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Are you wondering what it will be like to work in the future?
Welcome to the future. The only impediment to this workplace technology and its applications is your imagination.




Advise major media outlets to stop sensationalizing mass shootings to prevent inspiring future killers Now.



Hollywood Lifestyles Lingerie Party

by editor on September 28, 2015

in Chicago


Hollywood Lifestyles Star Club is currently seeking lingerie enthusiasts for lingerie party on October 3rd, 2015 at The James Hotel in Chicago, Il. RSVP at www.hollywoodlifestyleslingerie.com



Betty Lyons: A poisonous piece of church doctrine

by editor on September 26, 2015

in Chicago

Pope Francis, as the first pontiff from the so-called New World, appears to be attempting to come to grips with the sins that his own church visited upon indigenous peoples across the Americas in the five centuries since Europeans first sailed across the Atlantic on an unholy mission of economic exploitation and evangelism.

“I humbly ask forgiveness, not only for the offenses of the church herself, but also for the crimes committed against the native peoples during the so-called conquest of America,” Pope Francis told the faithful during a Mass this summer in Bolivia.

The Pope did not just blame the conquistadores who rampaged through indigenous nations. He properly put the onus on the church itself for providing the evangelical and legal justification for the genocidal campaign of death, cultural devastation, disease and subjugation that those explorers carried out.

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Technology permeates just about every aspect of your personal and professional lives. It changes constantly, and not keeping up with its trends can negatively affect your job. No one can completely hide from technology, and if you want to keep your job, you may find that you are asked to leave your current position. It’s possible you won’t be able to find another one in your field if you don’t master the necessary technology skills as well. Here are some tech trends outlined by appendTo that you should be aware of.

  1. Big Data – Big data is analyzed in a variety of industries to reveal overall patterns, correlations, and trends, especially those that connect with how humans act. Fields as diverse as marketing, scientific and medical research, finance, and manufacturing all use big data to drive their operations.
  2. Internet of Things – It seems like more and more devices are being connected to the Internet all the time. Think of refrigerators that keep track of your weekly grocery inventory and connect to the grocery store to order more of something you’re low on or sanitation professionals who use sensors to quickly tell which containers need to be emptied. Technology in the workplace helps to more quickly accomplish daily work tasks, and the devices that help in that endeavor are connected to the Internet.
  3. Cyber Security – Organizations rely on cyber security to keep their data safe. You need to pay close attention to cyber security in your job and make it a top priority because it is likely an important focus of your company.
  4. E-Assistants – Even though Siri and Cortana are only helpful some of the time, e-assistant programs are quickly evolving, and they are on the rise. These assistants can help people perform their jobs, and you’ll need to know how to effectively utilize them to get more accomplished at work when they make an appearance in your office.
  5. Social – We’re not just talking about Facebook. Social networking is hitting companies’ front and back end systems. Customers and fans can interact through companies’ own social networks, and employees can talk to each other in real time through back-end applications. Mastering the latest in communication will affect how businesses relate with their customers and how colleagues collaborate even more in the future than it already has.


Best custom speakers in the world

by editor on September 22, 2015

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I build custom sub woofers and home theater speakers witch are the best I have ever seen for 25 years.





  • The incident occurred one day after Constitution Day.
  • Students were told by the officer that they needed a permit from the Student Life office in order to pass out literature or clipboard.

Several students at the College of DuPage were told to cease or be “locked up” Friday as they attempted to collect signatures for a petition urging the school to improve its free speech policies.

The two students, along with an advisor from Turning Point USA who was helping them organize a chapter at DuPage, were on campus inviting passersby to sign up for the club and/or sign the petition—and were also distributing pocket Constitutions and non-partisan flyers stating the “America is a free speech zone”—when they were approached by campus police.

“You can’t do it out here, otherwise I’m going to have to lock you up.”

Joseph Enders, a student at the college, told Campus Reform that he has been attempting to start a TPUSA club for some time, but has had difficulty meeting the school’s requirements for an official student organization. For its part, the College recounts instructing him on the process for starting a new club, but says it has never received the necessary documents from him.

“I’ve had some problems starting the club,” he said. “They told us that we need three members and a full-time faculty advisor, but they wouldn’t let us clipboard.” Enders also claims he has had difficulty finding a willing faculty advisor, primarily due to the need for a full-time advisor, and called the political science department “very liberal.”

Most of Friday’s altercation was caught on video and shared with Campus Reform. The video begins with the conversation already in progress, as the group is questioning the officer about why they are not allowed to do what they are doing.

Enders asks the officer, “[w]hat are the rules for doing this kind of stuff on campus?”

“You go to the Student Life office, and they give you a permit to do so,” the officer replies.

“So you need a permit to …”

“Yeah, because you can’t have everybody out here doing this,” the officer tells him. “Otherwise you’d have stuff lined up all along here, everybody having a different view and a different point, so you can’t do that.”

Kara Hamilton, the TPUSA representative, then presses the point, asking, “So, like, free speech …?”

“It’s not free speech, ma’am,” the officer informs her. “Nobody’s stopping you from free speech, but you can’t solicit out here, and basically you are—you’re soliciting your opinions. Okay? And you need to go get a permit.”

“Is it a commodity in any way?” Enders interjects. “Is speech a commodity?”

“Well, you’re handing out pamphlets and stuff like that, so that’s exactly what it would mean,” the officer responds.

When asked for more info about the permit process, the officer then appears to become somewhat exasperated, and exclaims, “[w]hy don’t you go talk to Student Life? But you can’t do it out here, otherwise I’m going to have to lock you up. I don’t want it to come to that; like I said, I want you to go in to Student Life.”

The discussion then turns to the exact nature of the violation, as the group wonders if all or just part of their activity was causing problems, and when the officer mentions that they were distributing literature, a student bystander remarks, “I asked for it, though.”

“They’re soliciting it,” the officer corrects him. “I mean, you approached them because they were here doing it. If they weren’t here, you wouldn’t have approached them.”

The group prepared to concede the dispute and take the issue up with the Student Life office, located in the adjacent building. The video ends at that point, but multiple eyewitnesses have told Campus Reform that the altercation did not.

“One student [Enders] was holding an American flag and when they were going to leave and go inside the officer told him that he could not bring the flag into the school,” said Mason Zeri, one of two students who had stopped to sign the group’s petition when the officer approached.

“The students asked why they couldn’t bring an American flag into the school and the officer gave them no response and just ignored them purposely,” Zeri said. “The officer acted very rude in general. The students were not giving him any attitude and he really had no reason to be rude, the students were complying completely.”

The other student bystander, Daniel Sackleh, confirmed Zeri’s account, adding that the flag issue had come up after the officer told the students they could not bring their signs with them into the building.

Enders remained incensed about the incident Friday evening, particularly with regard to the officer’s claim that the group was soliciting opinions.

The College of DuPage’s policies on facilities usage state that “Access to the College’s facilities is a privilege granted by the College,” and outline requirements consistent with many of the officer’s assertions, but throughout the policy manual, the only instances in which the words “solicit” or “solicitation” appear is in reference to the solicitation of gifts and/or donations by faculty.

Spokespersons for the College of DuPage did not respond to Campus Reform by press time, but Enders offered his appraisal in no uncertain terms.

“You can’t solicit an opinion,” he remarked forcefully. “An opinion is speech.”

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SongCat is a music production studio that’s operating online, yet they are offering an offline Partner Studio in Chicago. SongCat Partner Studio Chicago is going to offer high quality services to all those who are looking to use a professional studio to record their songs. At this moment, there’s only one Partner Studio, but there are plans for more. Los Angeles, New York and Florida are some of the potential locations for new partner recording studios.

SongCat, normally associated as a top rated online recording facility for songwriters and singers worldwide, now enables local bands playing all instruments themselves to access SongCat’s services in studios near them.

SongCat produced around 300 songs in their first year of operation, which is a fantastic result for a young startup that has been founded in 2014. The fact that so many singers and songwriters choose SongCat proves that this company is one of the leaders in the industry, having a lot to offer to its clients. Singers, lyricists and songwriters from all genres can use the services SongCat is offering, no matter where they live.

Now these high quality services are offered to those who want to record their music in a studio as well. Partner Studios have everything a band would require for music production. Whether a band wants to record their own instruments or a singer would like to record vocals in a recording studio, this is now possible through SongCat Partner Studios.

Bobby Boyd, one of the clients of SongCat who has penned hits for George Strait and Garth Brooks is impressed with the services and production quality SongCat has and is satisfied with the professional demo SongCat offers: “I am very impressed with the production and service from SongCat….They take the time to make sure you are satisfied with their demo and production work.  I would recommend SongCat for a great professional demo at a low cost…”

Chris Erhardt, Co-Founder and Head of Production at SongCat states: “We will always be a music production company focused on making professionally produced music available online for songwriters that don’t play and sing their songs, or singers that need help producing their music.  However, we realize that an online solution is not suitable for everyone.  Many bands are looking for an affordable and professional physical studio to record their music, and we’re happy to be able to provide just that in different locations with the goal of covering the entire US and Canada in the very near future.”

You can find out more about SongCat by visiting http://songcat.biz or go directly to their partner studio in Chicago at http://chicago.songcatstudios.biz

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It has been twelve years since Illinois lawmakers passed a measure allowing needle exchange programs in the state, by passing laws that allowed people to buy a limited number of syringes without a prescription. Since then there have been official needle exchange programs situated throughout Chicago, with official statistics reporting that the number of drug users infected with HIV has dropped considerably since the program was introduced. Heroin use is on the rise across the United States, and needle exchange programs have been hailed as a practical solution to deal with the problem of HIV rising too, something that obviously comes in conjunction with increased heroin use.  However many individuals are still opposed to needle exchange programs in the city. Here are some of the pros and cons of needle exchange programmes:

The Pros

For supporters of needle exchange programs, the pros of the scheme are fairly obvious: they help to reduce the risk of contaminated needles being used and shared, and when law enforcement officers are sticked by needles (either accidentally or with malicious intent) they also reduce the risk that those officers will be infected with HIV or any other illness. Another huge benefit of needle exchange programs is that many of these programs and facilities also offer counselling services, HIV testing services, and can even put their clients in touch with facilities and other service providers who can help them to seek rehabilitation and rid themselves of their drug problem. Many support groups and other local services are also hosted in conjunction with needle exchange programs, making them an integral gateway for support for the heroin using community.

The Cons

For those opposed to needle exchange programs, there are many cons involved in the programs. These individuals argue that offering needles to drug users promotes drugs, and helps people to use drugs illegally. Another often mentioned argument in opposition to needle exchange programs is that many of these programs are funded using tax dollars; dollars that could arguably be better spent elsewhere. Finally the main con of needle exchange programs is that those living in close proximity to the centres where the programs are held feel unsafe because there are so many drug users in their neighborhoods.

To find out more about the pros and cons of needle exchange programs, you can read a full version of this article here. 

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Faith No More – Midlife Crisis

by editor on September 14, 2015

in Chicago

Riotfest 2015 – Chicago, IL – 09/11/2015

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Wade Dundee & Edinburgh Review

by editor on September 12, 2015

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I’m Steven Wade from Dundee, Scotland (1hr away from Edinburgh) and I’m writing today to tell you about Dundee.

Dundee is a city in Scotland. It’s the 4th largest though it’s not so big. Edinburgh is the capital.

We have a thriving cultural, art, restaurant and nightlife scene here.

Steven Wade from Dundee (myself) loves the following things about the city…

  • The law hill
  • The perth road
  • Lochee high street (check out the Sporting Lounge)
  • The characters
  • The Discovery
  • The Unicorn
  • The Wellgate
  • McDonalds

Dundee has it all.

Edinburgh however is even more charming. With it’s castle, royal mile, and history.

Interesting place and you have the yearly Edinburgh Festival & Fringe (largest arts festival in the world) and the Hogmany Street Party (NYE Party).

Comparing Dundee to Edinburgh is hard. Ones a thriving capital city and the other much smaller.

Both have their plus points. Sometimes I wish I was Steven Wade from Edinburgh and not Steven Wade from Dundee but such is life.

If you’re thinking of visiting either Dundee or Edinburgh I could recommend it. It’s very interesting and fun.

Come visit.

Things to do in Edinburgh include:

  • Visiting the Castle
  • The Royal Mile
  • Arthur Seat
  • Hollyrood
  • Princess Street Gardens
  • The Grassmarket (great bars and restaurants)
  • Rose Street (legendary pub crawl)
  • Edinburgh Zoo (incredible)
  • Murrayfield for rugby

You should also try the haggis when in Edinburgh and a wee dram of whisky. Delicious.

Haggis is sheep organs wrapped in sheep stomach and boiled with spices. Sounds vile but quite delicious really.

With “neeps n tatties” (potatoes and turnip) it goes down a treat.

There are many restaurants to try it but Steven Wades Edinburgh favourite is most definitely The Haggis On The Mile restaurant a short walk from the castle, delicious!

Once you’ve finished there you can go for a walk around the mile to burn the calories off, one mile of history, culture and beautiful buildings.

Walk from the castle to Holyrood (Scottish Paraliment Building) and then up Arthurs Seat (inactive volcano) if you’re really feeling brave.

Oh and don’t forget some of the legendary udnerground ghost tours in the city, whenever Steven Wade is in Edinburgh always goes on one.

They are scary and steeped in history and culture, spoooooooooky!

You should also try some Scottish beer like Innis & Gunn or Brewdog, both delicious.

Brewdogs Dead Pony Club being one of my favourites. They go great with the haggis!

I think I’ve pretty much covered everything I can about Dundee and Edinburgh.

So this is Steven Wade, Dundee man (wished he lived in Edinburgh) signing off,

Thanks for reading and visit my website sometime:

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Springfield, IL. (ECWd) –

Received this tip in an email blast on a recent change to the “Right to Privacy in the School Setting Act” from the legal firm of Hodges, Loizzi, Eisenhammer, Rodick & Kohn LLP…

Take note Effingham School District, and all the others that decided to take advantage of students last year… additionally, I would suggest all parents and students change their passwords to make sure the schools do not maintain access they may already have.

Access to Student Social Media Accounts Curtailed

Recent amendments to the Right to Privacy in the School Setting Act restrict access by schools to student social media accounts. Initially the Act gave schools the right to request or require a student to provide social media account passwords or other related account information when the school had reasonable cause to believe the account contained evidence of a disciplinary violation. Schools were required to provide notice to parents of this right. Our article regarding the then-new law can be found here.

The recent amendments to the Act restrict this right. Public Act 99-0460, which became effective on August 25, 2015, prohibits schools from requesting or requiring students to provide passwords or other account information for their social media accounts in any circumstance. Now, schools only may require a student “to cooperate in an investigation” if there is specific information about activity on the student’s social media account that violates a school disciplinary rule or policy. As part of the school’s investigation, a student may be required to “share the content that is reported in order to make a factual determination,” but the school no longer can request or require disclosure of passwords. Continue reading…

Schools Prohibited from Requiring Student Passwords to Social Media

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Mayor Rahm Emanuel is set to call for the largest property tax increase in modern Chicago history to raise enough money to make a major pension payment for police and firefighters next year, the mayor’s City Council floor leader and a City Hall source told the Chicago Tribune late Wednesday.

The mayor also plans to push a new garbage collection tax, a new per-ride fee on taxis and ride-hailing services such as Uber and a new tax on electronic cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products.

Emanuel set to call for largest property tax hike in modern Chicago history

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Chicago Boxing

by editor on September 2, 2015

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Boxing is one of the oldest sports known to man, nearly 2,000 years old depictions from Egypt and 5000 year old depictions by Sumerians show boxing. The ancient Greek brought forth boxing as a brutal spectacle but its popularity dwindled during the Roman times until 1600s, when it finally came to England. Modern Boxing was introduced in the early 1700s and evolved until it moulded into a better and more socially acceptable sports. In mid 1850s in United States, form of professional boxing was finalized as we see it now.

Chicago boxing was a famous bachelor activity throughout 19th century with the exception of a small ban initially. Boxing in Chicago holds one of the richest, most storied traditions. About 50 years ago, Chicago was home to some of the biggest and most significant boxing matches in sports history.

Boxing has been a very popular sport in recent times as it provides one of the best workouts and challenges a person’s limits and capabilities to their fullest. Boxing not only helps to build and tone the muscular stature but also strengthens mental capabilities and endurance.

With the need of perfection redefined, every man and women alike is searching for activities to tone bodies and burn the calories, the consumption of which has been on the rise since the fast-food. That is where boxing comes in handy. It is to be noted that in USA, Chicago is the second most obese city making boxing in Chicago a great idea.

“You can’t box without getting fit just as you can’t swim without getting wet,’ says Tony Parsons.

Boxing requires commitment. Even at an amateur level, it requires dedication, discipline and grit.

Boxing training is about mental fitness too as it makes you calm and teaches you control, changes your mind and ignites respect in hearts for others and yourself.

Growing fat on junk food around the world, the youth of today are restless and obsessed with their smart phones and with their frustrated minds twisted by the unsuitable, uncensored information on media.

Men and women have lots of pent up frustrations and emotions due to steady piling up of life problems. Like meditation, boxing is a more satiating way of calming the mind and body, resulting in a more peaceful lifestyle.  Boxing not only strengthens the soul, body and mind but also helps in relieving stress and is a very safe outlet for people who have anger management issues.

What’s more, having defensive skills has never gone to waste; protecting oneself in dangerous situations is an advantage that most wish to have. For centuries, boxing has been the epitome of immense masculinity, the epic display of a man’s capabilities in their raw form, displaying potential of courage and tolerance for pain. However, with the struggle for gaining identity and rights, women have achieved their rights in the ring too.

Over the past 50 years or so, except for newer safety measures incorporated in training and protective gear for the boxers, the shortening of rounds, the addition of nutritionists and coaches, boxing remains unchanged as it was initially—a test of endurance, wit and form. Boxing is the science of mental multitasking on several levels and displaying disciplined and aggressive manner and has proved to be effective in all the said benefits.


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Heroin Use in The U.S is on The Rise

by editor on September 1, 2015

in Chicago

The number of individuals choosing to use heroin in the United States has surged out of control. According to the most recent statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the numbers of individuals choosing to take Heroin increased by an incredible 63% between 2002 and 2013. What’s more, the numbers of young people between the ages of 18-25 choosing to take the drug has more than doubled in the past decade too.

When they were first released these figures sent shockwaves throughout the country and the wider media, however what was never analysed was exactly why the number of heroin users was rising so considerably.

The Reasons for the Rise

Research has found that there’s a strong and key correlation between illegal prescription drug use and heroin use, and prescription drug use has also been on the rise for decades.  However in recent years the medical community has been cracking down on illegal prescription drug use, making it harder and harder for those using the drugs to obtain, and also making those illegal prescription drugs that are on the market more expensive. Those patients that found it was difficult to access the painkillers they were dependant on choose not to seek medical help and rehabilitation but rather to turn to the next best alternative: heroin.

Individuals who are addicted to painkillers are instead an incredible 40 percent more likely to abuse heroin, which goes some way towards explaining why heroin use is on the rise. In fact, these individuals are considered to be the most vulnerable to potential heroin use, soon followed by individuals who are addicted to other substances such as alcohol, marijuana and cocaine.

Heroin use is a serious problem in the United States and one that can lead to serious health consequences, including risk of death. These statistics should have served as a wakeup call to the hundreds of thousands of drug users in the country and a moment of realisation for law makers and those within the medical profession that we have a very real and serious problem on our hands. If you suspect that you or someone you love has an addiction to heroin then now is the time to act and get help.

To find out more about the skyrocketing use of heroin in the United States you can read a fuller version of this article here.

Mel Caron

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The idea of hiring a commercial litigation attorney is one that must have popped in your mind at some point if you belong to the corporate world. It is highly likely that you have already received a recommendation of hiring one such attorney and are wondering what benefits exactly the professional could provide you. If you are confused regarding the aforementioned concern, we are here to help. We have taken the liberty of mentioning a few of the prominent benefits that hiring a commercial litigation attorney has to offer. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at these benefits.

To begin with, hiring a commercial a litigation attorney at an appropriate time enables him to take care of the dispute as early as possible. Since a number of people wait till a lawsuit is imminent or has already been filed against them before the think of a commercial litigation attorney, they have to face certain complications. However, provided that you hire him as early as possible, you’d be able to avoid an all-out court battle.

There is no argument over the fact that a business litigator has a capacity to inform you about the arguments as well as they issues along with how are they going to be played in court. If you are having a contract performance issue with a party for instance, such an attorney would inform you about the strengths and weaknesses of your business which will give you a vivid idea of the issues which can be resolved conveniently with your party and the ones which are going to be difficult or expensive to say the least. This is what helps you negotiate with the party in a better fashion.

It should be kept in mind that a commercial litigation attorney has a capacity to strengthen your position in the court of law as well. Steps which will be taken for the aforementioned purpose may include preservation of the required data that may have been overwritten otherwise, crafting a letter that helps a great deal in gaining an advantageous position, or developing a short term strategy that is destined to produce a better and efficient resolution. It will enable you to get rid of the lawsuit as soon as possible in order to put your entire focus back to the productivity of your business.

In the light of the information mentioned above, it can almost be taken for granted that hiring a commercial litigation attorney as early as possible enables you to relish a number of a different benefits. It won’t be wrong to state that breach of contract lawsuits are one of the commonest areas where hiring one such attorney is going to help a great. However, for certain other concerns like patient claims, partnership disputes, trademark secret issues, etc. may as well be resolved in a convenient and efficient fashion provided that you have hired a business litigator at an appropriate time. With such benefits at your disposal, what else could you possibly ask for?


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2012_03_11_rick_bayless.jpg Rick Bayless is a staunch good food advocate, but he’s not given to hyperbole or political hysteria. So when he says something is bad, it at least deserves our attention.

Writing on Good Food On Every Table, Bayless decried the recent overturning of the ban on GMO corn in Mexico. On Aug. 20, a Mexican court overturned a ban on GMO Maize that had been in place since September of 2013.


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Commercial Cleaning Services

by editor on August 24, 2015

in Chicago

Welcome to Sweep Home Chicago! Here we offer you exclusive house cleaning services, office cleaning, and also maid services in Chicago, Illinois.

We are basically a family-owned residential house cleaning and commercial cleaning company based right here in Illinois, Chicago.

We offer commercial cleaning services in, Residential House Cleaning services, Green House Cleaning, Move In/Out Cleaning Services, Commercial and Office Cleaning, Post Construction Cleaning, Condo Association Cleaning.

If you have been looking for commercial cleaners in Chicago, we’ll have you know that we are the best in Chicago. We offer a through commercial clean to all large or small business, big or small offices, and other corporate entities. Furthermore, our services are not limited to corporations. We also offer our cleaning services to shopping malls, restaurants, and also events which end up generating a lot of traffic and with traffic also comes trash. Therefore, if you’ve been looking for a quick clean up after a certain commercial event for example a music concert or even a festival, we offer you just that.

In a windy city like Illinois, a through clean happens to be a must for most commercial places. We take care of all your through and deep cleaning needs with a complete professional attitude. We offer our commercial services at very competitive and affordable prices. And if you want, we can also tailor our services to meet your specific needs and requirements. Furthermore, our cleaning services are completely insured. We offer a quick response time, let you schedule according to your time frame, we can also reschedule if you want. Therefore, we are very flexible that way.

Just to give you an idea, our Commercial Cleaning Services Include:

Offices and Hallways:

  • We sweep, mop or vacuum all floors, rugs and carpets
  • We clean all the mirrors, windows, windowsills, baseboards, ceiling fans and light fixtures
  • We dust and clean all the picture frames and lamp shades
  • Throw away all trash

Cubicles and Lobby

  • We sweep, mop and vacuum all floors, rugs and carpets
  • Dust and clean all the room furnishings
  • Disinfect all phones
  • Throw away all trash

Kitchen area

  • Dust the exterior of all the major appliances
  • Clean and polish  the exteriors and interiors of microwaves, cabinets and drawers
  • Wipe all countertops, tables and chairs
  • Clean and sanitize sinks


  • We wipe all the countertops
  • Clean and sterilize sinks and toilets
  • take away trash
  • Mop the floors

In a windy city like Illinois, most commercial property and offices need a good clean from time to time., Whether your property is an office, a restaurant, a pub, bar, an outlet, a shop or even an entire shopping mall,  we at Sweep Home Chicago guarantee top notch cleaning services.

We keep introducing new technology and new and effective ways of cleaning. We guarantee complete satisfaction as we greatly value our customers and customer satisfaction is one of our main goals. Therefore, we aim not to disappoint.

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Having a Destination Wedding in Chicago 

by editor on August 18, 2015

in Chicago

Chicago is a popular city for destination weddings for many different reasons. From the number of venues available to the surplus of talented entertainers, couples having a destination wedding in Chicago will find the planning process easy because they have so many options.

Due to its popularity as a wedding locale, the venue for a destination wedding often must be reserved up to one and a half years in advance. Downtown Chicago offers many venue options, most of which are booked solid at any given time. The urban feel of Chicago in general and Downtown Chicago specifically makes it the ideal location for a destination wedding. With a vast dining and entertainment area, Downtown Chicago is the most popular part of Chicago among couples all over the country.

The Chicago Midway Hotel Center is an ideal location for destination weddings because it is located close to the Midway Airport. Only a few miles from Downtown Chicago, this venue is also chosen by many out of town couples.

When it comes to booking entertainment for a destination wedding in Chicago, The Dan Hayes Orchestra is a popular choice due to its reputation for performing at many weddings throughout the city. This orchestra can play almost any type of music, giving couples flexibility in planning their wedding reception.

For couples on a budget there are several venues in Chicago that specialize in accommodating small weddings. This includes RoSale’s, the Catalyst Ranch, the Irish American Heritage Center and the Mayfield Banquet Facility. Each of these venues offers on site catering at reasonable prices.

More expensive Chicago destination weddings are often held at the Silverlake Country Club and onboard the Odyssey Cruise Line. The Eaglewood Resort & Spa also accommodates high end weddings in Chicago. On a 106 acre property, the resort boasts a rooftop terrace and several ballrooms. Couples can choose from several wedding packages and can even get recommendations for vendors.

Metropolitan Chicago is home to popular destination wedding venues such as the Grove Redfield Estate. The covered pavilion is the perfect place for a large wedding reception. In general this venue must be booked two years in advance. It can accommodate indoor weddings of up to 125 people, but they also have very high standards. For instance, you must buy premium wedding sparklers if you plan to use them for your grand exit because they only allow certain reputable brands to be used. Though there’s a few hoops to jump through, these restrictions make for an absolutely unforgettable wedding experience.

Same sex weddings are permitted in Chicago, and many couples living outside of Illinois have taken advantage of this opportunity. When searching for a venue, vendors and entertainment, same sex couples generally don’t need to worry about being discriminated against in Chicago. Before getting married in Chicago all couples must obtain their marriage license and cannot use it until at least 24 hours after receiving it.

There are endless possibilities for couples having a destination wedding in Chicago. Many couples get married in the city throughout the year and couples come from all over the country to marry there. Planning a Chicago destination wedding is something that couples will find they can easily do from far away. The city of Chicago has much to offer to couples.

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Chicago, IL – A veteran Cook County Jail guard who cold-cocked an inmate in an attack caught on video was spared prison Monday by a judge who called it “an act of indiscretion.”

Judge Lawrence Flood imposed a sentence of 18 months of probation on Rico Palomino, a law enforcement heavyweight champion boxer who was said to have an otherwise spotless record in his 15 years at the jail.
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