5 Best Ideas for Chicago Trolley Party

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Setting up a Chicago trolley party shouldn’t have to be difficult, and this list of ideas should really get the ball rolling.

Probably the top Chicago trolley party idea involves the fact that guests can actually party while the trolley is in motion. While the trolley company doesn’t allow bottles or kegs aboard, they actually allow drinks in cans and in plastic containers. Cheap plastic foam coolers can actually make a night go really smoothly, and work perfectly for a party while you’re in motion.

Other Chicago Trolley Party Ideas

If you’re setting up a Chicago trolley party in the summer, you’ll probably want to pick a place that’s easy for your whole group to get to when you start off. You’ll probably want to have everyone meet in a beer garden or something similar. In winter, you might want to start your Chicago trolley party off in a lobby or somewhere else warm inside. People looking at some Chicago bachelor party ideas might want to consider:

  • When you pick some venues for the trolley to take you to, make sure that they’re around 20 to 30 minutes apart. When you’re renting a party trolley in Chicago you’ll want to enjoy the ride, and you won’t be able to do that if you’re getting off every few minutes. Actually it can be annoying if you have to jump on and off the trolley too often.
  • While most people associate a Chicago trolley party with a pub-crawl, it can also be a great way to incorporate a sporting event into the day. Go see the Hawks or Sox play and rent a trolley for the night to take your group with you. After you’re done with the game you can have a fun night out on the town since there are full day packages available.
  • There’s a new way to get music on the Chicago trolleys. You can either request a CD player or hook up an iPod with a playlist if you have the right cord to do so. You can really get a party started by having the right music in the trolley.

Double Decker Options

As well as the 18-passenger trolleys, the Chicago Trolley firm has some 35-passenger buses. These are great for those who are going to have exceptionally large parties. They’re not too much fun in the winter, and usually only run at certain times of the year, but when it’s sunny out they can be a great option for a day out on the town.