Press conference

For immediate release

Contact: Raul Montes, Jr

Political firestorm over City of Chicago overcharging residents for city stickers as Illinois Appellate court rules; want reform in the City of Chicago and want Cook County court to rule in favor of class action lawsuit and to reimburse people for fines and damages

What: Press conference

When: Sunday, May 8, 2022

Where: Office of the City Clerk
5672 S Archer Ave, Chicago, IL 60638

Time: 11:45 a.m.

Chicago, IL-An Illinois appeals court ruled Friday that the City of Chicago had illegally overcharged some residents who were ticketed for failing to have a vehicle sticker.

Attorney Jesse Zolna, who represents three residents in a lawsuit that led to the ruling, said the decision sets the stage for a potential class-action lawsuit that could come under scrutiny for hundreds of millions of dollars in ticket debt. could. “The current mayor has acknowledged that the city is accustomed to ticketing revenue, and they use tickets to increase their budget,” he said. “The problem is that it is at the cost of our most vulnerable citizens.”

Vehicle stickers are in the center of the case. The City of Chicago charges $95 annually for a passenger car sticker, with money going toward road maintenance. Failing to display a sticker would mean a ticket.

In 2020, however, mayor Lori Lightfoot pushed and had the city implement city to use speed cameras for ticket drivers going just 6 miles from the limit, criticizing that the city continues with unfair practices under its administration.An appeals court on Friday revived a lawsuit accusing the city of Chicago of overcharging fees and fines for resident vehicle stickers and parking violations.The suit now goes back to Cook County Court. A county judge previously dismissed the case, which argued that the city routinely exceeded a $250 limit set by state law.

On Sunday morning, activists will stage a press conference in front of the city clerks office protesting against the outrage of the City of Chicago overcharging people who did not have a city sticker. We will also protest with placard’s asking for reform and asking Cook County court to rule in factor of the general public and whats in the best interest of the people and drivers.