November 2nd Really Is THAT Important

I know that you have heard over and over again about how important THIS election is. After hearing for the umpteenth time how this midterm is the most important midterm election EVER you may be suffering from overload. You may feel like you have had enough. You may have seen so many ads lately that you are sick of it all and just want this election business over with. If you feel that way, I understand, and apologize in advance for what I’m about to say.

November 2nd, 2010 is the most important election of your lifetime thus far. This is not an exaggeration. In November of 2008 this nation rebelled against a failing economy. We rebelled against a directionless policy in Iraq and Afghanistan that made us question what the point was after seven years. A Republican administration that was more progressive than conservative when push came to shove, combined with a weak candidate (John McCain) pushed and shoved us into the infinitely more charismatic arms of President Obama.

We weren’t as sophisticated in 2008 as we are now. No one was talking about progressives or Keynesian economics. We knew we were broke and wanted our sons and daughters home. One candidate promised both, and we didn’t care about the how change was going to be achieved. We were filled with hope.

I’m obviously not speaking for everyone. I myself voted for the boring Democrat-lite, John McCain, like many others (but not enough did). But many of us did not realize that we were voting for an administration and a congressional mandate to change the country from one based on capitalism and checks on governmental powers to a country with state-controlled capitalism, nationalized industries, legislation by the judiciary, special interest corruption, partisanship as policy, weaker national security, increased unemployment, bloated government, a federal government hostile toward state rights, and limited personal freedom.

To get to the point, the 2008 election gave the progressives the green-light to show themselves and more openly (stress on “more”) push their agenda of bringing America closer to socialism. America is less free than it was before Barack Obama took office. Don’t take my use of the word “free” to the extreme. This change had been slow over the years, Obama is not the first progressive, but it is now accelerating. 2008 gave progressives the license to implement their utopia. What we have the obligation to do this November 2nd is to decide if this is the America we want for ourselves and our children.

If we stay home in frustration, vote for the incumbent that has the most juice, vote for the best face, or vote for the best speaker, and don’t vote for the candidate that represents free markets, limited government, and increased personal freedom, we will have cemented the referendum of 2008. We need a conservative landslide to show progressives, both Democrat and Republican, that the spirit of our forefathers is not a dead idea. We need every vote possible to tell the politicians that We the People are the government. We must rebuke socialism and save our country.

In the last couple of years our own president and vice-president have said that the United States is no longer as exceptional as it once was. If we reinforce these beliefs by reinforcing these policies on both sides of the aisle, we will have failed our children and grandchildren. Please vote, it really is that important.