Ariel Lavi is Heating Up in the the Entertainment Industry

Ariel Lavi started his way as actor in The Studio Theatre at Haifa. He played in a variety of genres like:Shakespeare, Muller and so on. Afterwards he studied acting at The Lee Strasberg Film & Theatre Institute for one year. Later on, he studied Screenwriting in a National Film and Television School at a Major University in the UK and . He is a union actor and screenwriter in: Equity actors guild UK, Writers Guild of Great Britain, Australian Writers Guild, Dramatist Guild in America on Broadway . Ariel Lavi decided to change his life and to create his films in an independent way. he has produced films all over the world. His best list are : InHouse -an American Short film that was accepted to the international film festival “Habayta” which was in collaboration with The Jerusalem Film festival. In this festivals were Hollywood judges like :Ayelet Zorer, Nancy Spielberg and more. I’m addition he also produced an Israeli short film called “Race”. This film was nominated in Improaction film festival in Israel. Together with Shira Hadad and a huge production department in the US. He has also won the 48 hours film festival in NYC for the best film called “Salad For Soulmates”. This film will represent NYC in Filmapalooza international film festival in Washington against the winners from each country in the 48 hours film festival. He produced the Sci Fi film “Metanoia” in Mexico with a local crew that included 30 people in Mexico directed by Moran Avni. The cast included the famous actress: Jessica Decote, Laura Di Luca, and Carlos Hendrick Huber.

Connecting with Ariel Lavi: