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DuPage Co., IL. (ECWd) –

This morning, the Downers Grove Township Refuse Committee held a meeting without posting a notice and an agenda as required by law – then tried denying they were a committee until one of their own members said she thought she was on a committee.

Downers Grove Township holds illegal committee meeting



MIP is a leading financial management system for nonprofits and government-funded agencies. Join our webinar to see why so many nonprofits use MIP to show transparency and meet their reporting requirements. 1st Choice Advisors works with hundreds of nonprofits and has a Chicago office with experienced advisors. Work with someone you can trust. 


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adSince print media’s invention, classifieds have remained the most popular trading method. Whether it is announcements of vacancies or advertisements of products, classifieds have dominated the market and are still doing so. The only difference is that now, it’s growing quickly and can be seen more online. While classifieds still occupy a space in the newspapers, posting advertisements has become a more common practice today.

Online classifieds are the new face of trade. There are currently numerous websites that are meant exclusively for classifieds. This new trend of trading has proved beneficial to companies as they can now reach more people instantly without worrying about monetary concerns.

A report released by AIM Group, the world’s leading consultancy in classified advertising and interactive media, revealed that the industry’s revenue worldwide is drawing near the $100 billion U.S. mark and is continuing to grow progressively while moving to a digital business, a significant change from the usual one-time print business companies have grown accustomed to.

Classified Intelligence Report shows that classifieds generate $92.1 billion in sales worldwide. According to Peter M. Zollman, editor of the report and AIM Group’s founding principal, classified advertising revenue is growing progressively worldwide. He added that with margins as high as 80% at major classified websites, classified advertising is a great business to take part in. Millions of dollars are also invested in existing classified companies by investment groups.

The shift from print to digital will only continue. The crossover between e-commerce and classifieds, use of instant messaging, emerging niche services, mobile growth and use of Big Data are some of the trends in the classified industry that continue to drive profits. AIM Group’s report also revealed the must watch apps and sites in the world.

The revenue estimate was derived from original and existing research in 22 countries that produce 80% of the worldwide GDP. While the 92.1 billion revenue estimate is quite lower from the $100 million projected 10 years ago, the industry of classified advertising still shows a great growth potential. Countries included in the research are The Netherlands, Argentina, China, Australia, India, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, Sweden, Indonesia, Russian Federation, Italy, France, Mexico, Turkey, United States, South Korea, Germany, Switzerland and Japan.

The report also covered over 200 companies worldwide, including Craigslist, Backpage, Adfora, OLX, Gumtree, AutoTrader, EBay Classifieds and Kijiji.

About adfora.com

Adfora free classifieds was launched in 2010 in the city of Los Angeles. Adfora is the ultimate destination for free online classifieds. It provides simple, but effective solutions to the complexities involved in recruiting, buying advertising and selling things. Adfora allows individuals to easily post free classified ads in 48,000 cities across the United States. What sets Adfora apart from the competition is its unique features such as “Apply for jobs” which allows people to apply for jobs listed on Adfora, “Automated Applicant Tracking System” for employers to track resumes and candidates, “Car Payment Calculator” to help people estimate cars loan payments, “Send offers” on items and much more. With an aim to simplify the lives of the online community, the site continuously seeks new methods to enhance everyone’s user experience. Adfora monitors and filters all content posted to the site to ensure that users find only quality and appropriate listings. Whether you’re looking to post free classifieds in Los Angeles or searching for an apartment in New York, Adfora is the perfect place to be.



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How Important is Your Identity, to You?

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cloackit_12pack100percent (1)
…How important is your identity, to you? Did you know you are walking around with your identity and financial information AT RISK?

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The SECRET to securing your identity and credit data? Learn all you can about NFC Chip Cards: keep your credit and debit cards shielded! And, don’t forget about your passport!

Your search for the perfect RFID Shield is finally over! You now have an alternative to sleeves that disintegrate, are not effective and seams that come undone.

The premium materials, design and workmanship of Cloak-It Sleeves & Passport Protector Holders meet your needs and are within the standards on electromagnetically shielded sleeves for protecting from unauthorized NFC (Near Field Communication) intrusion and theft.

With the inner layers of copper paper and aluminum, the exterior made for durability, you’ll be pleased with these user-friendly sleeves.

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This Value Pack of Electromagnetic Shielding Sleeves includes 10 Sleeves for standard size credit cards, Driver’s License, School I.D., Access Cards, Transit Passes, etc. PLUS 2 standard-size US Passport sleeves.

With the 5.375″ x 3.686 measurements, the passport sleeves will accommodate many models of iPhone, Samsung including some Galaxy models, Motorola, Blackberry, Nokia, LG, Apple, some Sony, as well as many provider-specific models from Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon plus many others.

With so much coverage in one pack, you should go ahead and order extra Cloak-It packs as gifts for your world-traveler friends!

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You will receive your FREE eBook Comprehensive Guide to Consumer Safety in a couple of days after order confirmation of your Amazon.com purchase of Cloak-It Card & Passport protectors. This is a serious 100+ page booklet from GSA which offers education and contacts for every facet of our financial decisions. You have a choice on Amazon.com between 6 packs and 12 packs of Cloak it Card & Passport Covers PROTECT yourself and your family from un-necessary exposure to your security.

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6 Pack listing: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00TI2QSA2

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Stop the Clot Chicago 5K Run/Walk

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Join us Mother’s Day Sunday, May 10th at Montrose Beach to help us fight the battle against blood clotting disorders in Chicago. Cost $28/Adult includes timed racing bib, fresh flower, t-shirt, gourmet pancakes, live entertainment, henna, raffle and more



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green_safety_sipper1_1…Did you know, FEMA states each person needs at least one gallon of clean, potable drinking water each day?

…Look around you, at the people in your daily world. How many gallons of filtered drinking water would it take to get just those people precious to you through the next 24 HOURS?

Safe drinking water is vital for survival. There are unpredictable things which could happen, from being stranded somewhere to a natural disaster hitting your area. Storing or carrying water supplies is nearly impossible and, there is also the possibility of the water to become contaminated. How can YOU insure to be prepared at all times?

blue_safety_sipper1_1Introducing: the new Safety Sipper™ – A personal water filter that is available for purchase online. Generally, water filters tend to be big, bulky and often require a power source. Nothing is needed for the Safety Sipper™ and it will filter up to 1,000 liters (That is 250 gallons)! The Safety Sipper™ is ideal for travel, hiking, camping, food storage, sports, outdoor enthusiasts, men, women, children and the elderly. The Safety Sipper™ personal water filter is the optimal choice for EVERYONE! Anytime, Anywhere…


both_safety_sippers1_1The recently launched water filter system – ‘Outdoor Water Straw Filter’ Safety Sipper™ is drawing the attention of users with its amazing blue and camouflage colors. The product is available on Amazon.com and comes with 2 FREE eBooks one, that acts as a guide for the users and the second is a survival tips eBook. The Water Straw Filter helps in making water cleaner and purer. Sources confirmed that Outdoor Water Straw Filter has special Sterilization mechanism. Whenever any bacteria cell comes in contact in water, the filter attacks them with the help of its high poly iodine resin. It destroys the bacterial enzymes such as pathogen organisms effectively and makes the water pure. It removes the bug, sediments, dust, algae and many other granular impurities.


The Safety Sipper™ filters can help in filtering 99.999 percent of parasites in waste water and bacteria to avoid dysentery. It can filter soiled water and purify it to sippers_5make it drinkable to help avoid a number of diseases such as typhoid, dysentery and cholera. The personal water filter system can stop amoebic dysentery and associated intestinal ailment. Since it has special activated carbon it helps in reducing the bad taste, and other toxic substances including Trihalogenated Methane, chlorine, organic chemistry possessions and other injurious substances.


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In a sign of intensifying scrutiny of the College of DuPage, federal prosecutors have opened a wide-ranging criminal investigation at the embattled community college, issuing two subpoenas this week that seek documents tied to spending and other matters, according to records obtained late Wednesday.

The subpoenas, which were served to college administrators Monday, cover three main areas: administrator expenses, contracts with the college’s fundraising foundation and credits awarded to police recruits at a law enforcement academy on the Glen Ellyn campus.

College of DuPage under federal investigation

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City officials in Farmer City, Illinois are considering turning off the electricity of families with juveniles accused of vandalism.

Unlike many small towns, Farmer City controls its electricity.

The city manager, Larry Woliung, came up with the idea after 40 residents in the town had their tires slashed.

“After we’ve tried everything else, we cut your power,” Woliung said.


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The HarmonyEdge™ is the perfect product for the kitchen counter as it is in the tackle box, hunting cabin, workshop or garage. A GREAT GIFT: Grab one for your honey back at headquarters too! Nicely packaged, stylishly at home in any décor'; handy, versatile and affordable Precise, two-stage sharpening in one unit. The coarse sharpening slot masterfully brings a blunt burred blade to a great smooth edge in seconds. Follow it up with the fine ceramic slot return them to top effectiveness. After you get the burrs and rolled edges taken care of, Quick and Easy Maintenance with a couple swipes in the “fine” slot after each use and you’re always ready to slice and dice.- A fantastic gift that is guaranteed to get used, suitable for all occasions – Birthdays, Christmas, Wedding gifts and a big hit for Outdoor Enthusiast.

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This is also a handy item to pack with your water filter straw, hydration bladder and emergency survival food kit and supplies. A sharp knife is just as important as having enough fuel and fresh water to drink. Precise, two-stage sharpening in one knife sharpening unit. The coarse sharpening slot masterfully brings a blunt burred blade to a great smooth edge in seconds. Follow it up with the fine ceramic slot return them to top effectiveness. After you get the burrs and rolled edges taken care of, Quick and Easy Maintenance with a couple swipes in the “fine” slot after each use and you’re always ready to slice and dice.

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By Diana Sroka Rickert
If you crossed C-SPAN with “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,” you’d wind up with something resembling the state of Illinois.

First there’s Aaron Schock, the former congressman from Peoria who cataloged his globe-trotting adventures on Instagram and styled his Washington, D.C., office to the theme of “Downton Abbey.”

Then there’s Robert Breuder, the wine-sipping, elephant-hunting outgoing president of the College of DuPage.

 Commentary: The outrageous perks of the public sector 

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Reprimanded former Batavia teacher landed a seat Tuesday on the school board with ease — a move he calls his “final civics lesson.”

“I feel like I should’ve run for pope,” said John Dryden, who taught social studies for 21 years at Batavia High School. “I feel like the community really understood how and why I was treated the way I was treated. They knew I was willing to serve students in a different capacity, and they enthusiastically supported it.”

Some issues Dryden hopes to address while on the board include analyzing administrator payroll and reducing the number of administrators to create a bottom-up model that focuses on teachers rather than a top-down model focusing on administrators.

Reprimanded ex-teacher sweeps Batavia school board race

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College of DuPageDuPage Co. (ECWd) –

In a stunning upset to the establishment endorsements, the clean slate candidates have won the election and must now prepare for the fixes badly needed at COD.  Our thoughts on the tasks ahead that need serious attention are listed below in no particular order.

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APRIL 1, 2015 – Musicians Roger Cole and Paul Barrere of Better Daze Records have announced a brand new single. The duo is known for their outlaw brand of music, which is set apart from mainstream music. The new single is no exception and offers uniquely woven musicality punctuated with a ghostly sound.

“Breathe” is the newest release from Better Daze Records. The single’s music and lyrics were co-written by Cole and Barrere. Cole provided vocals, bass, drums, percussion and gardening tools for the track, while both Cole and Barrere contributed the guitars for “Breathe”.

The haunting tune of the new track hooks listeners with an entrancing melody and palpable lyrics that leave a striking message. More information about the new single from Better Daze Records can be found at www.betterdazemusic.com.

About Better Daze Records

Creating “music for the sake of music”, Paul Barrere and Roger Cole are the musicians and driving forces behind Better Daze Records. Wanting to avoid the guidelines set forth by big labels and distributors in the name of mainstream music, the two set out to create Better Daze Records. Through their own label, Barrere and Cole inject their own flavor of expression and creativity into each of their unique works.


Better Daze Records

Website: www.betterdazemusic.com

Email Us: info@betterdazerecords.com

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Freddy Martinez, the Chicago plaintiff, says this sum is an “outrage.”

As of February 2015, the city of Chicago owes over $120,000 to its lawyers in the city’s attempt to defend itself against two stingray-related lawsuits. The discovery comes from new public records Ars has obtained.

Chicago owes lawyers over $120,000 for defense against two stingray cases

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Kay Chiteta – CEO & Founder, Tripa.co and ProudlyZambian.Com

Report by Caroline Raymond, MN, CA

If you are a regular in the world of web-apps and internet startups then chances are you’ve either seen his projects or used one of them for personal or business use. But whether you have or not,his exceptional inspiring inventions are simply dazzling and deserve everyone’s attention.

At age 27, Zambian born entrepreneur and self-taught programmer, kay chiteta has co-created and co-coded more than 15 projects and startups. He’s also creator and co-owner to some of the internet’s trending projects including but not limited to Tripa.co (a cheap flights booking site) and proudlyzambian.com (a free promotion platform for Zambian talent).

Charmingly live and kindly vibrant, kay chiteta is ranked among a handful of the young but determined entrepreneurs gunning for the world and a better version of things. His mission he says, is to make the world a better place and improve as many lives as he possibly can.

*Tripa.Co was recently spotlighted as one of the most promising startups in Europe with a targeted initial influence of 5/10. Initial influence (IIS) scores are used as indicators by business experts to judge and scale the productivity and influence of a company in the next five years to come. With 10 being the highest, a 5 means your business has potential to impact 50% of the worlds population.

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Savage / Svoboda…the real story? Ask you? People have…you didn’t listen…

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College of DuPageEdgar Co. (ECWd) – The bottom line, to us, is access to public records, and all the public records we ask for, in a timely manner. Period. So what does a person do when faced with public bodies that invent reasons to hide public records, provide only a portion of the records requested

College of DuPage – Pay-to-play redefined…Herricane style!

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Yet Another Cleaner is the best PC Cleaner software I have every used in my life. Just imagine, with one simple click ok a button, I was able to transform my computer like new again. I caught a computer virus few days ago, that took over my computer completely. I mean a very serious virus. I was having pop-ups issues, redirecting problems and my AVG antivirus software could not remove them at all. A close friend of mine then suggested YAC, and to be truthful, I was a little skeptical at first, because I had tried so other malware removal software before, but I was still having the problem. Without having anything to lose, and all to gain, I decided to give YAC a shot. And it worked! YAC removed all malicious plug-ins, pop-up issues and the virus, with just one simple click. I was literally blow away by its effectiveness and powerful system cleaning capabilities. Thanks to YAC my PC is protected 24/7, I can surf the internet feeling safe and secure. YAC will block those annoying ads on the internet such as: video ads on Facebook, YouTube, flash banners, pop-ups, viruses and much more. Thanks to YAC I have a clean, fast secure and optimized computer system. This efficient and very user friendly FREE PC Cleaner will make you computer run like new again. Haven’t installed YAC? Try it today.


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