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Children have seemingly ENDLESS energy. They are constantly looking to be entertained, interested and engaged.

As parents we do the best we can to keep up, but sometimes it just seems easier to let them watch a little TV (educational ..of course).

At Itsy Bitsy Baby Boo we have a fantastic solution for the knowledge thirsty little one. The My Pal Jumper the Frog Activity Toy is a soft, plush frog toy that actively engages their imagination while teaching fine motor skills, cause and effect and other important skills.

It has a friendly face and bright colors. It squeaks and rattles when your child plays with the hands. It also helps your child learn how to tie shoes, manipulate a zipper and use a velcro strap.

There is so much learning and fun wrapped up inside this super cute plush frog.

Right now Itsy Bitsy Baby Boo is offering this fun toy for $29.99.

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Even after one of them (the female on the left) generously paid the woman’s bus fare for her because she was having trouble trying to use her Ventra (fare) card.

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Kayak Morris makes USA TODAY Top 10

by editor on November 20, 2015

in Chicago

Local campground Kayak Morris has been named one of the 10Best: Urban Campgrounds by USA Today.


In a profile last week, USA Today interviewed Jennifer Schwartz of GoCampingAmerica.com to ask for 10 spots that are a short drive of a big city and where visitors can still enjoy a unique camping experience.

“They can get in the city and do some fun things, but can still go out and spend the night in an environment that is more relaxing,” Schwartz told the paper.

The profile is part of USA Today’s “10 Great Places” features with trusted travel and lifestyle advice, encouraging families to embark on unique vacation experiences. Kayak Morris was touted for its educational kayaking and ideal location along the Illinois River, Mazon River and I&M Canal. The 5-year-old facility was also praised for its “Glamp Out” events & glamorous camping nights that include a potluck dinner, outdoor movie, breakfast with Starbucks coffee and private kayak tours.

illlinois campgrounds illlinois campgrounds

“Kayak Morris prides itself on being a campground for people to come together and learn about the outdoor world we live in,” said Janee Matteson, a lifelong outdoor sportswoman and outdoor enthusiast who founded the camp in 2009. “We are incredibly grateful that we made the USA Today’s 10Best: Urban Campgrounds.”

Kayak Morris is an environmental, education-based outfitter that offers primitive beach camping along beautiful underdeveloped river shores. The campground is designed and limited to families, youth and those with respect for the great outdoors and caters to those that seek to escape to the wilderness.

Since opening as a kayaking center, Matteson has purchased adjacent land on the Illinois River, allowing for expansion to become a campground, with a goal to teach others about the importance of preservation and reunite families by connecting them with the outdoors.

Open 7 days a week and less than an hour drive from Chicago, Kayak Morris is the perfect place to reconnect with nature. For those without gear, rental equipment is available. Additionally, Kayak Morris offers programing on kayaking, camping and other outdoor disciplines to teach about the outdoors, wildlife and plant life, conversation, management and preservation.

About Kayak Morris

Less than 1 hour from Chicago! Unique Rentals, Eco Tours, Lessons and Beach camping on the sandy wooded shores of the Illinois river, Mazon river and the Illinois & Michigan canal. We love beginners & Families and can design a trip for your scout group, church group or corporate event. We offer monthly group Glampouts(glamorous campouts) that feature a potluck, hiking, biking, guided kayak tours and a movie on our outdoor movie screen!



Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 11.02.09 AM

In the recent survey of online American consumers, 68% engage in live chat and 63% prefer getting back to a website with live chat for repeat transactions. We don’t have to be marketing expert to understand the crucial role of customer service quality. As we are aware customers are the ones who spread the word about our products or services and help growing customer base. Many websites have enabled live chat support in order to provide real time answers rather than letting them exit without giving business. Real time chatting and active conversation with company specialist not just builds customers confidence but also improve our conversion rates.

SuiteCRM integration with Chat Tool is suitable for small, medium or large size websites which aims to server website visitors in real-time. It is designed with core principles to enhanced revenue generation, maintaining customer loyalty and retention.

Live Chat Helper is an open source Live Support system which is easy configure on any websites. Key benefits of SuiteCRM and Live Chat Helper integration are :

  1. Real-Time Convenience
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Live Chat for SuiteCRM helps businesses reach customers proactively to generate more sales. This income-generating tool helps engage website visitors and reduce e-cart abandonments. Live Chat Helper applies workflows and automated rules to give chat pop-ups with website visitors to increase revenue by cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, it prevents lost transactions and reduces other associated costs.

SuiteCRM chat tool connector is one of such productivity tools that enable agents to support concurrent customer chat sessions with a quality and accuracy.


  • Information flow serves the purpose – Single Easy access to customer information – web agents can see customer data in chat tool and CRM users can view the chat interactions customers had online.
  • Create records – new contacts, customers, cases or Notes including detailed information can be uploaded to CRM from the chat tool.
  • Archive history – Live chat helper allows to store entire discussion and same transcripts shall automatically logged towards customer history.
  • Online Sales –  Get SuiteCRM information to reduce abandonment cart rate and close more online orders and sales
  • Real-Time interactions – Agents get to see full customer information within chat window pulled from SuiteCRM as soon as chat conversation is initiated
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SuiteCRM Integration with your key business application to automate and streamline your business operations. SuiteCRM integration with various business applications such as SuiteCRM PayPal payment gateway integration, SuiteCRM Chat Tool integration, Asterisk integration, SuiteCRM LOB.com integration and SuiteCRM OpenCart integration can be downloaded from SuiteCRM integration plug-in main page. These connectors are ready to use, easy to deploy and most favoured Enterprise application integration

SuiteCRM provides reliable, scalable and cost effective methods for integrating with third-party systems to streamline business processes. Web service API REST or SOAP APIs. It takes the complexity out of platform connectivity and application integration. Web service let us achieve interoperability between platforms and exposes the functionality and data of applications in order to be excesses by any service user. FyNSiS is SuiteCRM Code and Integration partner with complete command over the SuiteCRM framework and SOAP/REST API to seamlessly integrate SuiteCRM with any other application easily.

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Best Turkish Food in Chicago Downtown

by editor on November 4, 2015

in Chicago

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 4.56.28 PM

Lavash is proud to serve one of the best Halal Turkish Food in Chicago area, if you are a Doner/Gyro fan, this is the place.Very close to downtown Chicago. Beef Doner, Chicken Doner, Adana Kebab, and unique desserts such as Rice Pudding (Sutlac), Kazandibi are some of their best selections.

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Chicago Vocational Career Academy is a public 4-year vocational high school located in the Avalon Park neighborhood on the south side of Chicago, Illinois, United States.


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Eastern Illinois University students get into a big fight at Walmart in Charleston Illinois on October 24th 2015…if you have any info about this incident contact the Charleston Police Department

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Cairá Lee Conner sits chained on top of a ladder, holding the Pan-African flag. (Photo: Sarah Jane Rhee)

This article emerged from a collaboration between Truthout and Village Leadership Academy’s GAP year students. Village Leadership Academy is a K-8, social-justice-based school in Chicago. The school focuses on social change, leadership development and community development.

On Oct. 24, a number of activist groups came together to shut down the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Conference in Chicago. The conference shutdown lasted over four hours, after which more than 66 protesters were arrested.

Why Did Chicago Activists Shut Down an International Police Conference?

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A robbery was thwarted at a Southwest Side corner store Saturday night when a patron with a concealed carry license shot and killed an armed robber, authorities said.

Citing preliminary information, police said a man walked into a store in the 2700 block of West 51st Street in the Gage Park neighborhood around 7 p.m., announced a robbery to an employee working behind the counter and displayed a handgun.

Another employee came from the back of the store and the gunman pointed his weapon at her, police said. He then made her go to the back of the store, which also serves as a currency exchange.

After that, a customer who was also inside the business pulled out a gun and opened fire at the robber, killing him, police said. The robber was believed to be in his 40s, police said.


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Elgin, IL. (ECWd) –

All members of the U-46 School Board in Elgin, Illinois have been named as suspects in the alleged crime(s) of violations of the Open Meetings Act, more specifically, conducting meetings without proper posting of agendas and without allowing for public comment as required under the Act. These are Class C misdemeanors, according to Section 4 of the Open Meetings Act.

We drove for four hours in order to talk for three minutes during the public comment portion required in all public meetings, only to be told that we would not be allowed to speak.

Wrong answer!

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Chicago will host a first-of-its-kind, all-day Halloween festival Saturday that will end with a nighttime parade through the city.

The Oct. 24 inaugural event dubbed “The Halloween Gathering” will kick off at 2 p.m. with an art festival of events in Millennium Park along Michigan Avenue’s Chicago Cultural Mile.


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QSC LEATHERS are capital letter for Quartiere Santa Croce and common sense for high quality leather and meticulous workmanship located in Tuscany, our production is only by hand and performed in our laboratory in province of Florence.


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One of the Best Blogs of the Year

by editor on October 12, 2015

in Sponsored


Facebook blog “Knowing Nile”. It is a factual, frank and humorous account of “Knowing” Nile in his final year. Nile in London and in life or in Niles words “The Way It Is”



This Blog such an impact on me because it was the first time I remember the content matter so vivid and sensational. The stories provide a safety net of original humour which guides you into subject matter you would never enter of Mental Health and Niles eventual horrifichorrific suicide. Extremely clever and terribly addictive “Knowing Nile” Definitely!!!

One of the Best Blogs of the Year


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Knowing Nile By Ian Zachary Whittingham

by editor on October 12, 2015

in Sponsored


Facebook Blog Hit & multi Award Nominee”Knowing Nile”is a factual, frank and incredibly witty account of Knowing Nile in his final year in London, or in Nile´s words, “The way it was.” Nile died in June 2012 after taking his own life @ 19. Incredibly Witty, Highly Addictive and Terribly Moving Knowing Nile .”

Maybe it’s time you did


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Angry black woman wearing club clothes fire at least 5 shots with a handgun on halsted near Diversy in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago on October 10th, 2015.

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Are you wondering what it will be like to work in the future?
Welcome to the future. The only impediment to this workplace technology and its applications is your imagination.


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Advise major media outlets to stop sensationalizing mass shootings to prevent inspiring future killers Now.


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Hollywood Lifestyles Lingerie Party

by editor on September 28, 2015

in Chicago


Hollywood Lifestyles Star Club is currently seeking lingerie enthusiasts for lingerie party on October 3rd, 2015 at The James Hotel in Chicago, Il. RSVP at www.hollywoodlifestyleslingerie.com


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Betty Lyons: A poisonous piece of church doctrine

by editor on September 26, 2015

in Chicago

Pope Francis, as the first pontiff from the so-called New World, appears to be attempting to come to grips with the sins that his own church visited upon indigenous peoples across the Americas in the five centuries since Europeans first sailed across the Atlantic on an unholy mission of economic exploitation and evangelism.

“I humbly ask forgiveness, not only for the offenses of the church herself, but also for the crimes committed against the native peoples during the so-called conquest of America,” Pope Francis told the faithful during a Mass this summer in Bolivia.

The Pope did not just blame the conquistadores who rampaged through indigenous nations. He properly put the onus on the church itself for providing the evangelical and legal justification for the genocidal campaign of death, cultural devastation, disease and subjugation that those explorers carried out.

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