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CTA to speed up security camera installation

Responding to a spree of brazen crimes that has spooked the public, Chicago authorities announced today that there will soon be many more eyes — police officers and surveillance cameras — focused across the CTA system. Technology will play a leading role in the accelerated pace of security measures on …

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Surveillance Cameras in Chicago: Extensive, Pervasive and Unregulated

Yesterday, the ACLU of Illinois released a new report detailing the threats to privacy Chicagoans face under the watchful eyes of that city’s growing surveillance camera system. The report is the first large-scale, independent study of the city’s integrated surveillance system — a system former Department of Homeland Security Secretary …

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Steve Chapman commentary: Police surveillance cameras and crime

If you want to be on TV, don’t go to Los Angeles or New York. Come to Chicago, where your wish is certain to be fulfilled. In fact, you couldn’t avoid it if you wanted to, thanks to the nation’s most extensive network of police surveillance cameras. Anytime you walk …

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