Teachers as Celebrities?


The Universe is Yours ™. Join us on social media outlets such as facebook/NASASpaceprincess for behind the scenes exploration of space with NASA and commercial companies committed to the commercialization of space. For more information go to www.spaceprincess.org follow up on twitter at NASA_Princess, Join the movement and contact us about becoming a space princess and hosting your own educational outreach programs and space parties.

NASA Space Princess teaches about Space and related science. She attends NASA Social events, hosts space parties, has an astronaut poodle, and much more! NASA Space Princess is a character created by Andrea Pearson-Haas to encourage STEM public outreach that gives all things NASA a fresh new trendy and scientifically accurate atmosphere to encourage interaction and discovery of our universe and the role of the National Aeronautics Space Administration and those partnerships. Part of this focuses on breaking invisible barriers that society has placed on women and girls in the sciences.

Her first round of degree, licenses, and certifications was with CCIM in commercial real estate, and while she was a member of a business honor’s society at Collin College, was accepted into the aerospace scholars program at NASA. They chose about 200 out of 5000 applicants to compete and about 80 made it through the program, in which we were awarded a NASA Aerospace Scholars Certificate. Her second degree currently being completed is a bachelor in Neuroscience at the University of Texas at Dallas and Credentialed NASA Social Media participant for Orion, GPM, and SpaceX so far, who does public outreach for STEM, encourages girls and women to break the glass ceiling barrier, and that feminine identity has a place in science.

10488380_10203326223869262_2609976247679444748_nCurrently we are taking applications for space princess who want to teach about science, technology, engineering, art (related to space), and mathematics. Anyone can submit their space art, commentary, new products, concepts, ideas, and educational materials for partnership with the mission of NASA Space Princess Education.

NASA Space Princess Education is a 501c3 Not-For-Profit that does educational outreach in STEM, aimed primarily for students Pre K-12. One goal is to promote cultural diversity and international space relations intertwined with/or in addition to STEM education as appearing in character as a NASA Space Princess.

The humanitarian implication for space travel affects the human race and everything in the universe. Diversity is the strength for peace and economical foundation. We are designing curriculum for teachers and students broadening the children’s and adults exposure of cultures on a global scale with our international partnerships at NASA, understand the motivation and interests of our students so we can teach them what they want to learn and find out what is working and what is not by our interactive educational televised program in the works we are taking the learning through students eyes as an approach to modify material and reflect the intellectual endeavors across generations.

Recently NASA Space Princess attended a NASASocial at Wolf Trap in Virginia where The Next Giant Leap was discussed for Orion and our Mars initative with Administrator Bolden and Buzz Aldrin. Buzz Aldrin commented that he needed a new pair of glasses like the ones she was wearing and you can find all of this and exciting more footage on the www.spaceprincess.org website and at www.UTDTV.com with “Comet’s Burning Bright” a TV segment she is working on. She is honored that one of the first men to have walked on the moon liked her space gear, because she makes them for her students to motivate them to earn it when you learn it.

NASA Space Princess is looking for all space enthusiasts, hopes to visit International Space University and the International Space Station when she finishes her studies on the brain in microgravity, and is looking for women to join her movement in teaching kids about space, please email her for details nasa@spaceprincess.org or call her American phone line area code 972-855-8264 We are taking applications for space princesses who want to teach about science, technology, engineering, art (related to space), and mathematics. Join the movement!