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The week of Jan. 20-27 saw a variety of robberies—two wherein victims were knocked down and mugged, and two committed by a Logan man who shot himself while eating the stolen goods.

Logan Man Shoots Himself While Eating Stolen Pizza

The food truck delivery robberies reported in the LoganSquarist last week were closely followed by robberies wherein the suspects ordered takeout food, then attacked the delivery drivers and stole the food.

The perpetrators: a 16-year-old boy and 19-year-old man who shot himself in the finger while enjoying the fruit (technically, pizza) of their labor.


Are the Chicago Police Giving Tickets to Dibs Users Blocking Street Parking?

The other day in Humbodlt Park a resident left a 112 pack of Huggies Little Snugglers disposable diapers box out in the street along with a laundry basket flipped upside down. Huggies Little Movers Size 6 diapers feature our NEW design with Double Grip Strips that fasten at four points, offering a superior fit and great protection for your active babies and toddlers!

In 2007 the Chicago Police Department’s CLEAR System (DIBS) provides real-time intelligence to officers about where residents are inappropriately reserving parking spots throughout the city.



Mental illness takes many forms. During the winter season, depression can take hold of the best of us. How do we cope? Art has become a method of healing for some. This exhibit seeks to find the light in the darkness.

Let’s come together to view and discuss artistic interpretations of winter blues. 
Featured contemporary artist and work: Zelene Jiang, Flame, Acrylic on Canvas, 30”x 24”


Carbondale, Illinois cop caught sleeping in car claims it’s illegal to record cops


Chicago wins again!… for worst bed bugs

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Chicago wins again!… for worst bed bugs

Chicago tops the 2014 Bed Bug Cities List for the third year in a row.

The list, released by pest control company Orkin, ranks the cities by the number of bed bug treatments Orkin performed from January to December 2014. Bed bugs were in the news throughout 2014 in the Windy City, with reports of the blood-sucking insects on public transit and inside several downtown office buildings, as well as in police headquarters, a fire station, school, library and movie theater.



State Farm Insurance Raul Gomez Agency

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State Farm Insurance Raul Gomez Agency
4551 N. Western Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60625

Offering Insurance and Financial Services
Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Renters Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance as well as Business Insurance.



Children have seemingly ENDLESS energy. They are constantly looking to be entertained, interested and engaged.

As parents we do the best we can to keep up, but sometimes it just seems easier to let them watch a little TV (educational ..of course).

At Itsy Bitsy Baby Boo we have a fantastic solution for the knowledge thirsty little one. The My Pal Jumper the Frog Activity Toy is a soft, plush frog toy that actively engages their imagination while teaching fine motor skills, cause and effect and other important skills.

It has a friendly face and bright colors. It squeaks and rattles when your child plays with the hands. It also helps your child learn how to tie shoes, manipulate a zipper and use a velcro strap.

There is so much learning and fun wrapped up inside this super cute plush frog.

Right now Itsy Bitsy Baby Boo is offering this fun toy for $29.99.

Click on this link to BUY IT NOW!




The College of DuPage continued to employ the engineer at its campus radio station — and continued to pay bills submitted by his private company — for nearly two years after he was convicted of a felony for using that same business to steal from another local college.

The situation raises questions about financial oversight at the taxpayer-funded community college, where the ethics code bars employees from participating in business transactions from which they personally profit, and about whether school officials heeded warnings about engineer John Valenta’s business dealings after his March 2011 arrest.

College spokesman Joseph Moore said officials “uncovered a possible case of fraud” by a WDCB-FM 90.9 employee in December 2013 and reported it to law enforcement officials. Moore said no one at the college acknowledged knowing of Valenta’s arrest or conviction for theft at nearby Elmhurst College. However, Elmhurst’s security director told the Tribune that his department notified a College of DuPage police detective after Valenta’s arrest.

“We felt it was our responsibility to inform them,” said Jeff Kedrowski, Elmhurst College’s executive director of security and emergency management. “When we provided the information, our expectation was that someone would look into it.”

College of DuPage employed radio engineer despite theft conviction

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Illinois Half Marathons

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Illinois Half Marathons

Do we have any half marathon runners out here? Search for 2015 half marathons in Illinois at the Halfmarathonsearch.com Half Marathon Calendar USA. This is a fantastic simplistic up to date listing of half marathons in Illinois, with other great running resources to browse through as well! Find your next Chicago half marathon!


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Illinois Fireworks Laws

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Illinois is a very large state that has a lot of different demographics from one are to the next. Much of the state is very rural and relies on farming as its main source of jobs and revenues while other areas such as Chicago are densely populated urban hubs. In fact, Chicago is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the entire United States, and is by far the largest city in the upper Midwest. With so many residents and a truly rich history, the people of Illinois have more to celebrate than the citizens of most states.

In fact, our current president Barack Obama lived most of his adult life in the Chicago area. Abraham Lincoln was a resident of Illinois, as well as countless other politicians. And who could forget the role that Chicago and other areas of Illinois have played on our presidential elections? On more than one occasion, the fate of the White House has been determined by the vote count in a handful of Illinois precincts.

For these reasons and more, Illinois has more reason to celebrate our national holidays than pretty much anywhere else, and of course most people will choose to use fireworks as part of this celebration. Fortunately, small fireworks such as sparklers and noisemakers are completely legal in the state of Illinois, but legislation was passed to outlaw the use of sparklers in the city of Chicago. Though you can buy sparklers in Illinois quite easily, you are committing a crime if you use them within the city limits of Chicago and you could face a hefty fine or even jail time if you are caught breaking the rules.

Nevertheless, most people in Illinois still use sparklers and other small fireworks for their celebrations because most of the time the police just take away their sparklers and tell them to stop using them. With such a lax approach to regulating sparklers in Chicago, it’s hard to see a reason for people to stop using them unlawfully.

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The answer to that question is pretty simple. Depending on the context that you ask it in, of course. The answer is no. Da Vinci Ascent Vaporizer won’t change the channels on your TV, it won’t pack its own bowls, and it certainly doesn’t do anything to make you food. Unless (depending on what you put in it, if you know what I mean) you credit it for making you hungry enough to go get/make food.

Vaporizers have gained a lot of popularity recently and for good reasons. They are supposed to be a safer alternative than the traditional way of smoking, which entails lighting the tobacco or leafy substance of your choice on fire and inhaling the smoke. Sense we are all pretty certain that air and oxygen are the main things your lungs were designed for we can safely assume that inhaling smoke is unhealthy. It does, of course, differ depending on what smoke you are inhaling and what’s in it, but that’s a different topic all together. A vaporizer doesn’t actually ignite the substance inside of it on fire. Instead it heats it up just the right temperature for it to release the chemicals inside of it. This creates a smooth, tasty vapor for you to suck down into your lungs. They are also designed specifically for tobacco use. According to the FDA marijuana is still a Schedule 1 controlled substance, despite the fact that is legal in 2 states for recreational use. Moving on.

So, the Ascent by Da Vinci. We know that it is a vaporizer. It is a handheld device intended to vaporize dry herbs leafy substance that gets packed into it. That is pretty much all of their similarities. The Ascent doesn’t stop at loose-leaf material. No, no it doesn’t. It can also be used to vaporize a concentrate or an essential oil. It also comes jam-packed with a whole bunch of other features that make your vaping experience better.

To start off with, the Ascent comes in a multitude of colors for your personalization. It fits easily into you hand, roughly the size of 2 iPhones stacked on each other, and it’s fairly simple to use. It has a digital screen that lets you know your battery life, the temperature of the device, and allows you to go into the menu so you can control the temperature settings. It sports a retractable glass mouthpiece at the top next to the power button. In fact, the entire inhalation pathway of the device is glass. This means that it is easier to clean and doesn’t let off any odors or chemicals when vaping. The Ascent relies on a glass insert (it comes with two) to vaporize concentrates and essential oils while loose-leaf material can be ground up and put into the chamber by itself.

The Ascent is very easy to use. You just pack your desired dry herb aromatherapy substance into the bowl and close the rubber lid around it. Turn on the power and let it heat up to your desired temperature. It is designed to stay within 5 or 10 degrees of your desired temperature while you are vaping and purposefully has a harder draw to help you get the most out of each bowl. The Ascent doesn’t deliver as thick or milky of a vapor as the Iolite or Puffit vaporizer does, but it still has a great user experience.

The Ascent’s versatility is unmatched in the small handheld vaporizers department. The ability to control the temperature helps you get the exact experience you want and it makes it easier for people who are using medical marijuana get the desired effect they need. This makes it a great cannabis vaporizer or marijuana vaporizer for the 20+ states that have legalized medical marijuana.

Being able to use both loose-leaf material and concentrates in a single device does have its downfalls. It can become incredibly sticky after using an oil or concentrate and needs to be cleaned after every use or so. It can go several uses on loose-leaf material before needing to be cleaned. The rubber vial covers are supposed to keep concentrates from being drawn down the pathway but some people say that they don’t work to well and can clog the pathway or leave your teeth sticky with resin.

This device is perfect for the person who wants to save space and take only one device with them when they are on the go. It is small and vaporizes both types of material. It comes with a carrying pouch that makes all the devices accoutrements easy to bring with you everywhere you go. Its few downfalls are outshined by the fact that this device is extremely user friendly and easily tweaked to give you the exact vaping experience you are looking for.

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From Sporty to classic jewelry by Lena Style, you sure will love! NKY201 for another 25% off
We offer large collections of rings, wedding bands, made out of tungsten, titanium, ceramic and deer antler, from traditional gold and silver to unique hard metal rings. We also custom make the rings for your personalized need.

All our rings are made of highest quality , Our tungsten rings or wedding bands are unique among jewelry accessories, the tungsten wedding rings with diamond or without diamonds inlay, the style are varied from simple clean cut to classic, luxury.

Our titanium rings have many designs can commemorate almost any special occasion; and you can enjoy the beauty of our gold wedding bands with every movement of your hand. Most people will own several special rings in their lifetime — promise rings, wedding bands, school ring, birthstone ring — and many women and men love to wear them as fashion accessories we have our exclusive snake skin tungsten ring and deer antler pin stripe tungsten wedding band just for you.


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Join us at A Well Run Life for a 10 Day Detox! We will reshape your relationship to food and retrain your taste buds.


Register here: http://themicefoundation.com/products…

Each registration enters you in The Mice Foundation Golf Ball Drop. See more here:


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Wall Collapsed at Morton Salt Co. in Chicago

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Amazing New Year’s Eve Celebration with Lady Gaga’s DJ, Lady Starlight.

Tickets are available at www.publichotels.com


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Starting December 15th, EVERYTHING in Wondrous Furniture will be on sale up to 30% off!!!

LIMITED TIME OFFER! Visit our Store and browse our modern, imported furniture, as well as our rug selection.


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Chicago Signature Limo Promo For Christmas

CaptureGoing shopping for Christmas? Take advantage of our Christmas Promo and your vehicle will be outside any retail store while you shop.

SUV 6 passengers Limo 3 hours – $239
(*gratuity not included)

Chicago Signature Limo Promo For New Year’s Eve
Celebrate New Year’s Eve in style by enjoying our special packages!

Sedan 4 passengers Limo 3 hours – $225
(*gratuity not included, Before 11PM)

*For any other Limo types or time arrangements please use SPECIALDECEMBER Coupon Code and we will get back to you with a special Promo to match your request.


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Busy Day

When you first hear about this risk free guarantee to work from home on a new business opportunity for a real business, you might think it is too good to be true. Before you see it and believe let me tell you a few things that might change your mind. You will learn the best training tips from A to Z in addition to expert one to one couching. You will be able to take this knowledge and design your own “plug-in” proven results system to generate a full-time level income that can support your needs.

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If you are a clever problem solver, you can learn to generate amassing income from home today. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

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Access Maids Chicago Press Release

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Professional cleaning company in Chicago with online reservation and customization system offers house cleaning services.

There are many maid service companies in the Chicago area. One cleaning company that stands out Access Maids Cleaning Services. This organization offers comprehensive house and apartment cleaning from interior cleaning to bedbug and antimicrobial treatments.

No Contracts 

Customers that schedule home cleaning appointments with AccessMaids 24/7 and not to worry about contractual obligations. Services can be cancelled at any time. Customers have the ability to customize their services according to what they like by scheduling services by phone or online. When customers order online they can receive free carpet deodorizing and air refresher with their orders.

Free phone or online estimates are available to people that may be considering these services. Customers that make the decision to proceed with Chicago cleaning services from AccessMaids can pay by check or credit and debit cards.


Carpet shampooing is available through this company along with other things like oven interior cleaning and laundry service. There is a sizable staff in place so customers never have to worry about their appointments getting pushed back due to overbooking.

With AccessMaids customers have the ability to choose between several plans such as: basic, spring cleaning, move in, move out cleaning. All supplies that are used during the cleaning process are free. Most appointments are typically done by a minimum of 2 maids with services last anywhere from 1 hour and a half to 2 and a half hours

Customers can customize the cleaning appointment online or over the phone. Each appointment can be made with hourly rates or fixed rates. There are no hidden fees involved in any of the appointments that are scheduled. Customers know what they can expect to pay for services upfront.

People that make reservations for cleaning can sign up for email or text that will inform them on the arrival of the maids. In most cases the maids arrive 30 minutes prior to the time of the appointment.

Green Cleaning

One vantage point over competition for AccessMaids is the use of certified green cleaning supplies. This company provides services to transform a dirty home into a spotless home while utilizing environmentally safe products. There are not many companies in the Chicago area that can offer this same level of green cleaning.

The green cleaners are safe for the family. These supplies are also safe for the planet. There are no harmful fumes or nitrates in the products that are used for cleaning.


Access Maids has been recognized with awards by the Best of Chicago. This organization is also listed with the Better Business Bureau. The maids of Access Maids have cleaned more than 50,000 homes combined. The professional service, years of experience and detail cleaning procedures have gained a lot of recognition. It has become one of the more well-known cleaning services in the Chicago area because employees have continued to perform at a high quality level.

A Quality Guarantee 

Access Maids has a 100% quality guarantee. This is the reason that many of the customers continue to utilize this service. The company has become a staple in the Chicago area because it has experienced maids that have at least 3 years of experience. These are professionals that have experience with the cleaning of cabinets, blinds, windows and ceiling fans. Customers that are not satisfied with the level of services can request a refund.


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