Today making websites that can adapt to the size of different devices is more important than ever before. As more and more products that allow you to surf the web come out the more important it becomes for your website to render for their screen size. But why should this matter to you? Here’s why!

More Traffic & Better SEO

Mobile devices have finally taken over the internet which means that there are more people browsing the internet with mobile devices than with actual computers. To capitalize on this traffic, your site needs to be responsive which also helps boost your ranking in Google Search. 

Lower Bounce Rates & Higher Conversion Rates

A responsive and optimized website provides a much better experience for users making them stick around for longer and explore more areas of your site but what really counts is whether your visitors convert or not. A good website design that provides a consistent user experience on different devices will always be the most notable factor when it comes to converting visitors into customers for any service, product or brand. 

Overall, if your web design lacks responsiveness it’s highly likely that you’ll be missing out on over half the traffic and opportunities you’d get otherwise. As more and more people start making the switch to mobile, the more important it’s going to get for your sites to have responsive web design to survive online.



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