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WordPress Designers

Common Mistakes That WordPress Designers Make

Every web designer out there must have heard about WordPress. This is a very important tool that most people can utilize, starting from beginners to expert designers. In case you wish to start utilizing this well-known blogging tool, here are some things that you must know. The main mistakes that web designers make include:

1. Using free themes

Designers should avoid using free themes. This is something that goes without saying. In a similar way, avoid the premium themes that you see being advertised on the internet. You should simply have some time to come up with your own templates in order to showcase your talent.

2. Stealing images

Avoid using something that is not yours. This similarly applies to the images located on the internet. In case you admire any image and you would wish to use it, ensure that the owner is aware. You are required to cite the sources and also give the required credit to the owner of the image.

3. Adding many plugins

Plugins are good since they allow you to control your blog & add some useful features which help your page in many ways. However, avoid using too many plugins. These plugins similarly requires maintenance & updates. Just select a few of them and ensure to stick to them. Select the plugins that you absolutely require.

4. Failure to include a mobile site

Since the mobile revolution is currently ruling the world, a web designer must remain on top of their game. Mobile site allows those who are browsing on their smartphones to access your website. Majority of the people are currently using their tablets & mobile phones to browse. This is the reason why you must make your blog to be mobile-friendly.

5. Having content that is weak

Regardless of how great your blog might appear to be, content remains the key. Your good-looking website might attract the audience, but your weak content is going to get you nowhere. In case you have no one to create content for you or to write articles for you, you must think of this key aspect. Web designers not only create themes or templates but they also have to give consideration to their content.