Ultimate Medical Group brings pain releif for you in Chicago

Ultimate Medical Group is located in Woodridge, Illinois, a western suburb of Chicago. We are a multi-disciplinary medical group that specializes in non-invasive pain relief. We use effective, science driven treatments that incorporate natural and less invasive options whenever possible.

Our facility has an on-site dedicated sterile lab and sterile procedure rooms for our Regenerative Medicine therapies. We use IRB approved protocols for our Stem Cell processing.

We have a separate facility for our physical therapy and chiropractic care. Our services can be used individually or combined, depending on individual patient needs.

Our staff is comprised of top specialists in their fields, working together, in one location, for you.

Patients come to our facility for a variety of different reasons and conditions. Many are looking for an alternative to surgery, or that they are non-surgical and only medications will help ease their pain or discomfort.

Offering patients alternative treatment options, Ultimate Medical Group focuses on using the bodyís natural healing power, facilitated by proven cutting edge techniques, to treat your condition.

Ultimate Medical Group

Our Address
3590 Hobson Road, Woodridge, IL 60517
(630) 778-9047