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Contact: Raul Montes, Jr.

Activists and Chinatown community in uproar about Asian community under attack and horrible beating, robbing and carjacking of Asian chef that’s left him in a coma; Will hold vigil prayer, and March to bring vigilance against attack of Asian community in Chicago

What: Press conference, march and vigil

When: Sunday, April 17, 2022

Where: 2500 S Princeton Avenue
Chicago, IL 60616

Time: 11:45 a.m.

Chicago, IL- Last week, Jim Yut Lew a 61-year-old man was beaten, so bad he was left for dead and reportedly found by a Streets and Sanitation street cleaner after he was left beyond recognition. After his beaten behind recognition he remains in a coma and has suffered severe and career-ending brain injuries, according to his family and police.

Jin Yut Lew, was found bleeding from the head on a sidewalk in the 2500 block of South Princeton Avenue when officers responded to an EMS call April 7, according to Officer Jose Lemus-Cortez, a spokesman for the Chicago police.

The victim, who was unidentified at that time, as a John Doe was taken to Stroger Hospital in critical condition. Two days later, police went back to the hospital because a witness had identified Lew, whose car had been reported stolen. The victim was carjacked, robbed, brutally beaten and left for dead near Chinatown.

He was attacked repeatedly with a blunt object to the head and face and was left lying on the ground, according to authorities. He was found by city worker who reported the incident to the police and an ambulance brought him to the hospital. He required immediate brain surgery and was diagnosed with severe brain trauma, which led to swelling and internal bleeding. Last December, 71 year old Woom Sing Tse a retired restaurant worker, was shot 22 times as he walked outside of an elementary school on his way to buy a newspaper.

Jin Yut Lew, who immigrated to the U.S. in the early 1980s and has worked to support his family here and in China, may suffer permanent brain damage, according to his doctors, As his family hopes for his recovery, Alford Lew reflected on his dad’s hard working life as a chef. We spoke to family and friends and son Alford Lew. The family will be represented on Sunday and Dr. Kim Tee will also be present at the news conference.Dr. Kim Tee has invited people through social media including WeChat us a multi purpose instant messaging social media and mobile payment app developed by Tencent.

According to police data, carjackings in the city during the first quarter of 2022 were up slightly over the same period a year ago. there were 1,800 carjackings reported last year.

On Sunday morning, activists and residents in Chinatown will stage a prayer vigil, march with placards to bring vigilance against the fact that the Asian community is under attack. We will march from where Jin Yut Lew was attacked to where the cold blooded murder of Woom Sing Tse that happened near John C. Haines elementary school this past December. We will be offering a higher monetary reward to catch the perpetrator or perpetrators who’s responsible for this heinous crime. We want justice!