Amazing New Year’s Eve Celebration with Lady Gaga’s DJ, Lady Starlight.

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Chicago Signature Limo Promo For Christmas

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Busy Day

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Access Maids Chicago Press Release

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Professional cleaning company in Chicago with online reservation and customization system offers house cleaning services.

There are many maid service companies in the Chicago area. One cleaning company that stands out Access Maids Cleaning Services. This organization offers comprehensive house and apartment cleaning from interior cleaning to bedbug and antimicrobial treatments.

No Contracts 

Customers that schedule home cleaning appointments with AccessMaids 24/7 and not to worry about contractual obligations. Services can be cancelled at any time. Customers have the ability to customize their services according to what they like by scheduling services by phone or online. When customers order online they can receive free carpet deodorizing and air refresher with their orders.

Free phone or online estimates are available to people that may be considering these services. Customers that make the decision to proceed with Chicago cleaning services from AccessMaids can pay by check or credit and debit cards.


Carpet shampooing is available through this company along with other things like oven interior cleaning and laundry service. There is a sizable staff in place so customers never have to worry about their appointments getting pushed back due to overbooking.

With AccessMaids customers have the ability to choose between several plans such as: basic, spring cleaning, move in, move out cleaning. All supplies that are used during the cleaning process are free. Most appointments are typically done by a minimum of 2 maids with services last anywhere from 1 hour and a half to 2 and a half hours

Customers can customize the cleaning appointment online or over the phone. Each appointment can be made with hourly rates or fixed rates. There are no hidden fees involved in any of the appointments that are scheduled. Customers know what they can expect to pay for services upfront.

People that make reservations for cleaning can sign up for email or text that will inform them on the arrival of the maids. In most cases the maids arrive 30 minutes prior to the time of the appointment.

Green Cleaning

One vantage point over competition for AccessMaids is the use of certified green cleaning supplies. This company provides services to transform a dirty home into a spotless home while utilizing environmentally safe products. There are not many companies in the Chicago area that can offer this same level of green cleaning.

The green cleaners are safe for the family. These supplies are also safe for the planet. There are no harmful fumes or nitrates in the products that are used for cleaning.


Access Maids has been recognized with awards by the Best of Chicago. This organization is also listed with the Better Business Bureau. The maids of Access Maids have cleaned more than 50,000 homes combined. The professional service, years of experience and detail cleaning procedures have gained a lot of recognition. It has become one of the more well-known cleaning services in the Chicago area because employees have continued to perform at a high quality level.

A Quality Guarantee 

Access Maids has a 100% quality guarantee. This is the reason that many of the customers continue to utilize this service. The company has become a staple in the Chicago area because it has experienced maids that have at least 3 years of experience. These are professionals that have experience with the cleaning of cabinets, blinds, windows and ceiling fans. Customers that are not satisfied with the level of services can request a refund.


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Every country in the world is represented by a flag of some kind, yet only a few are instantly recognizable to the masses. If you go to a location where flags form across the world are flown, you’d be hard pressed to identify more than a handful. The one that pretty much everyone will instantly get is the American Flag seen at FlagsExpo, as it is perhaps the most iconic of them all. What’s ironic about that is the fact that the history of the flag has some level of urban legend attached to it, with the history of how it came into being called into question by many historians.

Legend has it that the first American Flag was stitched together by a resident of Philadelphia named Betsy Ross. While Miss Ross may have been nothing more than a lowly seamstress, it is believed that she held acquaintances with George Washington and a number of other influential member of Philadelphia society. It is believed that Washington, as well as a pair of members of the Continental Congress, paid a visit to the shop where Betsy Ross plied her trade. They brought with them a rough design of the flag, with the stars on that original design all having 6-pointed stars. Miss Ross believed that a 5-pointed star looked better, and assured the gentlemen that cutting her style of star would be much easier from a design standpoint. The men agreed, and the Stars and Stripes was officially born in May 1776.

Actually verifying this story had proved to be impossible, but there are some clues that point to at least part of it being true. Betsy Ross was regularly commissioned to make flags for the navy of Philadelphia, so it’s not really a stretch to think that she may have been asked to make the first American flag. Another clue came from her grandson, William Canby, when he spoke to the Philadelphia Historical Society in 1870, taking time to mention the impact that his grandmother had made in shaping the history of the country.

Initially, the Grand Union Flag was used as the unofficial flag of the US, and it had the familiar red and white stripes that we see today, as well as the British Union Flag up in one corner. Another version saw a rattlesnake placed in place of the British flag, with the motto “Don’t Tread on me” also included. The American flag as we know it today got its beginnings in June 1777, with 13 stars, representing the 13 colonies, situated on the flag. Two more stars, as well as a pair of stripes, were added in 1795 to include Vermont and Kentucky.

In 1818, Congress delivered legislation stating that the 13 stripes remain as is, with future stars to be added as new states were introduced into the union. As most everyone is aware of, the number of stars on the American flag now sits at 50, one for each state, with the last one added in 1960 when Hawaii became the newest state.



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Gift bans be damned. It’s steaks, ribs, filet and crème brulee… for all.

In June, the College of DuPage (COD) lost a $20 million state construction grant because of corruption. In July, COD was exposed for paying up to $27,000 in fees and private membership dues at the presidents shooting club. In September, COD won a national “Golden Hammer” award for hiding $96 million in “Imprest” accounting payments that weren’t disclosed to the public or trustees. In October, COD was forced to publically acknowledge “possible fraud” in the radio station for possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Therefore, it’s mystifying to many that the Board of Trustees and Senior Management Team have instituted zero reform measures- only Vice Chairman Kathy Hamilton has battled for reform. But thanks to the information made available by the Edgar County Watchdogs, we are starting to gain insight into how the elected trustees and entire management/oversight structures at COD have “gamed the system for personal gain.”

It seems everybody who is somebody at COD is on the gravy train.

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GLEN ELLYN – The College of DuPage Board of Trustees unanimously voted against auditing the school’s imprest payments Thursday.

College of DuPage trustees vote ‘no’ to imprest audit, despite public outcry over spending

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CaptureSurface Genies hybrid franchise for under 1,000.00 allows you to start your own tile and grout cleaning, hard surface restoration business at a very affordable investment. With our business model you are able to learn the trade while earning a part time income!

For more information please call 864-561-5990 or visit us at www.surfacegenies.com

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DuPage Co. – (ECWd)-

When people read they learn.  It is commonly refereed to as an education.  Today is our first lesson called Breuder 101 – A lesson in ethical conduct.

It is a short lesson that I think most could pass, however, do not be fooled by the ease of the course.  Its importance may well become a case study nation wide!

COD Curriculum – Breuder 101- A lesson in ethical conduct

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Dude Where’s My Car Chicago?

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My car got towed this morning.

Not for parking illegally. It was just moved or relocated to somewhere else in the city because of street construction. There was a sign, but the signs have been up for months with little or no construction actually taking place and everyone just ignored them.

Now there is a lake to the East of me so that only leaves the North, South, and West to have to search for my car. I managed to find a city of Chicago Streets and sans town truck driver and was able to ask him where my car was towed to. He gave me an address and I walked over there. It was about 6 blocks away. My car was not there. The tow truck drivers where no longer there. So I searched google for the City of Chicago page about where I might find my car.


I was happy to find this page.


It was slightly helpfull, I could see that they towed some other cars on my street. My car was not on the list. It appears that this data is updated in batches. It has a time stamp at the bottom of the page.

Next I visited this page:



I called the phone number in this page and was given another number to call that was not correct and then tolled to call 311.

311 was able to give me the current location of my car.

Total time: 2h

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CTA Blue Line to Forest Park

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With a techno soundtrack!


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Nando’s Hunt for White Truffles in Chicago

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Trending topic this week

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Buying Sparklers in Chicago

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There are a lot of different occasions to use sparklers, and in Chicago they are used throughout the year. Illinois in general has fairly forgiving laws regarding the use of sparklers, and that’s really good news for the residents of Chicago. Many states only allow sparklers to be used during the weeks around the 4th of July, and there are even other states that don’t allow sparklers to be used at all. Fortunately this isn’t the case in Chicago and residents can use them all year long. There are many great uses for sparklers, and here are a few of the best options.

4th of July
The 4th of July is the most common time to use sparklers in America, and they are by far the most popular firework in the world. Many people agree that the 4th of July just isn’t the same without using sparklers, so make sure you stock up in advance to avoid running out.

New Year’s Eve
As the clock strikes midnight and a new year begins, there is something very majestic about celebrating with sparklers! There really isn’t a better way to ring in the New Year than a kiss from your partner, a drink of champagne, and the majestic glow of a burning sparkler.

Though relatively new in the grand scheme of traditions, using sparklers at wedding has become very popular in the last few years. They are a great alternative to throwing birdseed as the couple exits the chapel, and you can do some cool things in photos that will literally drop your jaw.

Where to Buy Sparklers
Though you can use sparklers in Chicago and other areas of Illinois throughout the year, the only time it is profitable for a fireworks store to be open is around the 4th of July. This leaves many residents wondering where to buy sparklers in Chicago, and the best answer is to order them online. If online shopping really isn’t your thing, you might consider stocking up around the 4th for your needs throughout the year. Though many people wish that sparklers could be found in stores around Chicago every single day, it simply isn’t feasible and you either need to plan ahead or else be prepared to order them online.

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Jake Griffin

COD spending

Over the past 16 months, the College of DuPage has paid more than $26 million without the board of trustees knowing specifically how the money was spent.

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Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees

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LITERALLY BUSTED AT COLLEGE OF DUPAGE—Chairman of the Board Erin Birt’s half-truths, misrepresentations, and track record of deception:

While the President of The College of DuPage (COD) pulls down nearly $500,000 in compensation/perks and tens of thousands in private shooting club payments, the taxpayers might wonder what type of a board permits such lavish expenses; expenses that on the surface may appear legal, however when cross referenced with state statute they clearly are not. (Article VIII, Section 1(a) of the Illinois Constitution, “Public funds, property or credit shall be used only for public purposes.”)  The most recent scathing report on COD was published in Forbes Magazine (Click here to view the report) with National Review following up with a piece. (Click here to view that article).

Considering all this is happening under the supervision of elected trustees on the College of DuPage board, we did what we always do when this kind of thing raises its ugly head; we filed Freedom of Information Requests (FOIA). We investigate public officials and establish fact patterns—patterns that establish the good or the bad.

The first FOIA was to the Glen Ellyn Police Department for the mug shot of the current COD Board Chairman, Erin Birt. Why? She had been arrested for an offense that she has recently referred to as a “violent criminal offense”- when others are arrested for it! (Click here for snap shot of her YouTube video)

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With another review of the words spewed from Dr. Breuder, College of DuPage President, it is pretty clear his “Truth Rating” (“TR”) has dropped to a level never before seen.

Breuder made claims that expenditures for his private hunt club was for things like off site meetings and fund raisers, so we decided to once again attempt to validate his words.

  • “Since 2009, $26,133.83 has been spent, in accordance with College protocol, by College of DuPage for offsite meetings and fundraising events for the primary purpose of raising money and developing friendships that can benefit COD.”

Considering meetings of public bodies are required to have minutes a logical conclusion would be that minutes were in fact kept, agreed?  I asked for them and as expected, no minutes from ANY meeting held at Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation.

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Erin Birt is Toxic to COD

by admin on November 10, 2014

in Chicago,Glen Ellyn,Illinois

This is a part of the meeting in which the College of DuPage dedicated approximately 40 minutes to an unwarranted thrashing of a local non-profit organization using the screens and projectors, while only allowing a 3 minute response and without allowing visual aids. You know, “stacking the deck” as most would call it. They continue to do what they do best, stifle public criticism and comments while expending unlimited public funds to push their own agenda.

During this “special moment” of Chairman Birt’s, she displayed discourteous behavior during the meeting as she was observed whispering in tones so low as to not allow all members of the board and the public to hear the conversations while individuals were addressing the Board. Further, Trustee Birt failed to repeat or disclose the content of those whispers for the purpose of meeting minutes in violation of the Illinois Open Meetings Act.

Birt’s comments were voiced in a disparaging and abusive tone, apparently calculated to intimidate, confuse, or threaten fellow Board member(s).

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