The Uninformed States of America


Finally Free Media and Filmmaker Mike Riley Announce Political Documentary, Kickstarter Campaign

Independent film team to produce documentary exploring increasing political apathy in the United States to answer the question “Is it that we don’t know or don’t care?”

LOS ANGELES, June 30, 2014 – Finally Free Media and filmmaker Mike Riley have teamed up to produce “The Uninformed States of America,” a documentary exploring the heated and controversial debate surrounding the overall cause of political apathy in the United States.

This humorous and informative documentary will question many politically-centric issues within today’s society including, but not limited to, the lack of interest among Americans, mostly young, towards civic matters; the flaws within the American voting system and the negative effect of and potential solutions to both.

“Political apathy, especially amongst the youth, is nothing new,” Riley said. “However, in recent years this trend has increased substantially. Many American citizens have a very limited knowledge about who is representing them in government and/or how government works as a whole.”

The growing team of supporters have made plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign on July 15th to fund the project, offering incentives that allow donors to be an integral part of the production process.

This “political science experiment” will answer all of the pivotal questions plaguing the majority of Americans such as voter fatigue and suppression, political alienation, lack of trust in both the government and media and the ever-apparent public ignorance.

Finally Free Media and Filmmaker Mike Riley team up for political experiment documentary

“There is a rather cynical approach to politics by most Americans due to the corruption embedded within the fabric of American politics and the overall voting process,” Riley said. “This has left many, mainly our younger voters, feeling government has very little effect on them, so there is no reason to get involved.”

The production team are currently accepting submissions and requests for interviews and appearances within the film on the official website at

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