How to skyrocket your B2B leads with crazy pants Shopify contact form submitter software

How to skyrocket your B2B leads with crazy pants Shopify contact form submitter software

Generating business-to-business leads may be easy. How hard can it be to just connect with other business?

However, the real struggle comes when generating high-quality leads. Whether you sell products, service or both, your success depends entirely on the leads you generate. Without them, selling will be a hard nut for you. 

This article focuses on a solution that gets you high-quality B2B leads if you are running an e-commerce business on the Shopify platform. First of all, let’s look at some reasons why you may be unable to generate the leads.

1.    Are you using inbound marketing?

Traditional outbound marketing is good for generating leads. However, you may not be seeing the best results because you have overlooked the inbound strategy. Inbound marketing is one very effective method to generate high-quality B2B leads for your business.

2.    You could be targeting the wrong prospects

The prospects you target for your business leads matters a lot. Your B2B lead generation depends on targeting the right prospects. Users that have little-to-no interest in your product could be the reason you are not getting there. You need “buyer persona.”

3.    Are you using CRM software?

Using CRM software can help you streamline your leads generation. If you are not using it, you are losing a lot. You can use it to curate and categorize leads according to quality after which your company can reach to high-quality leads. 

4.    You are using the wrong lead source

There are many leads source that can take the burden of sourcing from your hands. It is important to choose the right one though because not all are good for you. You want a provider that offers highly targeted, verified leads for your niche.

High-quality leads may cost more, but they will give you value for your investment.

5.    Maybe the benefits are not visible

It is a golden rule in selling a product that you shows the benefits, not the features only. Prospects are interested in knowing how the product will help them not how it works.

6.    Social media tool

Social media is one of the most important leads generation tools on the market today. If you are not using it, then that is the reason you are missing out on high-quality leads. 

What solution the Shopify Crazy Cants Leads Generator

Contact form submissions simply have the best rates. For your shop, it is important that you submit your contact forms so that you can get access to other Shopify websites. 

Quality-leads generation is key to success in the e-commerce industry, and through form submission, you get the work done. 

Gone are the days when companies depended on emails and newsletters that could end up in junk boxes without being read. Contact form submission is far more effective.

Submitting the forms manually has been an issue for many. With the Shopify Contact Form Submitter Software, however, you can do this on autopilot. By simply entering your contact details and message, the software will contact tens of thousands of other Shopify websites for you.