Discover Weklyuk Design T-shirts

Weklyuk Design T-shirts are the ultimate form of self-expression. They say clothes don’t make the man and maybe you agree but you’ve never seen a brand like Weklyuk Desgin T-shirts!

The young designer Adam Weklyuk, finally found the right point in fashion, where you can look as great as you want, whatever you stand for, this brand will support it. Now he has teamed up with an american millionaire, and together they are going to conquer the world, flying on the wings of snobism.

Adam keeps everything hype from the past and mixes with the cool things of modern life. Pinup style, party feeling, oracles , with a touch of snobism on premium quality T-shirts. What else do you need? You can’t help being in the center with Weklyuk Design.
Now you can be as unique as you want, and express yourself.

Weklyuk Design bebut in March 2013… don’t miss it!