CryptoTask – taking the freelance market by storm

An emerging cryptocurrency that establishes a freelance marketplace

CryptoTask – taking the freelance market by storm

Over the years cryptocurrencies have taken the economy by storm because of their blockchain feature that has worked wonders for various sectors. Each cryptocurrency having been introduced to address certain market niches and perfect at what they do.

Don’t you just love a world where tasks are paid for without having to go through centralized institutions? A world where the system is so secure that you can earn with a mere press of a button and be held accountable for a job you’ve accomplished. Such is the world that CryptoTask has in store for the future of the freelance sector!

Redefining the freelancing system

Integrating Cryptocoins into the freelance market was way imminent such that it was unavoidable. This comes at a great time when freelancers hold a large part of the world’s working force.

Thus the introduction of CryptoTask, designed to stir things up in the current freelancing system for the best. This is a promising project for freelancers worldwide as it will create an unsurpassed decentralized task market based on a blockchain technology.

What CryptoTask accomplishes

A client in the freelance market is at times subject to a challenge where they need quality work and want to entrust it to the best freelancer around. The CryptoTask platform offers a forum where the client can access such a freelancer and hold them accountable through the use of reviewers.

Freelancing has never been fun as it is with CryptoTask. Clients can auction a task. A qualified freelancer gets to bid and accomplish the task, and is paid on approval by the client.

Reviewers come into play if a client does not approve of the freelancer’s job. Therefore they have to be specialists in the given field to determine whether the job was done satisfactorily.

CryptoTask tokens exchange hands between the three parties as the task is being transferred from one to another. Reviewers here are the stakeholders in the system.

The role of CryptoTask platform

  1. Assist clients to get quality job accomplished.
  2. Help freelancers to obtain job opportunities.
  3. Give freelancers a forum to bring their ideas to life.
  4. Assist reviewers to earn.

Features of a CryptoTask system

CryptoTask is a great innovation having been a brainchild of the below properties combined;

  • No censorship; it grants all parties freedom to express their inner voice.
  • Low costs; blockchain cancels out the need for middlemen in its architecture and hence lower costs generally for the clients.
  • There are no limits as to the number of tasks that one can accomplish.
  • Attack resistance is assured; attack likelihood has been proven highly unlikely and proven through probability.
  • It ensures that there is no arbitrary interference from government or any external institutions.
  • Guarantees dividends for all its players.


CryptoTask comes just at the right time when freelancing is becoming exceedingly prevalent in the economy. It will inevitably disrupt the system and work wonders in erasing any shortcomings that may have arisen in this sector.

Moreover, it is designed on an algorithmic function that is easy for users. This makes the process easy, flexible, reliable and transparent for all parties.