serious but you see how he grew up, as player, as the man’, she laughs. “Jonathan is great, it is great laugh how we are described as so serious, but we have results. He usually checks his stats of his game but he has great ability to move on and start the new game from the scratch. I am nicknamed Ice Princess, Jonny will be Pirate, not Blackhawk soon, because he fights so much. It’s horrible, you always feel he will be injured, on the other hand, Elina Casell has less work as a make up artist for Blackhawk with black eye.”

Marketa came to spotlight after she covered Olympic ice hockey finals between Canada and USA in February 2010. She received abusive comments, harassment, hateful emails and also a death threat by on/off girlfriend of Sidney Crosby, Kathy Leutner who switched from bride model to swimsuit photoshots because Marketa is former profi athlete – swimmer. One of them called Michelle Kenneth follows her online for long time, sends abuse, claims she knows her and harasses her. The abuser who blogs for small website Inside Hockey and covers New Jersey Devils is deeply in love with Jaromir Jagr and contacts Marketa with hateful remarks almost every week. She signed herself to film talks when she found out Marketa is a film producer, other woman Leslie Coutterand French socialite as wannabe actress set up recently film production company and tries to crowdfund her documentary about love, also cover her travelling costs. ,I guess if you call yourself a film producer or an app developer you certainly have your own money to invest or your brain and knowledge, but we live in time when we still see small percentage of female film producers, IT experts but huge percentage of It girls socialites’, Marketa said. Her first name is Margaret in English, Margarita in Italian. There is a joke about Margarita on the ice and her mentions of statistics during NHL radio broadcast, alongside of witty one liners, but it makes her also popular with the healthy sport fans and good role model for the girls. She has supported and donated her evening gowns to Chicago based charity Girls on the run since 2010. Blackhawks fan, 5 years old girl Maggie Ciara, remembered Hossa’s number of jersey 91 and used it for learning of times tabless. She recently set up own clothing line based on that. “I think it is great that the girls are raised to have some self respect based on their personality and achievement than just being a meal ticket and amazing in look department. It is also great that people know me for analytics than fashion or for the fact I need to recognize NHL player by their number when I cover NHL live on the radio. It is the fastest team game of the world, better game than PC games.’

Does people recognize her in public eyes? Some people do, after the Olympics when the finals were watched and listened by 30 millions people but she keeps low profile and people are surprised how she looks like.’Radio is great because I am not exactly an attention seeker who is basking in spotliht, I am quite shy but I am very confident in front of microphone. I suffer in the front of the TV camera, they say I am good, photogenic, articulated with high ratings but the radio is my love and the internet radio is without limits’, she speaks about her sport journalism. Her coverage of World Cup in Brasil was seen by some British people as better brodcast than coverage by Neville. ‘I guess I am more experienced in the terms of broadcast and he is better on practical point of view of his sport.’ Her ancestors were also apparently shy, one was shy too much and her great grandfather Georgie locked himself in the broom room under the stairs of their Norfolk mansion, the table covered by thick cloth because he was nervous, with shaken voice during his radio broadcasts before Christmas. Her paternal grandfather was dashing gold haired fashion icon and heartbreaker until he run away with unsuitable bride, who isn’t her grandmother.She is his spitful image, hair, easy charm, fragile body, face expressions although her slightly opened lips come from her great grandfather Georgie when he was young man. ‘I don’t want to speak about that. I am not just a product of this man, I am more my great grandfather Georgie in many ways and having attitude of greatgrandmas called Mary and Alexandra. Also my mum, she was brainy and good on maths. She studied chemistry, my paternal side is all about history and languages. My cousin Chuck recently found Skype, it is big progress, he will be buzzing nonstop with some big problem’, she grins. That’s all about the apps in her family, her mother is old fashioned lady who uses just old cell phone and refuses to have wi fi in her house. Marketa doesn’t have a TV in her bedroom, likes letters, cards in paper form and speaking with people face to face. ,I have recently found I share 24 mutual friends with wife of producer Weinstein, I met her many times but I am not her friends and I don’t know her. Is it weird?’ she askes. Her app will introduce people who seems to share similar friends, interests. You will not be thrown at mercy of sod’s law, an app will guide you to build easy, but detailed profile. You will be able to find future wife, husband or just good friends.

She is attached and protects her private life. Jonathan Toews is dating former socialite Lindsey Vecchione who works as a hair stylist now. She says her friends have a lot of in common with her and the dating app Cupidon is based on that. It matches similar profiles itself, using smart algorithm, which Marketa studied at two US universities. Their courses and Wharton University helped her to carve a career in game and app development industry well. The users will be able to search by distance proximity as well as similar interests. There is a private chat, text or video chat, similar to Snap chat or Periscope and she reaches by this feature the big players. There her 3D animation film feature Flora is expected by big film studios as a bad joke or big surprise.

Marketa is often attacked by crazy sport female fans but also one British film maker, Arthur Landon. He has spent Valentine Day 2013 by commenting sport soccer game as he chatted with Jacobi AGC. His mother apparently questioned her fertility and age, ignoring the fact that Marketa isn’t attached to her son. Seen as very meddling and vulgar by her set, Marketa keeps her good manners and stiff upper lip, kidding her bully was born to his once divorced mama Landon in age of 39 exactly nine months after Valentine Day:”Well, his father Timothy perhaps did call of duty on Valentine Day and created a child than ranting and trying to be a sport commentator for certain reason, call himself and by Percy as Captain No Fun based on JT.’ She was trolled and bullied for almost two years, by a son of former arm trade dealer who was involved in Prince Harry’s Las Vegas scandal, apparently hiring a female visitors in their hotel suite, leaking Prince Harry’s shocking photos where he protects a girl and also Prince William’s photos from Africa. His Instagram is full of unsuitable explicit and mock photos, his Twitter is bullying her, with a woman who comes from Indiana and lives in NJ, 45 years old woman living with two cats, who still wait for Jaromir Jagr. She claims she is a writer and she is paid from her just seven blog posts on small sport website with Alexa rank 6 millions, but she is full of nasty abuse of Marketa or other NHL female reporter. The cell phone still attached to Michelle’s hand, the internet giving a room for fake cyber life and abuse, bullying, stalking people and the social media arent always positive thing for us.Arthur Landon who also sent a death threat to Marketa is recently prosecuted in UK, his bong smuggled in the suitcase for Las Vegas trip is questioned by US law enforcement and he will be removed as bad ambassador for anti bullying charity Diana Awards. Leslie Coutterand who copied and stalked Marketa in dangerous manner with film production, Nepal trip and more things,is seen as next dangerous woman behind the death threat is banned from accessing Nepal in January 2016. Marketa helped local Nepalese woman with her clothing line, giving them work for her company, she was named United Nation ambassador for Nepal. Maybe little Maggie Ciara got nice role model than ambitious jealous socialite who wants just travel or green eyed monster girl who zooms any photo on Instagram. ,The internet and apps are good as well as bad thing. It is like with fire and how we manage it. It is great servant but bad master. I will make sure our app is free of bullying, creepy people and abuse.And I will not name nasty women as a sport fans’, she says. , Arthur Landon claims we are a couple, recently going to councellor, which is a lie. I guess anyone has weird suitor, offline or online. On other hand he attacks me for more reasons, one of them is my role as female film producer. If you don’t like them, don’t try to date them or be a friend with them. He has sent me a request on my sealed social media account and was refused. He started his abuse of my person afterwards, contacting my NHL troll who loves Jagr and started to bully me online. His female friend who checks any woman around him and became my copycat, French socialite, set up a film production company and copies more things from my life, so you think about that when we develop an app. You cannot find a famous person unless you are into Charlie Sheen and it isn’t for deluded fans, but the app makes sure it will find you similar soulmate. The rest is on you, you need to chat with them and ask yourself if you want a violent partner or if you want a female film producer because me or Kinvara Balfour because we come from upper class and a man is just a snob.’

The app will also able to find you a friend or you can introduce two friends to each other. Marketa said the the idea of the dating site came to her by silly email by a man who emailed her how he is her Mr Right (she has a Tumblr blog on that), speaking as macho about his four homes, universities, great look and money. He signed as Alexander. Marketa ignored the email but her found out who is the man behind that. The same man who asked Minessota based matchmaker Kailen Rosenberg to find me a mail order bride in UK, using a website My Love Design. It was a reason why French socialite Leslie Coutterand as Marketa’s copycat started her film production company, trying to make a documentary about love, asking money for her travelling across the world and her reality show document. The reason? Arthur Landon who seeks a mail order bride and Leslie Coutterand dislikes it. ‘I guess they will be like Charles, Diana and Camilla but I bet he still did not find a chick and my app is out soon. I got great idea from that. Jagr has always some new girl, usually in the age of Michelle who can be their mother and one of them posed with selfie stick, taking their pictures in the bed. I bet Jagr loves apps and he is very much up to date. He, his girlfriend and a selfie stick, not a hockey stick. Nice triangle, just for a counceling. Only Sidney Crosby had his hockey stick in the bed when he won his Stanley Cup’, Marketa laughs, stressing she and her cousin Anne are easy going and hard to be fooled, they don’t suffer fools easily and they are into pleasant peasants, usually athletes. ,We will leave British aristos to Pippa Middleton’, Marketa smirks.,My grandpa has still in mind other matchmaking, with younger brother of my former fiance and he grew up a beard. He was nicknamed by his former girlfriend as Chewbacca and he is glued to his cell phones, it is a horror. His uncle was good with modern technologies but my cousin with the beard is really in cyberspace and always with his cell phone. Usually two. So active, he is able to manage two cell phones, having two girls on each phone and playing a PC game. ,He is very good with PC games, good with his fingers and also good for that reason with the helicopters. Maybe he will find a new chick on my dating app but I guess it will be snatched by our grandpa. He is very curious’, Marketa grins. She is very keen of her uncle called a grandpa by her, who is curious mind and funny with his gaffes about stats and kids, as he is a father of four. Her other cousin apparently cannot part his ways with cell phone and games during family meals and breakfasts and he is an exception in very fuddy duddy family who loves offline life.

Marketa’s app is out in March 2016, just before Easter. Her promo commercial is out next week, using the script written by herself. She uses witty sentences Prince Charming does not exist and Cinderella loves only shoes..Wait for our matchmaker software as your fairy godmother…polish fairy dust for your fairy tale. She volunteered at local West London library as code expert for children, codes and Walsingham are also mentioned in her historical novel Queen Margot, but her private life is still enigma.