Illinois Car Auctions Helps You Find an Auto Auction in Chicago

How to find and buy auction cars in Chicago and around the state of Illinois.

Car prices have risen quite a bit in recent years, and Chicago has been no exception. Meanwhile, car buyers are bombarded with more and more options to find cars for sale online, including car auctions.

Hoping to help simplify the search for a car auction near Chicago, Illinois Auto Auctions features both public auctions and dealer auctions around the state of Illinois. Easily find a car auction near you or search online auctions for the perfect used car.

Most of these auctions will allow you to view their inventory online and do not charge any upfront fees or require any memberships or subscriptions. They are free public auctions that feature used cars for sale at wholesale prices. These are not flood damaged or salvage/wrecked vehicles, those go to other types of auctions.

Instead, wholesale car auctions tend to feature cars and trucks from local used car dealer trade-ins, bank repossessed cars, police impounds, and also some privately owned vehicles. They mostly sell cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans, but will also occasionally feature motorcycles, boats, and ATVs for sale.

Prices at these car auctions can vary greatly from $1000 all the way up to $30k+ for later model cars. Typically, they will sell in the wholesale value range – meaning that they are much cheaper than the same exact cars on a used car dealer’s car lot.

As is always the case when looking to buy a used car, it is vital that you perform all due diligence before bidding in the auction and committing to the sale. Always look over the entire vehicle as much as possible to be aware of any body damage and, if attending the auction in person, be sure to arrive early so that you can carefully look of the cars for sale before the auction starts.

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