Best Garbage Disposals

Why The Garbage Disposal Is An Innovative Home Appliance

The garbage disposal was introduced to the public in 1940, but of course, like everything else, it took some time, before the consumer was drawn to it. It took John W. Hammes nearly thirteen years, before he could finally patent his new invention. Although there is a slight misconception in who actually developed the first garbage disposal. General Electric released their first disposer to the market in 1935, which was five years prior to the InSinkErator’s release.

Many cities in the United States prohibit the public from disposing of their food waste down the municipal sewage system. This only leaves the option of tossing it in the waste bin, which if left unattended for several hours can cause induce a foul odor. It can be very time consuming to empty the waste bin outside every time food wastes are put into it, but it is the only true way to eliminate odors. Believe it or not, this is why many homeowners invest in a garbage disposal, but it is not the only reason.

Greenhouse emissions have left their devastating effect on the Earth’s ecosphere, leaving more carbon dioxide in the environment. Food wastes that make their way to the landfill will create over 20bn tonnes of greenhouse gases, but how can this be prevented? Well, one thing is for sure, if every homeowner, tenant, and landlord invested in a garbage disposal, the quantity would be reduced greatly.

It is a fact that garbage disposals reduce greenhouse gases, since the food wastes will be processed in the treatment plant, bypassing the landfill. Be sure to check out the best garbage disposals, today.