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Top Web Design

Top Web Design

Web Design is one of the most popular and profitable industry in the world. As more and more people are joining the internet, top businesses are driving their focus toward the online marketing and the first step is to have the well-designed Website. In this guide, we will tell you the features a Top Web Design.

Clear Navigation (Human-Computer Interaction)

Web Designers and Web Developers are two different posts where Web Designers Design a perfect Website layout and Web Developers implement it. Web Designers use many techniques to make sure that their layout is perfect and one of them is “Human-computer Interaction” or HCI. HCI is very important because it makes sure that the interaction of Human with Website should be natural. Now you can ensure it by following the 3 principles: Simplicity, Clarity, and Consistency. In Simplicity, we ensure that one should be able to reach its desired page by few clicks, for example, the pages like Contact, products should be pinned on the top of the website so one should be able to get the information with one click. In Clarity, we ensure that every step in the navigation should be clear, for example, you can go to the home page by clicking the logo of the website. In Consistency, we ensure that design should be consistent for every page of the website. 

Mobile-Ready Design

According to a study, 71% of the total internet usage is now mobile and nowadays consumers usually use their mobiles for shopping or visiting websites. So your website should be Mobile-Ready. Your website should be Responsive and should fit any screen size without any problem. You can simply achieve this by applying latest web-frameworks such as Bootstrap which come with pre-defined classes which can make your website responsive. 


Your Website should be fast to load the content. According to a research, Standard loading time for desktops/laptops in 5 sec and For Mobile Users it is 3 seconds. So if your website takes more than the standard duration to load the content, 40% of the users will abandon the website and move on. You can implement many techniques to make sure the fast loading of the website. Some of them are to run the scripts at the end of the code and using the optimized pictures on your website. Also having good hosting as boost the loading of the website. 

Secure Website

Nowadays users are smart and they know how the technology works, So if your website is not secure, there is a probability that will ignore it and will move on to the more secure website. You can make sure the security of your website by using the SSL Certificate. SSL will encrypt the communication between your website and your clients and this will help you building the trust of clients for your website. 

Social Media Integration

Social Media is the fastest growing media in the world and many companies prefer to use the social media for their marketing as marketing product on Social Media is more effective. So if you want to ensure that people should visit your website more often, then you should build a community on your social media platforms and should integrate your website with your social media platforms.


There are many others features which can be included in a well-designed website but these are some of the core features a good website should have. However, you should continuously work on your website to make it design perfect and seamless.