Problem: Census worker won’t take ‘no’ for answer

by admin on April 4, 2011

in Illinois,McKinley Park

Couple says questions too personal, threatened with fine if don’t comply
Jon Yates What’s Your Problem?

The first few requests were tolerable. A Census Bureau worker would knock on John and Beverly Scott’s door and ask them to fill out an American Community Survey. The McKinley Park couple would politely decline.

But as the days passed, the visits became more frequent and the requests more urgent.

Some evenings, the doorbell would ring at dinnertime, then again at 10 p.m.

“I’m generally a nice guy. I didn’t want to shut the door in her face,” John Scott said. “I said, ‘I’m not going to answer your questions.’ She kept saying, ‘You’ve got to, you’ve got to.’ I shut the door, and she kept ringing the doorbell and tapping on the window.”

It isn’t that the Scotts are anti-government or are philosophically opposed to the census. The couple filled out their decennial form last year, answering every question.

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