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Signed by the Governor: Illinois Law Prohibits Warrantless Stingray Spying; Hinders Federal Surveillance Program

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (July 25, 2016) – Last week, Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner signed a bill banning the use of “stingrays” to track the location of phones and sweep up electronic communications without a warrant in most situations. The new law will not only protect privacy in Illinois, but will also hinder one aspect of the federal surveillance state.

Sen. Daniel Biss (D-Skokie) introduced Senate Bill 2343 (SB2343) on Jan. 28. The new law will help block the use of cell site simulators, known as “stingrays.” These devices essentially spoof cell phone towers, tricking any device within range into connecting to the stingray instead of the tower, allowing law enforcement to sweep up communications content, as well as locate and track the person in possession of a specific phone or other electronic device.



Chicago’s deep tunnel system

by editor on July 27, 2016

in Chicago


Part of Chicago’s deep tunnel system, 350 feet underground. The megaproject is one of the largest civil engineering projects ever undertaken in terms of scope, cost and timeframe.


Science Channel will show the world through a different lens when DRONED premieres this summer. The series, which is shot on location in countries that include the Bahamas, Mexico, Barbados, Canada and the U.S.



Make Money Lending Your Stuff on bub

by editor on July 19, 2016

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www.bubit.com (where you can learn more)

download iOS app: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/bub-the-borrowing-hub/id1077977009?mt=8

download Android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.sears.ecom.bub

Chicago Only: Make Money Lending Your Stuff

This week marks the first public release of bub in Chicago – the borrowing hub – a user driven app and community for lending and borrowing stuff.

Have things gathering dust in the garage, but don’t want to sell them?  Make a few bucks renting them out on bub.

Need an item once, but don’t want to spend the cash buying it?  Borrow it on bub.

Can’t find it on bub?  Post a request and other users can respond with offers.

It’s easy to get started:

  1. Go to bubit.com and follow the links to download the app (or use these links)
  2. List some items – list 5 or more items and you’ll get $5 in Shop Your Way points.

See more details at bubit.com.

Not sure what items to list on bub?  Here are some ideas…

  • Tools:  hammer drill, sander, compressor, specialty tools
  • Event Equipment:  party tent, tables, chairs, linens
  • Sporting Goods:  bike, volleyball net, tennis equipment
  • Electronics:  camera, game console, lighting, speakers
  • Lawn & Garden Equipment:  mower, pressure washer, tiller, trimmer
  • And anything else you can think of that others may want to rent and you would be willing to rent out.

Still not sure if you want to lend items?  Trust and Safety are built into the app.

  • Qualifying items are insured against accidental physical damage up to $5,000
  • Lenders are protected against late returns, loss, and theft
  • Users chat within the app without sharing personal information
  • Both lenders and borrower provide reviews after every transaction
  • Transactions take place in the app and are secure

Thank you and good bubbing!

– the bub team




In the U.S. the amount owed on credit card debt has increased significantly to nearly $952 billion and could reach $1 trillion in 2016, according to a report from The New York Times. With 35 percent of Americans carrying a balance from month to month on their credit cards, according to the 2016 National Financial Literacy Survey.

“The amount of debt owed by consumers is partly due to financial neglect, negative spending habits and poor financial education” states, K. D. Nelson, professional accountant and publisher of the book “Laws of Managing Credit Card Debt.” That provides financial guidance with debt payoff strategies to help consumers save time and money.

So how should you avoid getting deeper into credit card debt? Here is some useful advice to help achieve financial goals:

  1. Educate Yourself and Seek Professional Help
  2. In the fight for higher wages and equal pay to provide for your needs. Seek professional guidance that provides the necessary tools to get out of debt successfully. Would you agree that you might be in better shape financially if you had received financial education before you started using credit cards? Getting help today could improve your financial well-being a few years from now.

  3. Create a Budget and have a Plan
  4. Using a credit card for daily expenses or to supplement household income requires creating a budget to determine if the monthly payment is affordable. And with the high cost of living having a plan can help save money and reduce long-term debt. The book, by K. D. Nelson, provides step-by-step examples to develop a plan and maintain a spending budget.

  5. Use a Proven Strategy to Pay Off Debt Sooner 
  6. Most non-profit credit counseling services provide help with credit card debt and typically charge a monthly fee of $35.00 to $50.00. And filing for bankruptcy to eliminate credit card debt can cost $1,500.00 to $3,000.00. The benefit of getting help with your debt should outweigh the cost and provide a better solution. Using a proven strategy to pay off debt sooner would allow you to maintain flexible spending and become more financially resourceful.

To learn more about the book and get a free copy, visit: www.managingdebtlaws.com


SAT, JULY 9, 2016

Doors: 4:30 pm / Show: 5:00 pm


More info



How to Open Etsy Shop for Free

by editor on July 9, 2016

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Step by step tutorial: How to open shop on the biggest handmade marketplace Etsy and earn 40 free listings.



CarMinder is a Hands free BT speaker alert and app notifies family,friends, if child has left in car

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Endocrine Rehab’s

by editor on June 28, 2016

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GLUTATIONE is ESSENTIAL for Obtaining, Accomplishing, Affecting and Achieving MANY Different Health Benefits & Health Concerns! Such as: Syndromes, Disorders, Illnesses, Infections, Nourishment for the body, Health Maintenance, Multiple Diverse Conditions, OVER ALL WELL-BEING, Immune system, nervous system, GI Tract Issues, blood sugar issues, thyroid problems, bowel issues, endocrine, detoxification. GLUTATHIONE IS FOR ESSENTIAL EVERYONES BODY TO FUNCTION TO IT’S FULLEST POTENTIAL! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!


GBF is a composition called a tri peptide, it’s made up of three essential amino acids: Glutamic Acid, Glycine & L-Cysteine. Every system in the body can be affected by your GSH levels. Just 2 capsules a day is the suggested use; one with breakfast & one with dinner. -These statements about the amazing GBF product have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition.

There are a substantial amount of people with EXTREMELY POSITIVE testimonials in regards to GBF – one of the most beneficial products for optimal health available on the internet (THAT REALLY WORKS)! Introducing: Endocrine Rehab’sTM Patent Pending GBF Supplement (A Superior Master Antioxidant Formula) that is helping to Change hundreds of People’s Lives and it will change yours too!


GBF was tested by Spectracell Labs in Houston, Texas and increased intracellular levels of glutathione by over 33%. The increase has to be intracellular for it to have any affect on the Mitochondria (“the powerhouse of our cells”).


Go to www.gbf-group-inc.com for more information on this Amazing product and to find out more about BEFORE & AFTER Clinical Glutathione tests and read more about the fact  that we are THE ONLY Glutatione supplement SELECTED for an Alzheimer’s clinical study! Or you can purchase your bottle of GBF (Optimum Glutathione Precursors) on Amazon.com



Resume Cheetah Floors Resume Rabbit in the Job hunting Process

Resume Cheetah is better and faster

The processes involved in getting a job could be so tiring, especially if the person in question is unemployed. Usually, he or she wants to get a job as fast as possible. And then, at times too, there is the problem of which job search process he or she should subscribe to. This is also not different for one who is already employed, but is seeking a better job or pay.

Well, most times, that choice boils down to whether he or she should use Resume Rabbit or the revolutionary Resume Cheetah.  So what’s the way forward?

Resume Rabbit had been a good man in the area of job search until recent. It has some advantages. The first is that it provides critique of resume. If your resume isn’t up to par you won’t get a call. Trust me if you were looking for a job, you won’t like that. With service fee costing less than a hundred dollar, Resume Rabbit boasts of affordability. This is good news for those currently unemployed; at least you get to save some money. With Resume Rabbit, the user gets to create an account and login and can then access a nice amount of job boards where his resume is posted along with a report in real time. Lastly, having the user’s resume posted to all of the major job boards and smaller ones can help him down the line with finding employment.

Having said all those and after the much hype about Resume Rabbit, here comes the greatest shocker. Resume Rabbit only posts your resume to job boards. Of course, if the employer posts a job and is getting a large amount of applicants, your resume might not even be looked into let alone you being considered for the job opening. So this probably is the greatest drawback about resume rabbit. It might not guarantee that you would get a job fast or even get it at all.

On the other hand the legendary Resume Cheetah achieves more in a rather simple style. The pros of using resume cheetah are very abundant. The first, it doesn’t just post your resume on a job board, your resume is actually applied to the job opening on your behalf. The next is that the whole process is done by an actual human resource professional and not just anyone with a meager knowledge of the hiring processes. Definitely, Resume Cheetah service includes a critique service just as is obtainable with Resume Rabbit. An extra bonus comes with the use of Resume Cheetah; you receive a copy of a great book. The book, “How to get a job” will assist you in your job quest. In addition to the above features, Resume Cheetah gives you a listing of recruiters that you can also email your resume and cover letter too as well to get you even better results.  Considering the services so rendered, one would think (and rightly so) that this service should cost about a thousand dollars. But truth is, all these the user of this service gets at a very affordable fee.

The cons of resume cheetah are minor. Since Resume Cheetah centralizes its resume applications and submission to job openings in the US, there are not so much chances of finding a suitable job opening outside of the US. That said, Resume Cheetah would actually wait for the resume submission to be completed before reporting to the applicant details of positions applied. This period is usually about 48 hours and compared with the service’s resultant effectiveness, the wait should be worth it.

As noticed, the cons of using Resume Cheetah to get a job are negligible and are outweighed by the service’s many benefits. So if you ask me to help you make a choice between Resume Cheetah and Resume Rabbit, I will without much ado ask you to opt for Resume Cheetah. The Cheetah surely is faster than the rabbit.




ARIEL RYDER Pop / R&B Music Show 

by editor on June 23, 2016

in Chicago


Order Tickets by clicking the link below:

This Sunday, June 26th 2016
Elbo Room Chicago


Very solid grips with a lock up snug, holder your phone sickly secure!





Lookup procedure or treatment costs, over 10 million procedures throughout 14,000 medical facilities.



3 Charged With West Town Robbery After Police Find Loot In Their Car: Cops

From left: Kenyon Armstong, 18; Markis Hubbs, 24 and Marquise Key, 19 From left: Kenyon Armstong, 18; Markis Hubbs, 24 and Marquise Key, 19

WEST TOWN — Three men are charged with armed robbery in a West Town stickup on West Huron early on Memorial Day.

Around 3:15 a.m. Monday morning, the men walked up to someone in the 2000 block of West Huron Street and one of them pointed a gun, demanding the person’s belongings, police said. The men then fled in a beige SUV.

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Meeting the needs of some of the world’s smallest fashion lovers this new boys brand is making its mark. With HIP attire, fun energy and flawless fits as its primary goal Troy James Boys is a perfect fit for today’s modern youngster. The Troy James Boys Collection provides stylish quality apparel and original accessories. It introduces those hard to find items as well as those barely boring basics to the 0 to 6 year old boys market.

The collection is defined by its softness and made for movement motto. Its range is broad from uptown bow ties all the way to downtown bermudas. Troy James Boys‘ attractive price points assure the brand as a one stop shop certain to complete any stylish boy’s wardrobe!

One of its true attributes is in its playful packaging. The packaged series embraces sustainability by creating multi functioning, reusable packaging. The brands signature stackables, piggy banks, toys and storage containers for mothers are a few of the many ways Troy James Boys delivers innovation to marketplace. All of this without neglecting the foundation of kids’ fashion: Comfort!





News Rates has a great Chicago Sun Times subscription deal available to residents in and around the Chicago, Illinois area. Pay just $35.94 for 6-months of Sunday only delivery for 3-months for only $35.97. The best offer at 45% off is 7-day delivery for 3-months for $56.97. Customers will also receive unlimited digital access to the newspaper online.

Another great place to search for Chicago Sun-Times subscription deals is the Subscriber Services site. You can save a considerable amount of money on your first subscription term. The newspaper is filled with money saving coupons. Best of all, the quality of journalism and local news is much better than what you’ll find on most news websites.

These exclusive offers are valid for new subscribers or for those that haven’t had service for more than 30-days. Keep in mind, you can only order one subscription per address. You can gift the subscription to as many people as you like or share it with your friends. These subscriptions make great gifts.


We sell blank Inkjet or Laser label sheets are engineered with space age ooze free adhesives which will not gum up in today’s modern Digital, Laser and Inkjet printing equipment.Email Roy at [email protected] to get a custom quote on blank or printed label products.



TSA Lines at Midway Airport

by editor on May 13, 2016

in Chicago

The TSA lines at Midway Airport in Chicago are way too long.


11 Years Teens Entrepreneur

by editor on May 9, 2016

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You must have heard great stories about many kind entrepreneurs, but this one is amazing story that would make you believe, if age is not a problem to decide someone has a great ability or not.


In this article, you will find details about an 11-year teens entrepreneur of Franchise Mall Group, Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista.

They are two kids who started off their business with the help from their parents at the age of 6.

In the year 2004, their parents created an company for them that was known as Franchise Mall Group.

They both now are the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) & Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Franchise Mall Group. These two kids are smart and intelligent. They also have the right skills and ability to run the business. They have developed their business quite well and now they aim to serve globally.

As we know, Franchise Mall Group is one of the famous company and it is renowned for making some unique products and design. All the products that they have introduced yet, always have the cute cartoon character on them.

This has helped them earn quite well in past years and now they aim to target their characters can be licensed like Disney Characters, Minions, Barbie, and other famous characters.

These teen entrepreneurs have worked really hard and they will become a millionaire in near future by their hard word and by their great ideas.

Franchise mall Group is well known as the creative company by these two kids and also a

guidance from her mother, DR. Megumi Sachiko.

The talent of Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista has helped them win numerous awards.

They are still working hard to become one powerful franchise of the world.

These kids are well supported and they have  confidence that enables them to run this company well.

Following is the list of the awards that these kids have achieved at such a young age.

1. Franchise and Business Opportunity Best Seller Award 2010

2. Franchise and Business Marketing Award 2011

3. Franchise and Business Opportunity Fastest Growing Award 2012

4. Franchise and Business  Best Choice Investor Award 2013

5. Franchise and Business Top Of Mind Award 2014

6. Franchise and Business Best Brand Award 2015

7. Franchise and Businesss Best Quality Award 2016

Their main aim is to become one of the most demanding entrepreneurs in near future.

The way their business is running currently, it looks clear that they will easily earn millions dollar and become one of the greatest company of the world.

They earn money by creating different cartoon characters that help to enhance the uniqueness and the beauty of their products.

Each of their design is unique and it is loved by the people.

These are the reasons due to which Franchise Mall Group has become one of the most successful franchise in the world.

Moreover, these achievements also make clear a fact that this franchise has the ability to grow big in future.



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