No justification to shoot Pierre Loury


Chicago Youth are being given weapons to protect the valuable drug trade that exists in Chicago.

The police in Chicago are refraining from dealing with the gang and crime issues because they feel like they are under attack themselves.

The only solution is drug legalization to remove the cash flow that exists from the underground drug trade that is funding the gangs.

Suit accuses Chicago cops of giving ‘false, misleading’ statements after fatally shooting boy, 16

The family of a 16-year-old boy fatally shot by Chicago police during a chase on the West Side last week has filed a federal wrongful death lawsuit alleging the department’s longstanding racist practices “result in the unjustified deaths of people of color.

The lawsuit filed Wednesday alleges police had no justification to shoot Pierre Loury on April 11 and conspired with one another to give “false, misleading and incomplete versions” of the incident to make it look like they were imminent danger.