Snoring 101 – What Causes It And How To Tell If You Are Snoring?

What is snoring? Is it a disease? A sickness? It is actually a condition which can affect anyone. Even though based on research, it happens more frequent in men compared to women as well as those who are overweight. Apart from that, it also has a tendency to get worse as one’s age increases.

Irregular snoring is commonly not so serious and is mostly a pet peeve for your bed partner or roommate, nevertheless, if you happen to be a habitual snorer, not only you are disturbing the patterns of resting of those who are close and dear to you, but you are also damaging your own resting quality. To a certain extent, medical assistance might be needed for habitual snorers in order to achieve a better sleep and rest throughout the night.

To really comprehend or perhaps cure a certain situation on why a person snores, the best way is to know what actually causes it in the first place. Snoring happens when air flow through one’s mouth and the nose is physically blocked. Below are among the factors of how an airflow can be obstructed:

Bulky throat tissue: Being an overweight individual can cause massive throat tissue. Also, children with large tonsils and adenoids frequently snore too.

Poor muscle tone, in the tongue and throat: Sometimes, one’s tongue and throat muscles can be a little bit too relaxed, thus allowing these muscles to collapse and fall back into the passageway of air. What causes too much relaxation of these important muscles? It can be through heavy alcohol consumption, the use of some sleeping pills, and even a deep sleep condition. Aside from that, normal aging may be one of the causes too.

Blocked nasal airways: A lot of people only snore during allergy seasons or perhaps when the sinus infection attacks. Abnormalities of one’s nose such as a diverged septum, or nasal polyps can be one of the reasons which cause obstruction or blocked nasal airways.

So, ask yourself, how to tell if I am snoring?

Amazingly, snorers especially the mild one’s, never realize they actually snore until someone else informs them. An efficient way to figure out if you are snoring or not is by asking the people around you and be sure to believe them and stop denying the truth. Another simple way is that you can record yourself! Yes, as simple as that, monitor your own sleep. Figure out the snoring pattern you are experiencing, then, focus on how to lessen or eliminate it by understanding all of the above causes stated.