Illinois Review: Duffy proposes red light camera ban

State Senator Dan Duffy R-Barrington has been a vocal opponent of red light cameras for a while. Now he’s stepped up his opposition to proposing a ban on red light cameras statewide, and has been successful in getting two Democratic Senators to sign on — State Senator Kwame Raoul, who represents Barack Obama’s old legislative district and Chicago’s Martin Sandoval.

Duffy is also joined by six other Republican co-sponsors: Chris Lauzen, Thomas Johnson, Wm. Sam McCann, Matt Murphy, Shane Cultra and today, Suzi Schmidt.

The red light camera opponents will be opposed by RedSpeed Illinois, a Lombard-based company that manufactures speed cameras, and which has effectively influenced legislators to allow red light cameras in more and more jurisdictions over the past several years.

Illinois Review featured several stories on RedSpeed’s lobbying activities in 2009.

via Illinois Review: Duffy proposes red light camera ban.