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Mug shot of Lt. Denis P. Walsh following his arrest in August 2004 in Michigan on a felony charge of criminal sexual conduct. Kalamazoo Township police Mug shot of Lt. Denis P. Walsh following his arrest in August 2004 in Michigan on a felony charge of criminal sexual conduct. Kalamazoo Township police

Lt. Denis Walsh has resigned from the Chicago Police Department one week after interim Supt. John Escalante moved to fire him over his role in the 2011 reinvestigation of David Koschman’s killing — a case that was closed without charges against a nephew of then-Mayor Richard M. Daley.

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Police pursuit ends in crash on the Eisenhower Expressway –> http://abc7.ws/1Wchm7W

Posted by ABC 7 Chicago on Tuesday, February 9, 2016




Chicago CTA Redline Fight

by editor on February 8, 2016

in Chicago

CTA Fight…2 men fight until death…Jump on the express way stab 17x 1 stab in the mouth with a bottle

Fight Continued at Sox/35th Redline Station



Lincoln Towing Company, located at 4882 N. Clark Street in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood, has operated for decades under increasing allegations of illegal removal of the cars of private citizens from their own property, as well as from private properties where Lincoln Towing is not authorized to operate. As recently as February 1, 2016, the company is accused of removing a car from its owners parking lot and fabricating that the car was parked behind a different building.



52 Killed, 292 Shot by Savages.


“Black Sinatra” Sings Valentines Day Song

by editor on February 6, 2016

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Reasons why I like this video and it will go viral. 1) It’s Valentines Day around the corner. Duh. 2) His hair. 3) The random American Flag in the background. 4) Valentines Day is around the corner. 4) His amazing deep low voice. Yeah, that works. + ABC’s? ^0^


Gospel According to Mark

by editor on January 17, 2016

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It’s no surprise that the majority of the citizens of Chicago don’t have warm fuzzy feelings when it comes to their mayor Rahm Emanuel. But that isn’t stopping him from trying to improve the policies that are currently set in place, even if that means giving a little to get a little.

Emanuel is currently pushing to loosen Illinois drug laws for possession of illegal substances like Marijuana, Heroin and Cocaine. However, there are many who are resistant to this because they believe he will want stricter gun laws in return.

The change would mean that anyone caught with up to 1 gram of a controlled substance will not get charged with a felony.

Emanuel is also trying to get Chicago’s Marijuana Ticketing Law enforced state wide.

The law allows police to give tickets for $250 to $500 o someone who is caught with up to 15 grams.

“It’s not just about saving taxpayer dollars, it’s also about saving nonviolent offenders from a lifetime spent in and out of the criminal justice system,” Emanuel said. “A felony conviction can slam the door on someone’s future and make it harder to go to school, apply for financial aid and find housing. There are times when a felony conviction is no doubt warranted, but we have to ask ourselves whether it’s too high a price for using drugs.”

The belief is that Emanuel is advocating for this in hopes to get more people on his side when it comes to harsher penalties for gun possession.

Sen. Kwame Raoul has opposed Emanuel’s push for mandatory minimum sentences for illegal gun possession because he doesn’t think taking away the discretion of the judge is a good idea.

Raoul said he thinks Emanuel’s support on lesser drug possession penalties is “contingent on him getting some sort of policy to deal with violence, yes.” But, he added, “I don’t think he’s hell-bent on mandatory minimums. I think it’s about trying to do something about violence.”

Rep. Mike Zalewski, said “I think it would be unwise for us to propose any bill that doesn’t have balance, which is drugs and tougher penalties for certain violent offenses,” he said. “I don’t think anything short of that can pass.”

Stephen Gutwillig, deputy executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance in New York said, “It’s part of an enormous and growing momentum across the country to control marijuana in a different way, by shifting from policies that primarily criminalize enormous numbers of young people of color in favor of policies that focus on high-level manufacture and distribution.”

According to Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez 25 percent of the 40,000 felony cases the county prosecutes each year are drug possession cases.

Alvarez has put a policy in place where serious felony cases, such as someone caught with larger amounts of Marijuana, Heroin or Cocaine, the offender put into a drug treatment program instead of going to prison.

“There are people that are users that don’t get the help they need,” she said. “They’re coming through a revolving door in the criminal justice system. We have to ask ourselves, are we being smart here? This isn’t being soft on crime. This is about being smart. I’m not advocating for legalization, and I’m not encouraging people to be drug users.”


Chicago Accent, Nailed

by editor on January 11, 2016

in Chicago



Vicelord Freestyles For Cops on West Side

by editor on January 3, 2016

in Chicago


Ignorant activists believe harassing diners in trendy Chicago neighborhoods will help their cause. They should be protesting the government and the police, or organizing a boycott of Walmart or Target instead. This behavior will only increase racial tension when angry diners start throwing their food at the protesters for interrupting their meal or walk out because the staff can’t keep the protesters out.


Fail robbery in chicago ….

by editor on December 29, 2015

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Thief try to rob a cellphone store in Chicago




by editor on December 29, 2015

in Chicago,Illinois

Urges the courts, especially the United States Supreme Court, to adhere to the clear wording of the Second Amendment being a right afforded to state-sponsored militias and not individuals.



Breaking the Code of Silence

by editor on December 18, 2015

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By BRENT McDONALD | Dec. 17, 2015 | 5:18

In Chicago, police have shot and killed more people in recent years than in any of the 10 largest cities in America. Yet officers are rarely disciplined. A retired officer who investigated excessive force complaints explains why.




Non-passengers hop on a CTA bus in Chicago just to deliver a beating to someone already on-board
Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=4c8_1450157770#RLD4U4cXbGDifE4j.99


Well, ‘‘Tis The Season’ for new laws to be put in effect for the New Year.

Read More: New Illinois Laws You Should Know Going Into 2016 | http://967theeagle.net/new-illinois-laws-you-should-know-going-into-2016/


New anonymous group messaging app

by editor on December 13, 2015

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a449b7_373cab16a128418cbbf197e003732732    IMG_0801

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Today we will go over a new messaging app just launched a couple of days ago. Have you ever wanted to create a virtual group quickly to communicate with your friends,students, co-workers, family members, and others? If it is so, you can just download an app known as Mileo. For your information, Mileo is not an ordinary communication app just like what you have known before. App has interesting design, it has two faces, follower role and leader role. By installing this app in your smartphone, you are able to create a group as well as follow a group you want to be part of. One another main difference between Mileo and others app is that Mileo has a specific code for the group which has been created. The code is useful to apply your friends to come to your group. People who don’t have the code can’t enter your group. The amazing part is that each of group you have created will be protected by different code.

The interesting part is not only about the code. Moreover, you can also do several things in your group. For example, you can create small team under your group. Of course, you can still send message to the teams and group. It seems that Mileo wants to show the importance of protection system in their app. It can be seen from the features and the ability of the app itself. One of the protection systems makes phone numbers, emails, and even messages can be set as private. Moreover, you can also send a message as one way message. With this type of system the receiver of your message can’t reply the message and they can read it only.This one-way messages, namely ‘close to comments’ in app, is something I run into first time and I love it.  Mileo is also compatible with the other apps such as Dropbox and Google Drive. You can transfer important files or data easily without leaving Mileo.

One last thing that I feel I have to mention that you, in leader role, can schedule messages as I have not seen on any other messaging app, including whatsapp.  Group leader can set a date and time for message to go out to group. This makes life way easier because leader don’t have to wait important dates to send congrats messages.Write and schedule it, it is all done.

What you have to do is creating a group and start to invite your friends to join the group. When it is done, you can start communicate each other based on the function of the group. The most important thing is that you can communicate well without worrying anything because Mileo has a great protection system. Just find this app in Google Play Store and Apple App Store, download it for free. For more information and to get their latest information, you can also follow their fans page on Facebook or follow them on Twitter or visiting their official website. In the end, just try Mileo first and then give your review about this new group communication app.





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