The Secret of Surviving a Heart Attack

Here is a testimonial from a survivor about how he used a simple device to help him survive his heart attack.

At Heart Product“A friend had told me about the At Heart Emergency Aspirin Dispenser and had given me one since he was aware of my family history of heart disease. I did not consider myself a heart attack candidate since I was only 49 years old, did not smoke, was not excessively overweight, and my cholesterol levels were always pretty good. Nevertheless, little did I know that less than one week after I put the At Heart dispenser on my keychain, I’d be using it on my way to the hospital!”

“I’d been having some minor shoulder pain, and so when I awoke on Saturday morning at 4 AM with pain in the shoulder it seemed somewhat normal…until the pain started radiating into my chest and I also was sweating and feeling nauseous. As my wife started driving me to the hospital my arms were also starting to feel numb.”

“On the way to the hospital, my wife (who is a nurse) asked me if I had chewed aspirin and that is when I remembered I had my keychain with the At Heart Emergency Aspirin Dispenser on it. I popped out the aspirin and chewed them. When I got to the hospital, one of the first things they asked me was if I had chewed an aspirin.”

(Editor’s Note: The American Heart Association recommends, at the first onset of heart attack symptoms, calling 911 and chewing an aspirin tablet.)

“I was a lucky man. I had a 100% blockage in one of my arteries. And yet I am now a heart attack survivor with minimal heart damage. The doctors told me I did all the right things to help protect my heart. And now I always carry an At Heart dispenser on my keychain!”

Most of the heart attacks occur away from home, and most heart attack deaths occur before the patient gets to the hospital. Keeping an At Heart® Emergency Aspirin Dispenser with you can protect you and your loved ones. Here is how to learn more about At Heart®: