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Music Reviews: Wedlock-Continuity

Wedlock is an electronic indie synth pop outfit formed in Richmond, Virginia circa 2004 by Paul Allgood and Jeff Hathaway. Despite constantly shifting personnel around Allgood, I wasn’t deterred from reviewing their second album Continuity: “On Continuity, Wedlock’s regular explorations into a revamped synth pop world for the 21st century …

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That Game Critic

I have a firm belief in games as an art. Not as a social online gathering place. I made the show; so people can understand what made gaming good. I also wanted to make the show because; 99% of the time there is no honesty in most professional reviews. The …

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Mobile Review Management System

People want to share their experience at your business. Make it easy! Get your Customer Review Apps and Online Reputation Monitoring package, today. Mobile Review Management System

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