Illinois Massage Schools

Beautiful woman getting a massage in the spa salon
Woman getting a massage in the spa salon

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Massage therapy is an excellent job to hold. Holding a certificate, diploma, or degree in massage therapy can set you up for a satisfying, profitable job for many years to come. Today massage therapy is used to address a wide variety of health issues both mental and physical, and patients are seeking out licensed massage therapists to help them receive all of the benefits offered by the ancient practice of massage.

Illinois has a great number of accredited massage schools that are either integrated into universities, offer only massage therapy knowledge, or else offer the knowledge of other alternative health remedy classes as well.


What can you gain from attending one of the many Illinois massage schools? There are a lot of benefits to be had, including these:

  • Consistent work

As this is a health and wellness field just as much as it’s a luxury field, you can find clients from all over your city that will be looking for massage therapy for whatever reasons. This diverse client base helps to keep the line of people coming for appointments rather steady.

  • High salary

The average massage therapist in Illinois makes around $47,000 annually according to If you live and work around some of the larger cities, such as Chicago or around St. Louis, you can make even more than that easily.

  • Job satisfaction

When you practice massage therapy as a profession, you will be spending your working hours helping people improve their lives by having a positive impact on their health and wellness. What job could be better than that?

  • Flexible working conditions

As a massage therapist you don’t have to work in a traditional office setting, nor do you have to hold regular office hours. You can easily do house calls, have a home office, open your business later in the morning, or anything else that makes your work better.


In Illinois you can find hundreds of schools capable of licensing massage therapists. Your biggest dilemma will be choosing which one to go to. Although some schools will have much better reputations than others, you shouldn’t necessarily cancel out any options because of the opinions of a few former students. Do your own research carefully about the quality of each school, the type of license provided after completion of the course, the costs, the length of the program, etc. This is the only way to really know which program will be best for you.


It’s a big decision when you make the choice to go to school, whether you’re going back or if it’s your first time. Massage therapy is an excellent field to go into if you have a passion for helping to improve the lives of others as well as the desire to work with greater flexibility. All around Illinois there are great opportunities for massage therapists, so head to one of the many Illinois massage schools and get to work!


The Soma Institute: Massage Therapy School in Chicago, Il

Begin an in-demand career with a Clinical Massage Therapy diploma, or with Health & Wellness Coaching training to help others to live active, healthy lives.

School of Holistic Massage and Reflexology

The SOHMAR School for Holistic Massage and Reflexology has been approved to operate by division of private business and vocational schools of the illinois board of higher education since 2000.

Universal Spa Training Academy

Are you ready to begin school with USTA?  Why choose USTA Multi-Licensing Program?

Cortiva Massage Therapy Schools Chicago

Cortiva’s Chicago massage school, IL offers programs that enable students to have a fulfilling career as massage therapists in as little as nine months.

College of DuPage – Massage Therapy

Comprehensive 760-hour, one-year program includes both lecture and hands-on training in the theory and practice of various modalities of massage: human anatomy, physiology, pathology and kinesiology.