Cicero Police to partner with Chicago Police to fight gang war

For Immediate release
Contacts: Raul Montes, Jr. 312-890-6599, Cicero Spokesman Ray Hanania 708-656-3600

Cicero Police to partner with Chicago Police and Little Village residents community group to fight gang war after brazen videos posted on Youtube. Want better intelligence system and collaboration between both jurisdictions and for more resources to combat gang war

What: Press Conference and community forum for better intelligence between two police jurisdictions to combat gang war
When: Wednesday, May 1, 2013
Where: Manuel Perez, Jr. Veterans legion post
2658 S Hamlin
Chicago, IL 60623
Time: 6:15 p.m.

Chicago, IL– Little Village has witnessed the surge of gang war and the outlandish destructive behavior of gang violence between two rival gangs that has left many families grief- stricken. Just recently there has been a severe infiltration in the Western part of Little Village by one of the rival gangs. Recently some brazen videos were downloaded to show the brinksmanship of one gang and posted on You Tube for the world to see. The recent videos are very disturbing and have angered the residents in the community of over 100,000 in population. The video links on You Tube are the following: Drake 27 Latin Kings; Ghetto side 24 Latin Kings.

With implications of many shootings on the outskirts of Little Village were gangs have had an outlet into another jurisdiction, Chicago land community activist Raul Montes, Jr. has asked for the help and collaboration of the Town of Cicero for a better intelligence system and communication between both Cicero and Chicago. Cicero President Larry Dominick has responded “I sympathize with our neighbors to the east and when Mr. Montes asked if we could help, I had to say yes. Even though we technically have no jurisdiction in Chicago, we can still coordinate our efforts with the Chicago Police and share ideas with Little Village residents to help them be more successful in protecting their children and fighting street gangs,” Dominick said. Montes states there should be some accountability on these explicit videos and more vigilance to a community that has been put on a back burner and the violence downplayed wher children are at risk.

Cicero’s Gang Crimes Unit, and officials have agreed to hold a meeting with the residents of Little Village and Chicago Police to develop strategies to improve safety in Little Village and also develop collaborations to share information about street gangs and improve cooperation among law enforcement agencies to curb and solve crime. On Wednesday evening, Cicero Police, Chicago Police, other law enforcement agencies and residents in Little Village are holding a community forum and press conference to collaborate and develop strategies to be effective to combat the gang war in both communities. The Cook County Sheriff’s office and public officials and been invited to the event.