Ron Paul vs the rest

Patrick Henningsen January 18, 2012

There is a sea change happening now in 2012, as Americans reject en mass a tired neoconservative mantra, one which has brought the Republic to its knees.

Globalist operators like William Kristol are fading, as their flawed ideologies become replaced by emerging revolutionaries. Only one candidate in the 2012 race has successfully captured the imagination of America’s youth – Ron Paul, because he is actually addressing the real issues affect them. Likewise, corporate raiders like Mitt Romney represent the ethnic of the old guard – men who have spent their business careers asset-stripping companies, know much less about building wealth than they do about extracting it at someone else’s expense.

Watch these two short videos and watch how Dr Ron Paul stacks up against the rest

Americans must get out and make their vote count in 2012.