A Chicago Woman Owned Business Journey to Product Launch

Angelica Lee
Steeper’s Only

A Chicago Woman Owned Business’ Journey to Product Launch

Starting from The Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences and continuing all the way to store shelves.

Chicago, Illinois: Steeper’s Only today announced Steeper’s Only teas, a new specialty tea line. Steeper’s Only teas are blended with dehydrated fruits, tea leaves, and spices to create delicious, antioxidant-rich teas. Steeper’s Only offers a new way for tea lovers to enjoy tea with their convenient single serve tea cup kit. The kit includes tea inside of a cup, so you’ll just need to add hot water. Steeper’s Only also offers a variety pack of teas which are available for purchase at Green Grocer Chicago located on 1402 W. Grand Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60642. All teas are available online at steepersonly.com.

“Every time is tea time,” says Angelica Lee, Owner at Steeper’s Only.

Features and benefits of Steeper’s Only teas include:

  • Tea on-the-go
  • Antioxidant-rich
  • Environmentally friendly packaging

Steeper’s Only variety tea packages will be available at Green Grocer Chicago starting 6/9/21, at $4.99. For more information on Steeper’s Only Teas, visit https://SteepersOnly.com.

About Steeper’s Only: Steeper’s Only began as an idea and was founded as a brand in 2019. As the name suggests, becoming a Steeper’s Only customer is like joining an exclusive membership of tea sommeliers, who appreciate the tantalizing flavors of artisan-made teas.