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Ice Cube or Ice Sphere? What a whiskey lover says about DenadaDenada Ice Ball Mold.


Let’s Talk About Cool – Being Cool!


There’s nothing more infuriating than a watered-down beverage that you’ve attempted to get cool. Coffee, tea, whiskey – whatever your preference may be, your beverage should be able to get cool and stay cool without becoming watery in the process. The traditional ice cube struggles with this because it is small and weak. It cannot stand up to a hot beverage or make a cool beverage even cooler!


Cubes are out. Spheres are in. That’s why you need DenadaDenada.


What Could You Do With a Large Pair?


Freezing fast and hard, the ice spheres that come from a DenadaDenada mold will give your drink a stylish, sophisticated look that may shock some people. Why? Because you’re not afraid to show off your large pair of ice spheres in your glass! You simply grab your pair, plunk them into something warm that you need cool, and then let them work their magic.


Maybe you’ve seen other ice sphere molds in the past. I know I’ve seen my fair share of spheres that often don’t meet a good standard. They might be too small, or they might create irregular spheres that look awkward in your glass, or they might even break your pair of spheres when you try to remove them! Who wants to handle a pair of broken ice spheres?

DenadaDenada makes the process nice and easy. Singular molds are easily removed, allowing you to have the perfect ice spheres to cool down your preferred drink consistently and without premature melting. That’s what we like to call “pleasure with every sip.”


What Story Does Your Glass Tell?


You can tell a lot about a person just by the drink that they’re holding. Some might say the black coffee drinker is a no-frills, straight-forward kind of person who likes to focus on getting the job done right the first time. The scotch drinker enjoys quality and sophistication, yet has a focus on tradition that helps them find success. The iced tea drinker with a slice of lemon is likely trying to find a peaceful moment in a busy day to just relax!

Your ice speaks a lot about who you are as well. Those crushed little nuggets of ice that melt quickly say that you can be tempted by a sweet deal. The standard ice cube speaks of tradition as well, saying that this is the way things have always been done so why bother to change them? It’s the person who uses the ice spheres that you should pay attention to when you run into them. They’re the game changers. They’re the ones who aren’t afraid to let their ice spheres sway in the breeze, let them get noticed, and have people say “You want some of that? Of course you do!”


Today is the day. Get your DenadaDenada ice spheres, let them sway in the breeze, and let your drink be pleasingly cold and refreshing without extra water. After all, no one deserves ice that melts prematurely.


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