11 Years Teens Entrepreneur


You must have heard great stories about many kind entrepreneurs, but this one is amazing story that would make you believe, if age is not a problem to decide someone has a great ability or not.


In this article, you will find details about an 11-year teens entrepreneur of Franchise Mall Group, Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista.

They are two kids who started off their business with the help from their parents at the age of 6.

In the year 2004, their parents created an company for them that was known as Franchise Mall Group.

They both now are the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) & Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Franchise Mall Group. These two kids are smart and intelligent. They also have the right skills and ability to run the business. They have developed their business quite well and now they aim to serve globally.

As we know, Franchise Mall Group is one of the famous company and it is renowned for making some unique products and design. All the products that they have introduced yet, always have the cute cartoon character on them.

This has helped them earn quite well in past years and now they aim to target their characters can be licensed like Disney Characters, Minions, Barbie, and other famous characters.

These teen entrepreneurs have worked really hard and they will become a millionaire in near future by their hard word and by their great ideas.

Franchise mall Group is well known as the creative company by these two kids and also a

guidance from her mother, DR. Megumi Sachiko.

The talent of Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista has helped them win numerous awards.

They are still working hard to become one powerful franchise of the world.

These kids are well supported and they have  confidence that enables them to run this company well.

Following is the list of the awards that these kids have achieved at such a young age.

1. Franchise and Business Opportunity Best Seller Award 2010

2. Franchise and Business Marketing Award 2011

3. Franchise and Business Opportunity Fastest Growing Award 2012

4. Franchise and Business  Best Choice Investor Award 2013

5. Franchise and Business Top Of Mind Award 2014

6. Franchise and Business Best Brand Award 2015

7. Franchise and Businesss Best Quality Award 2016

Their main aim is to become one of the most demanding entrepreneurs in near future.

The way their business is running currently, it looks clear that they will easily earn millions dollar and become one of the greatest company of the world.

They earn money by creating different cartoon characters that help to enhance the uniqueness and the beauty of their products.

Each of their design is unique and it is loved by the people.

These are the reasons due to which Franchise Mall Group has become one of the most successful franchise in the world.

Moreover, these achievements also make clear a fact that this franchise has the ability to grow big in future.