Monaco Real Estate Most Expensive In The World?


Prices In Monaco Real Estate Top The Charts Worldwide

If you are looking for opportunities in purchasing international real estate, it won’t take you long to realize that you have embarked upon buying property in one of the world’s most expensive locations. Understanding Monaco real estate prices is an exercise of simple economic physics.

A home here on average cost $58,300 per square meter. If you are a US perspective buyer, that translates to pricing for your new resort home in ranges between $5300 per square foot to $6000 per square foot. Monaco is obviously a luxury resort location and it offers the best of the best to those who can afford it.

That said, it pays to look carefully at the market before making buying decisions. As in any market, there are variations in quality and value and nobody wants to overpay for property whether that property cost $100,000 or $50 million. You didn’t get your money by accident and you don’t want to spend it needlessly either.

Monaco Real Estate Property Ownership Implications

Although Monaco is an independent and sovereign state, it maintains close ties and governance relationships with France. Its real estate laws are complex and have undergone recent changes, especially as applies to corporate entities purchasing property both for a state and tax reasons.

It may not be necessary to purchase property via the Corporation as taxes for individual property buyers and real estate owners have been substantially reduced since 2011.

Sound legal advice from experts in international real estate law such as a company like Icon Property is advisable to anyone considering buying property in Monaco. Tax liability for real estate purchases in Monaco fall between 4.5% and 7.5% depending on the specifics of a real estate purchase. Offshore entities pay the higher rate while individual buyers pay the 4.5% rate.

Living In Monaco

The worlds second smallest country has a population density double that of San Francisco. 32,000 people are crowded into about one square kilometre or .7 square miles. Consequently, most real estate prices are in the millions – 7 to 8 figures for most apartments or condos on the market. A world-class location coupled with limited space and availability creates this demand for some of the highest priced real estate in the world. There are some bargains in this market.

One recent listing was as low as €250,000 the problem with this property is that it’s not for people. It was simply for someone to park his or her car in an owned parking garage space. More realistically, a recent listing for an apartment with three rooms total at hundred 42 m² or 1500 ft.² prices in at €6,950,000 or US $9.4 million. The good news for property owners in Monaco as there is no income tax and no property tax in this microstate. This country obtains its revenues from substantial taxes on profits from business activities including the sale of real estate.