Bills Going Into Effect In 2022
Illinois Senate Democrats
General Assembly
Illinois Senate Democrats | Communicaons Department | | 1
SB 00047
Changes current law so that it applies the transfer on death instrument to all properties, not just
residential properties as it does now.
SB 00058
Increases the private vehicle tax by $75 for each model year where the purchase price is less than
$15,000 and $100 if the purchase price is above $15,000. The bill also provides that the registration
fee for trailers weighing less than 3,000 pounds shall be $36 instead of $118.
SB 00063
Requires the Department of Children and Family Services to ensure that youth in care who are seniors
in high school have completed a FAFSA by Nov. 1 of their final year of school and provide assistance in
obtaining required documents.
SB 00080
Amends the Probate Act and provides safeguards for a ward with a disability and allows a court to
appoint co-guardians and separate individuals.
SB 00085
Provides that any procurement involving the acquisition of improvements to real estate by a fire
protection district resulting in more than $20,000 must be competitively bid.
SB 00105
Expands how an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse can prove he or she completed clinical experience.
SB 00107 Addresses various issues that affect the adoption process in Illinois.
SB 00109
Removes the requirement that two physicians certify a patient being non-decisional and having a
qualifying condition in the case of providing life-sustaining treatment.
SB 00116
Permits the board of directors of a corporation to hold a shareholder meeting solely by means of
remote communication.
SB 00119
Provides that the Illinois Department of Public Health, local health departments and public health
districts may not regulate the sale of lemonade or non-alcoholic drinks or mixed beverages by a
person under the age of 16.
SB 00121 Allows EMS workers to administer a Respirator Medical Evaluation on behalf of firefighters.
SB 00134
Creates the Local Journalism Task Force Act, which seeks to review, study and analyze the state of
journalism in Illinois.
SB 00139
Allows a person currently married to request a copy of their marriage certificate with the term
“spouse” rather than any gender identifying language, and provides an affidavit for individuals to fill
out in order to request the certificate.
SB 00147
Entitles a Medicare supplement policyholder to an annual open enrollment period lasting at least 45
days, starting on the individual’s birthday, to buy a Medicare supplement policy irrespective of health
status, claims experience or a medical condition.
SB 00154
Allows tenants of Illinois Housing Development Authority-funded housing units to maintain at least
two cats or one dog that weighs under 50 pounds, regardless of breed or height, and establishes
that housing providers will not be held liable for injuries caused by a pet on the property except in
cases of misconduct.
SB 00258 Prevents employers from removing children from insurance obligors health insurance coverage.
SB 00259 Allows clients to seek permission to relocate during a pending case if it is in the child’s best interest.
SB 00335 Adds dental anesthesiology in the definition of “branches of dentistry.
SB 00346
Requires the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services to put in place a school-based
dental program that would allow out-of-office preventative services – like teeth cleanings.
SB 00460
Amends the Chicago Municipal Article of the Illinois Pension Code by adding language for the process
of awarding contracts for investment services with emerging investment managers who are minority-
owned, woman-owned and owned by persons with disabilities.
SB 00471
Requires any insurer who issues or delivers group accident and health policies to ensure that those insured
have timely access to treatment for mental, emotional, nervous or substance use disorders or conditions.
Bills Going Into Effect In 2022
Illinois Senate Democrats
General Assembly
Illinois Senate Democrats | Communicaons Department | | 2
SB 00499
Provides that the medical assistance program and a group accident and health insurance policy
providing coverage on an expense-incurred basis should offer optional coverage for the reasonable
and necessary medical treatment of temporomandibular joint disorder and craniomandibular disorder.
SB 00500
Prevents a hospital, physician, surgeon, procurement organization or other person from discriminating
against any individual solely on the basis of having a mental or physical disability, by deeming that
person ineligible to receive an anatomical gift or organ transplant.
SB 00505
Provides members of the Illinois National Guard serving on State Active Duty, federal duty or training
status with a state flag presented to their next of kin upon their death.
SB 00512
Creates the Preventing Youth Vaping Act by placing additional restrictions and regulations on
SB 00515
Extends the optional valuation method available to large public utilities acquiring water and sewer
utilities to public utilities with 15,000 or more water or sewer customers.
SB 00539
Makes various changes to lobbying, disclosure and campaign finance rules to increase transparency
and accountability in Illinois.
SB 00548
Allows required basic training of private detectives, private alarm contractors and private security
contractors to be conducted online and adds additional firearm training and coursework.
SB 00555 Expands the current Tobacco Enforcement Program to tobacco and vape retailers.
SB 00564
Requires schools to include in history education the contributions made by Muslim, Jewish, Christian,
Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist Americans and any other collective community of faith that has
shaped America.
SB 00567
Makes changes to the Illinois Optometric Practice Act to specify regulations for the use of telehealth
by optometrists.
SB 00573 Makes several technical changes to the Vehicle Code as an initiative of the secretary of state.
SB 00583
Provides that the reports and records of the obligation, receipt and use of public funds of the Clerk
of the Circuit Court of Cook County are public records and must be retained pursuant to the Local
Records Act.
SB 00593
Amends the Address Confidentiality Program by removing the requirement for the attorney general to
confirm eligibility to the Board of Elections, and allows program participants to vote in person.
SB 00595
Allows the plaintiff or his or her attorney to perform certain non-delegable duties instead of the clerk
of the court.
SB 00633
Requires school districts to report incidents of violence that occurred on school grounds or during
school-related activities that resulted in an out-of-school suspension, expulsion or removal to an
alternative setting on their School District Report Card website.
SB 00636
Allows condominium boards to require that the majority of the condominium board be made up of
unit owners who occupy their units as a primary residence.
SB 00640
Prohibits the state from procuring contracts with a vendor that receives support from nonmarket
economy governments that do not operate on market principles of cost or pricing structures.
SB 00661
Provides that the Illinois Student Assistance Commission will award Post-Master of Social Work
Professional Educator License scholarships, giving priority to underrepresented communities in the
social work field.
SB 00672
Provides that a written agreement not to compete is prohibited unless the employee’s earnings exceed
$75,000 per year, and an agreement not to solicit is prohibited unless the employee’s
earnings exceed $45,000 per year.
Bills Going Into Effect In 2022
Illinois Senate Democrats
General Assembly
Illinois Senate Democrats | Communicaons Department | | 3
SB 00701
Contains several provisions recommended by the Elder Abuse Task Force regarding elder abuse and
SB 00812
Requires the Illinois State Board of Education to make available on its website the total number of
school support personnel sorted by specialty area and the pupil-to-school support personnel ratio for
each school district.
SB 00817
Bans schools from discriminating against student hairstyles associated with racial, ethnic and cultural
SB 00820
Contains various provisions to clean up the Education and Workforce Development pillar of the Illinois
Legislative Black Caucus agenda.
SB 00915
Updates the State Parks Designation Act with 15-20 years worth of additions to the portfolio of
properties overseen by the department.
SB 00919 Expands membership of the Broadband Advisory Council to require more ethnic diversity.
SB 00922 Changes various responsibilities of the board of the Illinois State Museum.
SB 00968
Requires all health insurance plans, the Public Aid Code and public health benefits in Illinois to provide
coverage for medically necessary pancreatic cancer screening.
SB 01056 Makes a number of changes to Illinois pension laws.
SB 01078
Changes the Illinois Athletic Trainers Practice Act and provides that an athletic trainer licensed under
the act may only perform dry needling after completion of requirements, as determined by the
Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.
SB 01085
Creates the Educational Planning Services Consumer Protection Act, also known as the Segura Act,
to protect consumers who enter into agreements with educational planning service providers and to
regulate educational planning service providers.
SB 01231
Provides that a large non-highway vehicle may not be granted an off-highway vehicle trails public
access sticker or be operated on lands or waters that require the display of such a sticker.
SB 01232
Allows for any federal money awarded to airports that serve more than 10,000 passengers a year
to receive that money directly instead of the money being distributed by the Illinois Department of
Transportation’s Division of Aeronautics.
SB 01245
Requires the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to announce, via a statewide news release,
the dates, shooting hours, sites and counties that are open for deer hunting between Sept. 1
and Feb. 15.
SB 01247 Regulates the protection, control, possession and propagation of herptiles.
SB 01536
Allows a car rental company to void a damage waiver if the vehicle is stolen and the renter does
not return the cars ignition key and the identifying key tag, file a police report within 24 hours of
discovering the theft and fully cooperate with the rental company or law enforcement.
SB 01542
Removes the requirement of having triplicate copies of junk titles to be kept on the licensee’s principal
place of business at salvage yards and changing the amount of time required to keep the records on
file from seven to three years.
SB 01545
Changes the threshold of when a vehicle is considered to be salvage due to damage as a percentage of
its fair market value to 50% for licensed rebuilders and repairers.
SB 01561
Provides that it is a civil rights violation for a loan modification service provider to refuse to engage
in services or to discriminate in making such services available, or alter the terms of services, if such
decisions were based on unlawful discrimination, familial status or an arrest record.
SB 01566
Requires the courts to factor pregnancy into consideration when deciding in favor of withholding or
minimizing a sentence of imprisonment.
Bills Going Into Effect In 2022
Illinois Senate Democrats
General Assembly
Illinois Senate Democrats | Communicaons Department | | 4
SB 01577
Provides that public school students shall be granted up to five days of excused absences for mental or
behavioral health, no medical note required.
SB 01592
Prohibits an insurer from denying or refusing to provide otherwise covered services for children with
autism based on the location where services are provided.
SB 01596
Provides committing a specified criminal act against a person because of their actual or perceived
citizenship or immigration status is a hate crime.
SB 01600
Requires a restaurant or truck stop to provide its employees with training in the recognition of human
trafficking and protocols for reporting observed human trafficking to the appropriate authority.
SB 01611 Allows the Secretary of State’s office to accept electronic signatures and delivery of records.
SB 01624
Allows agricultural sciences and agricultural education to count as requirements for university admission.
SB 01632
Removes the requirement that social workers pass an examination for licensure, but retains the
examination requirement for clinical social workers.
SB 01638
Requires the board of trustees of each public university in the state, upon a student declaring or
changing his or her academic major or program of study, to provide the student with an occupational
outlook report associated with that major.
SB 01640
Provides that a guidance counselor may not intentionally solicit or accept any gift from a higher
education institution or a person affiliated with the university.
SB 01656
Allows the director of the Illinois Department of Agriculture to declare a mass animal mortality event
and requires the department to create a plan which would be implemented following the declaration.
SB 01657
Provides continuing education requirements for persons registered to install, service, recondition or
repair a weighing or measuring device used in trade or commerce.
SB 01658
Provides that all weighing or measuring devices must be placed into service and sealed before they
are first used in trade by a serviceperson, service agency or special sealer registered by the director
of the Department of Agriculture or by an inspector.
SB 01667 Provides that certification of the levy by the county clerk may be done electronically.
SB 01672
Requires homeowners’ and renters’ insurance companies to collect data on claims involving dog-
related incidents and report the data to Department of Insurance to be made publicly available.
SB 01673
Changes the Animal Control Act to remove the terms “spayed” and “neutered” and replace them
with the word “sterilized.
SB 01677
Amends the Stalking No Contact Order Act to include electronic communication in the definition of
SB 01681
Adds probation officers to the list of individuals that qualify for death benefits if killed in the line of duty.
SB 01682
Requires pharmacies to post a notice informing consumers that a consumer may request current
pharmacy retail prices at the point of sale.
SB 01690
Revises the Economic Development for a Growing Economy Tax Credit Act to reflect the actual
administration of the program; creates the Illinois Small Business Fund.
SB 01714
Amends the Illinois Fire Protection Training Act and removes the firefighter training requirement to
learn about the history of the fire service labor movement.
SB 01721
Reduces interest rate on unpaid property taxes for municipalities to intervene and save abandoned
properties, facilitates partnership between land banks and local governments to transform vacant lots
and abandoned buildings into viable living or working spaces and reduces maximum interest rates on
delinquent taxes to 9%.
Bills Going Into Effect In 2022
Illinois Senate Democrats
General Assembly
Illinois Senate Democrats | Communicaons Department | | 5
SB 01723
Enables applicants for the certified public accountant exam to take the exam after obtaining 120 credit
hours rather than 150.
SB 01730
Requires public corporations to report the self-identified sexual orientation and self-identified gender
identity of their directors.
SB 01740
Requires providers of non-emergency medi-car and service car transportation to conduct in-house
safety programs to train their own staff.
SB 01753
Adds provisions to the Insurance Code concerning making diligent efforts to procure surplus line
insurance contracts through authorized insurers, including for master policy insurance contracts and
program business.
SB 01765 Requires state agencies to implement an equal opportunity employment interview initiative.
SB 01779
Requires a lender or its agent to disclose certain affiliations and details about the loan when offering
terms for a mortgage note for the purchase of a manufactured home.
SB 01780
Provides that if exigent circumstances arise, a mobile home park owner is responsible for providing a
water supply to each household following a five-day period of no water.
SB 01790
Requires the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to publish on its website
the process for requesting a rehearing on disciplinary action and the process for restoring a medical
license after successful completion of a term of probation, suspension or revocation.
SB 01791
Provides that, in order to further the prevention of accidents, the Illinois Department of Transportation
shall conduct a traffic study following the occurrence of any accident involving a pedestrian fatality
that occurs on a state highway.
SB 01795
Provides that operating agreements for a limited liability company should not restrict or eliminate the
fiduciary duty to act fairly and that it may establish metrics to determine if members are acting fairly.
SB 01833
Requires the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to establish criteria for
creating state-designated cultural districts and allows for the creation of five such districts per year, up
to a total of 15 at any one time.
SB 01839
Establishes that structural requirements adopted for modular dwellings and mobile structures should
not be more stringent than the requirements contained in the International Residential Code or the
International Building Code.
SB 01840
Requires community benefit reports to be filed by all nonprofit and public hospitals, and requires
hospitals to make their annual community benefits plan publicly available and easily accessible.
SB 01845
Amends the Property Tax Code to require the county clerk to file notice of a certificate within 30 days
of the filing of a certificate, and requires the clerk to mail notice.
SB 01846
Requires restaurants to serve water, milk, milk alternative or juice with a children’s meal as the default
SB 01854
Creates two new sections in the insurance code requiring providers to cover A1C and Vitamin D testing
recommended by a health care provider for prediabetic and diabetics.
SB 01861
Permits the Illinois Department of Corrections to deny a convicted person admission to an impact
incarceration program.
SB 01876
Provides that a policy of group life insurance shall contain, if replacing policies, a provision preventing
loss of coverage, subject to premium payments, for active employees if conditions are met.
SB 01878 Removes bowfin and paddlefish from the list of protected species.
SB 01879
Makes it unlawful for any person to take aquatic life by means of a pitchfork, spear gun, bow and
arrow, including a sling shot bow, spear or gig on any public right of way or highway in the state.
Bills Going Into Effect In 2022
Illinois Senate Democrats
General Assembly
Illinois Senate Democrats | Communicaons Department | | 6
SB 01892
Provides that probation, term of periodic imprisonment or conditional discharge should not be
imposed for child pornography if the victim is a household or family member of the defendant.
SB 01908
Requires hospitals and ambulatory surgical treatment centers to adopt policies to ensure the
elimination of surgical smoke plume by use of a surgical smoke plume evacuation system.
SB 01913
Adds community service to the current list of penalties that may be imposed by the court for violating
Scott’s Law.
SB 01966
Permits Illinois and Wisconsin residents who are subject to involuntary admission to inpatient mental
health or substance use disorder treatment to obtain appropriate treatment across state lines in
private facilities that are closer to their homes than facilities available in their home states.
SB 01970
Allows certain individuals to receive information from a mental health facility regarding a family
member who is a recipient of care from that facility when certain conditions and requirements are met.
SB 01974
Provides that an insurer, health maintenance organization, independent practice association or
physician-hospital organization may not attempt recoupment or offset until all appeal rights of a
health care professional or health care provider are exhausted.
SB 01976
Requires the Illinois Department of Corrections to appoint a point-of-contact person to receive
suggestions, complaints or other requests to the department from visitors to department
institutions or facilities and from other members of the public.
SB 02007
Expands the places a cottage food operation may sell their products to include farmers markets, fairs,
festivals or public events and allows online sales.
SB 02079
Amends the VOICES Act to provide that if the Designated Certifying Official cannot determine that the
requester is a victim of a criminal activity, the officer should provide written notice explaining why.
SB 02088
Expands the charges of the Whole Child Task Force, and allows groups to be included as members of
the Children’s Readiness Assessment Advisory Committee.
SB 02089
Requires the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to fly a United States flag, an Illinois flag and a
POW/MIA flag at all state parks within five years of the bill becoming law.
SB 02112
Allows a person to add an agent as the secondary addressee at their discretion to their life insurance plan.
SB 02116
Requires the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice to provide civics education to juveniles who are
scheduled to be released from custody.
SB 02122
Provides that statements provided by minors are inadmissible as evidence if obtained using deceptive
SB 02129
Allows state’s attorneys to petition the court to reduce an offenders sentence if the state’s attorney
believes the original sentence no longer advances the interests of justice.
SB 02158
Requires all insurers that provide coverage to an Illinois resident to provide coverage for the
treatment, removal, elimination or maximum feasible treatment of nevus flammeus, also known as
port-wine stains, including, but not limited to, port-wine stains caused by Sturge-Weber Syndrome.
SB 02175
Allows the Department of Innovation and Technology to operate and organize similarly to other state
SB 02177
Provides that no youth in custody or guardianship of the Department of Children and Family Services
be required to store their belongings in a plastic bag or similar disposable container when relocating
from one placement type to another or when being discharged.
SB 02179 Provides a six-year statute of repose for all legal malpractice claims.
SB 02193
Provides that a person commits burglary when he or she knowingly enters or remains within a freight
container without authority.
Bills Going Into Effect In 2022
Illinois Senate Democrats
General Assembly
Illinois Senate Democrats | Communicaons Department | | 7
SB 02204
Establishes that a person commits stalking when he or she knowingly makes threats that are a part of
a course of conduct and is aware of the threatening nature of his or her speech.
SB 02245
Provides that beginning Jan. 1, 2022, it would be unlawful to apply a restricted-use pesticide within
500 feet of a school during normal school hours when children are present.
SB 02249
Allows Illinois Department of Corrections employees to continue their employment after having their
FOID card revoked due to receiving mental health treatment.
SB 02250
Requires administrators of Illinois Veterans Homes who have locally held members benefits funds to
prepare and submit a monthly report to the Department of Veterans Affairs of all donations received
and for the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs to prepare a quarterly report on all locally held
members benefits funds.
SB 02278
Allows counties that have authorized imposing a Special County Retailers’ Occupation Tax to establish
a seven-member board to oversee the use of funds received from the tax specifically for
mental health and substance abuse.
SB 02339
Requires law enforcement agency records and all circuit court records relating to any investigation or
proceeding pertaining to a criminal sexual offense to exclude the identity of a child victim.
SB 02340
Provides that law enforcement agency or circuit court records relating to any investigation on criminal
sexual offense must restrict and exclude the adult victim’s identity without a court order.
SB 02354
Allows for students to take one year of forensic speech and debate in high school as a replacement for
music, art or foreign language requirements.
SB 02356
Requires that public bodies meet to review meeting minutes every six months, that a committee
reviews closed session minutes six months from the last review, or at next meeting.
SB 02357
Amends the Chicago Public Schools article of the Pension Code and the School Code to efficiently and
effectively respond to educator misconduct.
SB 02360
Removes the difficulties banks have in declaring a holiday in the event of an emergency (inclement
weather or natural disaster, absent staff due to childcare, a pandemic, etc.) that affects the
operations of the bank.
SB 02384
Requires the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services to develop a pediatric palliative
care program under which a qualifying child may receive community-based pediatric palliative care
from a trained interdisciplinary team and may also continue to pursue treatments for a serious illness
under Medicaid.
SB 02395
Repeals the Aquaculture Development Act and makes conforming changes to multiple other statutes
dealing with aquaculture.
SB 02459
Provides that the Illinois Department of Transportation, Illinois State Toll Highway Authority and
Capital Development Board may each accept the use of electronic signatures in transactions between
those state agencies and other persons or entities.
SB 02460
Allows municipal ID cards to be used as a secondary form of identification when identification is
required in order to gain access to state services and allows municipal ID cards to be used for the
purpose of gaining admission into a state owned building.
SB 02486
Extends the period that an individual may file a complaint with the Department of Labor alleging their
employer or former employer wrongfully divulged a disciplinary report, letter of reprimand, or other
disciplinary action to a third party, without written notice.
SB 02520
Allows a county court to appoint an outside attorney in any matter under the state’s attorneys duties
where the state’s attorney has a conflict of interest.
Bills Going Into Effect In 2022
Illinois Senate Democrats
General Assembly
Illinois Senate Democrats | Communicaons Department | | 8
SB 02530
Requires a wireless service provider to provide call location information concerning the
telecommunications device of a user upon request of a law enforcement agency or a public safety
answering point on behalf of a law enforcement agency.
SB 02563
Allows the Illinois Department of Transportation to accept portable emissions testing from companies
approved by the agency with a $10 annual application fee, and a bond of $1,000 on the condition that
IDOT rules are followed.
SB 02567 Defines “unable to give knowing consent” as it relates to sexual assault offenses.
SB 02662
Reinstates the full 5-year term for REAL IDs for permanent residents and makes the Illinois
Identification Card Act compliant with both federal and Illinois state law.
HB 00012
Offers public school, public university, and public community college employees in Illinois family and
medical leave on the same terms and conditions as the federal Family and Medical Leave Act, but with
a lower eligibility threshold.
HB 00014
Provides that if the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation denies applications for
licenses, certifications and grant registration because of a past criminal conviction, Illinois Department
of Financial and Professional Regulation must explain how the conviction directly relates to and would
prevent the applicant from effectively engaging in the position sought.
HB 00018
Requires teachers who are rated as excellent or proficient to be evaluated at least once in the
following three school years after receipt of that evaluation rating, rather than once every two years.
HB 00019
Adds other relevant experienced members, including attorneys and doctors, that may serve on the
Direct Child Welfare Service Employee License Board.
HB 00020
Repeals the registration fee for Gold Star license plates for surviving spouses or parents of veterans
who died either during wartime or peacetime.
HB 00033
Prohibits companies from denying individuals life insurance coverage based solely on whether that
individual has participated in a substance use treatment or recovery support program, or has been
prescribed or has obtained an opioid antagonist.
HB 00034
Makes various changes to modernize the Enterprise Zone Program, including how the local poverty
rate is measured.
HB 00051 Removes Chicago’s exemption from the Smoke Detector Act.
HB 00053
Requires businesses that use artificial intelligence analysis on video interviews to screen applicants to
collect and report race and ethnicity of rejected applicants and to submit an annual report to DCEO.
HB 00055
Allows clinical psychologists, rather than licensed physicians, to assess if an individual has an
intellectual disability which may affect their need for a guardian.
HB 00058
Sets forth a procedure to allow entities or individuals to remove language for unlawful restrictive
covenants from recorded property interests, including deeds to property.
HB 00060
Exempts a slide at a playground that does not normally require supervision or any slide that is not
open to the general public with monitored admission from the definition of “amusement ride,” and
defines “trampoline court.
HB 00068
Requires quarterly reports for hospitals to include deaths of female patients, and the number of
female patients diagnosed with COVID-19 with at least one known underlying condition identified
by the CDC as increasing the risk of mortality from COVID-19 who died at the hospital within the
reporting period.
HB 00096
Grants people with light sensitivity from a brain injury the ability to use additional automobile window
Bills Going Into Effect In 2022
Illinois Senate Democrats
General Assembly
Illinois Senate Democrats | Communicaons Department | | 9
HB 00115
Provides that the Illinois Secretary of State should provide required public data in a machine-readable
form that is freely available to the public.
HB 00117
Expands the Secure Choice Savings Program Act to include employers with five or more employees;
allows the board to establish automatic contribution increases up to 10% of enrollee’s wage by default.
Clarifies penalties for full years instead of partial years.
HB 00119
Creates the Illinois Prescription Drug Repository Program, under which any person may donate a
prescription drug or supplies needed to administer a prescription drug for use by an individual who
meets eligibility criteria.
HB 00122 Ends early termination fees for utility customers who are deceased before the end of a contract.
HB 00135
Requires health insurance policies to provide coverage for health care or patient care services around
the dispensation of birth control.
HB 00155
Provides that recipients under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and the Special
Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infant, and Children’s Program may use their benefits to
purchase menstrual hygiene products.
HB 00161
Allows the secretary of state to terminate a drivers license suspension following an accident when the
statute of limitations for bringing a claim for that accident has expired and no action has been filed
against the driver.
HB 00168
Prohibits an individual from adopting or otherwise possessing animals if he or she has been convicted
of two or more specified animal-related offenses.
HB 00202
Expands the requirement that firefighter training include the history of the fire service labor
movement to include Chicago.
HB 00214
Allows advanced practice registered nurses to sign death certificates as “certifying health care
professionals” who treated or managed care for a patient within 12 months of the patients death.
HB 00226
Allows Illinois students to choose whether to submit a standardized test score when applying to Illinois
public universities.
HB 00247 Provides restrictions for certain state buildings to be composed of glass that preclude bird collision.
HB 00270
Requires the Illinois Department of Transportation to fund the cost of construction projects on state
roadways, including infrastructure for people walking and bicycling in or within one mile of a municipality
of 1,000 people or more with programed funds that have not been expended in the past 5 years.
HB 00279
Provides that an oral drug is misbranded if gluten is included as an inactive ingredient and is not listed
on its label.
HB 00310
Creates the Feminine Hygiene Products for the Homeless Act, which ensures that feminine hygiene products
are available for free at all homeless shelters providing housing assistance to women and/or youth.
HB 00357
Extends the period by which long-term care facilities must submit resident admission documents to
the Department of Human Services.
HB 00374
Allows board of trustees of a community college district to develop affordable housing for community
college students.
HB 00375
Requires the governing board of a public university or community college district to notify an adjunct
professor about the status of the class the adjunct professor was hired to least 30 days before the start
of a term and again 14 days before the beginning of a term.
HB 00376
Requires every public elementary and high school to include in its curriculum a unit of instruction
studying the events and contributions of Asian Americans in Illinois and the U.S.
HB 00395
Bans the sale, import and purchase of any animal parts or products made from an expanded list of
endangered or threatened species.
Bills Going Into Effect In 2022
Illinois Senate Democrats
General Assembly
Illinois Senate Democrats | Communicaons Department | | 10
HB 00562 Establishes gun safety and FOID modernizations.
HB 00572 Prohibits the use of installment contract loans for the purchase of a dog or cat.
HB 00574
Permits an increase in the fees which fund the Illinois Not-For-Profit Dispute Resolution Centers and
increases the maximum annual funding that may be awarded to each center.
HB 00576 Allows excused mental health absences in schools.
HB 00588
Gives certain businesses and establishments the ability to post a Human Trafficking Resource Center-
related notice in all restrooms open to the public, near public entrances or other places where
similar notices are typically posted.
HB 00590 Designates the month of April each year as Sarcoidosis Awareness Month.
HB 00605
Prohibits state institutions and agencies from purchasing Illinois state flags and American flags not
made in the United States of America.
HB 00633
Creates the Vegetable Garden Protection Act. Provides for the right to cultivate a vegetable garden and
permits state and local regulation.
HB 00648
Establishes that tenants who receive assistance under the Rental Housing Support Program remain
eligible for assistance until they make up to 35% of the area median family income before
transitioning out, and apartments bigger than a 1-bedroom should be among those intended to be
supported under the program.
HB 00653
Increases the fee collected by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency from the owners or
operators of a current or former quarry, mine or other excavation where clean construction or
demolition debris is used as fill materials.
HB 00656
Requires that the passenger of a motorcycle must be capable of resting a foot on the footrest while
the motorcycle is in motion.
HB 00665
Requires the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to establish and support
Entrepreneurship Assistance Centers.
HB 00684
Requires the Department of Healthcare and Family Services to exempt ground ambulance services
from the Medicaid Managed Care Program and shift those services to Medicaid fee-for-service.
HB 00690
Allows non-Illinois licensed dentists to apply for temporary permits to practice in the state without
compensation provided that the visiting dentist has a collaborative agreement with a charitable
organization or an approved continuing education provider.
HB 00709
Requires the Department of Human Services to conduct a public information campaign to educate
immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers and other non-citizens residing in Illinois of their rights under
the U.S. Constitution and Illinois laws that apply regardless of immigration status.
HB 00711 Provides requirements for disclosure and review of prior authorization practices.
HB 00714
Requires health care facilities and practitioners to provide free copies of medical records to patients to
support a claim for benefits, and allows records to be provided to the legally authorized representative
of a patient.
HB 00734
Provides that the duration of a civil no contact order is permanent if a judgment of conviction for
criminal sexual assault is entered upon the survivors request.
HB 00739
Allows health care professionals who makes a diagnosis of trichomoniasis to provide prescription
antibiotic drugs to the infected person’s sexual partner or partners without physical examination of the
partner or partners.
HB 00796
Requires the University of Illinois to create a uniform admission pilot program, allowing community
college transfer students who meet certain qualifications to automatically be accepted.
Bills Going Into Effect In 2022
Illinois Senate Democrats
General Assembly
Illinois Senate Democrats | Communicaons Department | | 11
HB 00806
Extends the sunset date for various acts and makes various substantive and technical changes to those
HB 00809
Provides that the Joint Labor and Management Committee may establish or operate the community
outreach program or master register of eligible individuals, or they may contract with a testing
agency to do so.
HB 00814
Allows the probate estate of a ward to be deposited into a qualified tuition program that falls under
section 529 or the Internal Revenue Code.
HB 00835
Streamlines the process for the funding of the Illinois Lawyers’ Assistance Program, which funds
substance and mental health programs for attorneys, judges, and law students.
HB 00842
Provides that the allocation of attorney and guardian ad litem fees and costs under the Adult
Guardianship Article of the Probate Act is entirely within the discretion of the court, with the
exception of certain state agencies.
HB 01207
Provides that an employer or his or her agent may discuss the unvested equity or deferred
compensation with an applicant for employment that the applicant would forfeit, or would be
canceled, because of the applicants resignation.
HB 01290
Provides that for the purpose of determining eligibility for any veterans benefit available from the
state, “honorable discharge” includes anything other than an honorable discharge if that discharge
was related to a person’s sexual orientation or identity.
HB 01428 Lowers the minimum contribution rate to the over-funded CTA Retiree Health Care Trust.
HB 01742
Provides that any family or household member of a victim of non-consensual conduct or
nonconsensual sexual penetration may file a petition for a civil no-contact order.
HB 01755
Allows the Kaskaskia Port District to apply for and enter into grants, loans and appropriation
agreements with the state.
HB 01779
Expands appropriate coverage of biomarker testing for state-regulated public and private insurance
HB 01795
Moves the definitions of “appointive property” and “permissible appointee” from the Trust Decanting
Article and the Uniform Powers of Appointment Law to the definitions section for the
entire code.
HB 01838
Expands the definition of discrimination based on a disability in the Illinois Human Rights Act to
include unlawful discrimination against an individual because of the individual’s association with a
person with a disability.
HB 01854
Requires the Illinois Department of Human Services to provide a written after care plan to the
conservator, guardian or other legal representative of a person who is being discharged from an
inpatient facility.
HB 01879 Provides that Penicillium rubens NRRL 1951 is designated the official microbe of the State of Illinois.
HB 01915
Authorizes the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs to issue “Folds of Honor” decals for the universal
special license plate and creates the Fold of Honor Foundation Fund.
HB 01926
Repeals the City and Village Tuberculosis Sanitariums Division of the Illinois Municipal Code in its
entirety, so that cities and villages no longer need to establish programs for the care of those afflicted
with tuberculosis.
HB 01954 Designates the first full week of April as Autism Acceptance Week.
HB 02109
Allows only medically necessary comprehensive cancer testing and testing of blood or constitutional
tissue for cancer predisposition testing through the prior authorization process in private or HMO plans.
Bills Going Into Effect In 2022
Illinois Senate Democrats
General Assembly
Illinois Senate Democrats | Communicaons Department | | 12
HB 02401
Clarifies that the secretary of state has no duty to accept service of process as the default agent in
litigation naming private parties.
HB 02408
Requires the inspection and testing of fire and smoke dampers to be conducted by individuals certified
by the International Certification Board and accredited to comply with relevant regulations by a
nationally recognized certifying body.
HB 02412
Requires that if the Notice By Publication Act requires notice to be published in a newspaper where
the community consists of more than 45% of a single minority group, then notice must also be
published in a local newspaper of that group and in the language of that group’s country of origin.
HB 02413 Discontinues the Chicago South Suburban Mass Transit District.
HB 02435
Provides that automobile manufacturers, distributors or wholesalers may not require a motor vehicle
dealer to offer or prohibit a secondary product such as a service contract, maintenance agreement,
extended warranty and other secondary products from a third party.
HB 02529
Provides that an automotive parts recycler may submit a junk vehicle notification to the Secretary of
HB 02553
Creates the Protecting Household Privacy Act to protect information stored in or shared by electronic
devices by prohibiting law enforcement from seizing private information collected by these devices
without a valid warrant, court order or exigent circumstance.
HB 02568
Requires health insurance plans offered under the Public Safety Employee Benefits Act to be the same
as the insurance plan options codified in the employee’s collective bargaining agreement.
HB 02570
Provides that in provisions concerning reductions to rates and premium charges for automobile liability
insurance for any insured over age 55 upon successful completion of the National Safety Council’s
Defensive Driving Course or accident prevention course, the course may be an e-learning course.
HB 02584
Allows the Illinois Department of Transportation to establish a pilot program to permit the testing of
safety equipment on school buses that are not otherwise prohibited by state or federal law.
HB 02589
Expands the use and reimbursement of dispensing opioid antagonists to prevent overdose deaths and
improves treatment services for substance use disorders.
HB 02614
Provides that in addition to managing a guarantee fund, the Northwest Home Equity Assurance
Program may also establish a Delinquent Tax Repayment Loan Fund, which may be used to assist
residents with delinquent property tax payments.
HB 02653
Provides that group accident and health insurance policies shall provide coverage for a colonoscopy
that is a follow-up based upon an initial non-colonoscopy screening, without a cost-sharing
HB 02766
Allows annuitants of the Municipal Employees’ Annuity and Benefit Fund of Chicago to pay dues to a
labor organization of their choosing.
HB 02776
Shortens the expedited review period for professional or occupational licenses for service members
and their spouses from 60 days to 30 days.
HB 02784
Creates the Community Emergency Services and Supports Act, which requires every unit of local
government that provides emergency services to coordinate between a 9-1-1 and 9-8-8 call when
engaging people seeking behavioral or mental health services.
HB 02790
Allows public defenders in a county with more than 3,000,000 inhabitants to provide legal
representation for noncitizens in immigration cases.
HB 02834 Designates Aug. 26 of each year as “Illinois Constitution Day.
Bills Going Into Effect In 2022
Illinois Senate Democrats
General Assembly
Illinois Senate Democrats | Communicaons Department | | 13
HB 02860
Provides that vehicles of deputy fire chiefs and assistant fire chiefs may be equipped with a siren,
whistle or bell capable of emitting sound audible under normal conditions from a distance of not less
than 500 feet.
HB 02863
Requires county highway superintendents to provide written confirmation of positive or negative
decisions on applications to build ditches, drains, tracks, rails, poles, wires, pipe line or other
equipment alongside a township road.
HB 02864
Allows EMS System Medical Directors to allow registered nurses, physician assistants and advance
practice registered nurses to serve as volunteers who perform the work of EMTs in specified rural
HB 02894
Changes the State Commemorative Dates Act to designate the first Saturday in May of each year as
Veterans Gardening Day.
HB 02914
Requires Department of Children and Family Services to prepare and submit an annual report,
covering the previous fiscal year, to the General Assembly regarding racial disparities for children
and families involved in the child welfare system.
HB 03004
Establishes that no former board members of a pension fund, investment board or retirement system
may be employed by the fund, board or system or any vendor of the fund for 12 months
after serving on the board.
HB 03027
Allows expectant mothers during the third trimester to use a disabilities motor decal or device for no
more than 90 days with adequate documentation.
HB 03097
Provides that police procedures and appropriate interactions with law enforcement during traffic stops
be added to Illinois adult driver education course curriculum and the State Board of
Education’s curriculum.
HB 03099
Eliminates the Chicago Board of Education’s Office of Chronic Truant Adjudication and instead requires
the Chicago Board of Education to implement a socio-emotional focused attendance policy that targets
the underlying causes of chronic truancy.
HB 03100
Requires mandated reporters of child abuse or neglect to complete an initial mandated reporter
training, including a section on implicit bias training.
HB 03113
Extends the period for which the Illinois Commerce Commission may issue an interim order regulating
a public utilitys provision of service to a customer from 15 days to 45 days.
HB 03165 Eliminates all restrictions placed on portions of the Illinois and Michigan Canal.
HB 03178
Provides the committee of agriculturists established to represent the Illinois agriculture industry
should advise the State Board of Education on the administration of the agricultural education line
item appropriation.
HB 03217
Amends numerous state statutes by deleting the use of “Haitian” or “Negro” and instead uses Black or
African American.
HB 03218
Adds agricultural sciences as a type of course that may be counted toward the requirement for three
years of sciences in order to gain admission to a public university in the state.
HB 03235
Requires the Department of Corrections to give an incarcerated person information about obtaining an
ID card, voter registration, job listings, available housing and other information the department deems
necessary to avoid recidivism.
HB 03255
Provides that all service officers and any supervisors, including the field manager, within the field
division must be honorably discharged veterans from service in the Armed Forces of the United States.
HB 03262
Adds three forms of disorderly conduct to the types of conduct for which a person experiencing such
conduct as the result of a hate crime may bring forth civil action independent of any criminal prosecution.
Bills Going Into Effect In 2022
Illinois Senate Democrats
General Assembly
Illinois Senate Democrats | Communicaons Department | | 14
HB 03265 Expands the definition of rape crisis organizations under the law.
HB 03277
Requires the court to appoint a special advocate if an advocate is available for court actions involving
an abused, neglected, or dependent minor.
HB 03295
Grants applicants more time to submit a request, increases the maximum available award and allows
emergency awards to be issued for funeral or burial expenses under the amended Crime
Victims Compensation Act.
HB 03445
Provides if a person seeks medical assistance for an opioid overdose they will have immunity from
prosecution for possession.
HB 03462
Provides child victims of sexual assault or sexual abuse have a right to have a child’s forensic interview
from an accredited advocacy center serving their area when such service is available.
HB 03484
Allows a petitioner in divorce proceedings to request the opposing party to pay a retainer fee to hire
an attorney as a form of interim fees.
HB 03485
Requires the Illinois Supreme Court to implement a program to issue a Hope Card to the petitioner
of a plenary order of protection for the petitioner to distribute to any individual who may need to be
aware of the order.
HB 03497
Adds two members to the State Board of Pharmacy: a pharmacist who practices at an inpatient
hospital pharmacy and a pharmacy technician.
HB 03504
Requires the Illinois Department of Public Health to administer an annual Healthy Illinois Survey to
measure public health and health equity, and to make the results available to cities, communities, local
health departments, hospitals and the public.
HB 03582
Amends the Victims’ Economic Security and Safety Act to provide that victims and family members
of victims of any violent crime are protected under the acts provisions regarding unpaid leave and
prohibited discriminatory acts.
HB 03592
Establishes that medical examiners qualify as part of medical facilities for the purpose of several
federal laws.
HB 03598
Requires insurance companies that issue group accident and health insurance policies to offer such
policies to local chambers of commerce.
HB 03650
Provides that counties cannot require special permits for agricultural experiences on property where
agricultural production is the primary use.
HB 03656
Creates the Move Over Early Task Force and requires that drivers approaching a stationary emergency
vehicle in any lane need to heed the warning of the signal, reduce speed, proceed with caution,
maintain a safe speed for road conditions, be prepared to stop and leave a safe distance until safely
past the stationary emergency vehicle.
HB 03665
Permits prisoners who are terminally ill or medically incapacitated to apply for early release and
permits the Prisoner Review Board to grant early release to prisoners who are medically incapacitated
or terminally ill.
HB 03709
Ensures coverage for infertility applies to individuals beyond just those who are in heterosexual
relationships by expanding the definition for “infertility” and further requiring coverage parity for
infertility services.
HB 03712 Sets requirements for car-sharing programs to resolve insurance and liability issues.
HB 03716
Gives veterans preference for appointment to and employment with the Illinois Department of
Transportation for snow removal operator and winter salaried highway maintainer positions under the
Departments Winter Seasonal Employment Program.
Bills Going Into Effect In 2022
Illinois Senate Democrats
General Assembly
Illinois Senate Democrats | Communicaons Department | | 15
HB 03739
Creates the Lead Service Line Replacement and Notification Act to establish timelines and
requirements for the removal and replacement of all lead service lines in Illinois.
HB 03762
Eliminates the requirement in Drug Asset Forfeiture Protection Act that law enforcement has to notify
the Secretary of State of all vehicle forfeitures.
HB 03763
Requires a response-time study before any territory may be involuntary disconnected or consolidated
with another fire protection district or municipal fire department.
HB 03764
Amends the Uniform Recognition of Acknowledgments Act by expanding the definition of
acknowledged before me” to include acknowledgments taking in differing manners prescribed by
applicable laws and regulations in the place the acknowledgment was taken.
HB 03786
Provides that when an employee of a mental health or developmental disability facility is under
investigation for an alleged abuse, that employee should
HB 03793
Provides that nothing in the provisions concerning temporary custody of an abused or neglected
minor should restrict the Department of Children and Family Services from immediately restricting or
terminating parent-child contact or sibling contacts.
HB 03855
Provides that certain penalties regarding the operation of an uninsured motor vehicle apply to any
operator of a motor vehicle subject to registration under a law of another state that is similar to the
Illinois Vehicle Code.
HB 03865 Prohibits and penalizes deceptive service practices targeting veterans and military members.
HB 03879
Requires applicants approved by the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services and
designated as a health care tele-mentoring entity to be eligible for state funding, in accordance with
rules developed by the department.
HB 03882
Amends the Illinois Vehicle Code to change the definition of “police vehicle” to include recreational
off-highway vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, watercraft and aircraft.
HB 03895
Requires Illinois Department of Corrections and Department of Juvenile Justice to create a wellness
program to provide employees and staff with support to address both professional and personal
challenges as they relate to the correctional environment.
HB 03914
Requires Illinois Central Management Services to take positive action toward addressing systemic
racism in the State’s hiring practices.
HB 03922 Designates June 19 as a paid state holiday, Juneteenth.
HB 03929 Permits the Illinois Department of Public Health to issue health care worker decals for license plates.
HB 03940
Provides that the time allowances for the diagnosis and performance of warranty work by a car
dealership be no less than those charged to retail customers for the same work.
HB 03955
Provides that any automatic renewal offer or continuous service offer online, should provide a toll-free
number, electronic mail address, or a postal address if the seller directly bills the consumer or provide
another cost effective way to cancel in the notice currently required under the act.
HB 03956
Provides that court clerks may only draft and prepare documents that clerks are required to prepare
by statute or Supreme Court order or are otherwise authorized to prepare.