ROMA E-Solidus Coins Positive Outlook By EU EXIM Group


Eu Exim Business Positive Outlook on Digital Roma e-solidus Coins

Eu Export Import (EU EXIM) Business Trade Update

The top Executive Team of EU EXIM Business Group met with the Crypto Currency Roma E-Solidus Coin Marketing Leaders in London and Spain.

The Meeting Outlook was very positive and favorable for the Small and Medium Export-Import Companies from EU to Accept Digital Roma E-Solidus Coins. One of the main motivation factors was protection from daily currency price changes, and Brexit.

Roma E-Solidus coin will be one of the factors to Boost the Sales and improve profitability of small and medium export import companies in the EU. Companies from Greece, Portugal, Slovenia, Italy, Latvia, Bulgaria, Spain, and UK will have the best opportunity for Growth and Trade within Europe, Asia, and Africa.

The EU Exim Group Expectation, with Forecast Target and projected date for using Roma E-Solidus Digital Coins is Early March 2017. Currently Digital mining operations have been started in Europe, Canada, China and Taiwan.

One of the Executives from EU EXIM Group commented that even the INTRA-EU Trade would improve because of Roma e-Solidus payment wallet.

More About Roma E-Solidus Coin

ROMA e-Solidus is derived from Latin words, Solidus. The name of the coin is referred by highlighting the economically active during Roman Empire.

Roma E-Solidus is a new generation of crypto currency that is De-centralized and independent network system. It is not owned by banks or governments or companies, just like the internet. Roma E-solidus was developed by a German Mathematician, Niklas Becker.

ROMA e-Solidus is also called Roma Solidus or Roma Coin or RSC coin. ROMA e-Solidus Coin aims to be a global real-time payment network, to enable everyone to trade at zero transaction cost, and get into the market to give access to 2.5 Billion people that do not have bank accounts.

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