DOCUFRAUD Reports Forged And Fraudulent Document Incidents On The Rise In Canada And The United States 


TORONTO, February 9, 2016 / In an economy where opportunities are harder to find, incidents of fraud and forgery are on the rise. DOCUFRAUD a division of Criminal Case Consultants Inc., a Texas corporation that operates in both Canada and the United States specializing in forensic examinations of documents, says that this is a rising trend. Brian Leslie, a senior deception analyst and CEO of Criminal Case Consultants Inc. says that people and small businesses are becoming more desperate to pay bills and in some cases crossing an ethical line to do so. Mr. Leslie explains “we are now seeing a surge of incidents where CFO’s have defrauded their employers, in some cases over periods of six to eight years”. Mr. Leslie continues by saying although this is a disturbing trend, the general public need to be more vigilant when conducting transactions such as accepting checks, signing contracts and hiring employees that have access to financial records or personal information.

“With the technology we have today, anything can be recreated or copied”, says Mr. Leslie. Most incidents involve forged signatures on wills, checks, deeds and contractual documents. In many cases signatures are reproduced by tracing, using software to insert or by practicing handwriting styles. Today there is a greater demand by the public to retain certified forensic document and handwriting experts both as victims and as defendants in criminal prosecutions.

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DOCUFRAUD is a division of Criminal Case Consultants Inc., a Texas corporation specializing in document related forgeries and fraud, including handwriting comparison, forged signature examination and ink and paper dating. All of its examiners are both certified and court qualified in Canada and the United States.

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