New anonymous group messaging app


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Today we will go over a new messaging app just launched a couple of days ago. Have you ever wanted to create a virtual group quickly to communicate with your friends,students, co-workers, family members, and others? If it is so, you can just download an app known as Mileo. For your information, Mileo is not an ordinary communication app just like what you have known before. App has interesting design, it has two faces, follower role and leader role. By installing this app in your smartphone, you are able to create a group as well as follow a group you want to be part of. One another main difference between Mileo and others app is that Mileo has a specific code for the group which has been created. The code is useful to apply your friends to come to your group. People who don’t have the code can’t enter your group. The amazing part is that each of group you have created will be protected by different code.

The interesting part is not only about the code. Moreover, you can also do several things in your group. For example, you can create small team under your group. Of course, you can still send message to the teams and group. It seems that Mileo wants to show the importance of protection system in their app. It can be seen from the features and the ability of the app itself. One of the protection systems makes phone numbers, emails, and even messages can be set as private. Moreover, you can also send a message as one way message. With this type of system the receiver of your message can’t reply the message and they can read it only.This one-way messages, namely ‘close to comments’ in app, is something I run into first time and I love it.  Mileo is also compatible with the other apps such as Dropbox and Google Drive. You can transfer important files or data easily without leaving Mileo.

One last thing that I feel I have to mention that you, in leader role, can schedule messages as I have not seen on any other messaging app, including whatsapp.  Group leader can set a date and time for message to go out to group. This makes life way easier because leader don’t have to wait important dates to send congrats messages.Write and schedule it, it is all done.

What you have to do is creating a group and start to invite your friends to join the group. When it is done, you can start communicate each other based on the function of the group. The most important thing is that you can communicate well without worrying anything because Mileo has a great protection system. Just find this app in Google Play Store and Apple App Store, download it for free. For more information and to get their latest information, you can also follow their fans page on Facebook or follow them on Twitter or visiting their official website. In the end, just try Mileo first and then give your review about this new group communication app.