The Connection Between “Dr. Matteo Bertelli’s™ Capsi-Cardio Plus” Product and the Mediterranean Diet

MAGISNAT (, a leader in OMICS science and personalized nutrition, is delighted to introduce its innovative product, “Dr. Matteo Bertelli’s™ Capsi-Cardio Plus,” designed with the aim of bringing the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet directly to your doorstep.

The Mediterranean Diet has long been regarded as a model of healthy eating, rich in foods such as olives, tomatoes, and red wine. Scientific research has demonstrated that the key natural compounds found in these foods are extremely beneficial to human health. Dr. Matteo Bertelli, the founder of MAGISNAT, has dedicated years to researching these compounds and their role in promoting well-being.

“Dr. Matteo Bertelli’s™ Capsi-Cardio Plus” product by Dr. Matteo Bertelli is the result of this extensive research. Each capsule contains a scientifically formulated blend of these natural compounds, including Capsanthin 150 mg, Sunflower Seeds Phospholipids 350 mg, GPEA 250 mg, Vitamins, based on solid scientific evidence. Supported by scientific studies conducted by our team, the “Dr. Matteo Bertelli’s™ Capsi-Cardio Plus” product represents a milestone in Mediterranean Diet-based dietary supplementation.

The compounds within “Dr. Matteo Bertelli’s™ Capsi-Cardio Plus,” such as Capsanthin, Sunflower Seeds Phospholipids, and GPEA, have been specifically selected to support cardiovascular health. Capsi-Cardio Plus aids in maintaining healthy blood circulation and heart function. The carefully chosen blend of natural ingredients contributes to overall cardiovascular well-being.*

With the “Dr. Matteo Bertelli’s™ Capsi-Cardio Plus” product, MAGISNAT is committed to offering a science-based solution to enhance your health by bringing the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet directly to you.

Stay tuned for more information on the science behind the “Dr. Matteo Bertelli’s™ Capsi-Cardio Plus” product and how it can improve your well-being.

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