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“Selling Your Structured Settlement Missouri more commonly referred to as ‘SYSS’ recently made several additions to their web site that included. 1. A forum. 2. A social network. 3. Interactive state map of all 50 states outlining each Structured Settlement Protection act (upon closer inspection their New York SSPA WIKI has a full article in addition to the applicable state law). 4. Finally they are in the process of adding ‘blog reviews’, a feature not offered on any other structured settlement annuity buyer or broker.

Although the majority of annuitants remain pleased with their payment streams (as illustrated by a recent J.G. Wentworth LLC study conducted over a period of more than a decade) for those unfortunate enough to find themselves in the position to sale of their periodic payments a discount, finding a trustworthy dependable company can be daunting. One of the biggest problems potential sellers face is that many structured settlements buyers try to low-ball their clients (forcing clients to either seek multiple quotes before finally accepting one that’s suitable or settle for a poor quote). Like a fish on a hook being reeled in before the realization sinks in, if the annuitants bite, they are reeled in.

Imperial Structured Settlements is one of several companies notorious for this nefarious practice. The specialty finance company (NASDAQ: IFT) based out of Boca Raton, Florida landed in hot-water last March after an FBI raid reveled they weren’t living up to their regulatory obligations. Since than their stock offering has continued to drop. This type of “structured settlement Darwinism” is healthy for the industry.

A second form of ‘structured settlement Darwinism’ is the fact that many structured settlement companies and brokers are now finding affordable ways to market online. Structured settlement, annuity, and lottery winnings related terms can go as high as 150 dollars on programs like ad-words. Yes, that’s 100 or more a hit. These terms include: buyer of structured settlement (150+), structured settlement quotes (100+), and structured settlement buyer (90+). Prices continue to rise. If companies can adapt to these circumstances and produce better marketing, the industry will be better off for it. Larger buyer will have a harder time offering competitive prices in an environment where they are paying such high prices per unique visitor.

In most structured settlement transfers are approved as long as the reason for the sale is acceptable. Review the following examples to determine how easily you may find court approval. If none of these apply to you, contact us for a free consultation.

Medical Emergencies

Pay off Property Debt:
The law usually favors such cases.

Although a common reason, several court cases have been rejected due to the low discount rate offered. Just because the sale is taking place for educational reasons does not mean the court will rubber stamp the deal.

Property Investment:
If there is proof a dependent’s future is not at risk if you lose your land, the purchase may be approved. However, paying off an existing property is seen as more acceptable.

Business Investments:
Courts will generally accept this as a reason for selling your payments rights.

Contribution to Charity:
If the dependent’s future won’t be at risk due to the sale and contribution, even without the structured settlements, the court in most instances will approve such a request.