How to know she is ready for dating?

She likes me …. She likes me not… are you in this dilemma? Don’t worry, a lot of men find themselves in this situation. You meet a girl, start going around but are not sure whether she likes you. Sometimes it starts with flirting and while men want to get serious and start dating, they are not sure of the women. How do you know whether your girl likes you?

Observe her body language

We know it is impossible to find out what’s going on inside a woman’s heart but you can at least get hints by observing her body language. How does she behave when she is with you? She leans towards you when talking? Does she smile a lot? She touches her lips, neck or ear while talking? All these are signs that she likes you and is excited to have you around.

Does she ask you a lot of questions?

Girls love to talk and if they are interested in a guy they would like to know more about them. If you find your woman asking a lot of questions about your hobbies, she likes you. She would also like to know more about your past.

How she reacts to your jokes?

This is another sign that reveals whether a girl likes a guy. If she laughs at your every joke, no matter how silly they are, she is into you. Even when she doesn’t like them, she would groan or roll her eyes but never get angry.

Does she touch you often?

If she likes you, she would touch you. She would stand close and touch your arm to make a point. She may hug you casually, playfully hit or punch at you. While talking she would lean towards you and always make eye contact. Her handshake would be firm and warm. She may linger it too.

Does she ask your help? 

Women want their men to come to their rescue and so she would ask you for help or advice. It may be a simple thing like carrying her bag or going shopping with her. She may seek your advice in deciding what to buy for her friends or wear at a party. Be happy as all these are excuses to be with you and get your attention.

Don’t get confused if you do not get all the signals. A shy girl may hide her feelings well. So, be there for her and slowly you would know whether she likes you. If you are serious about dating her, shower her with your attention.