Top Fittest Female Celebs we adore

The Incredible Fitness of Female Celebrities

They have featured on front covers of popular magazines and sparked debate on fitness and lifestyle. Most of the time, their fans revere and idolize them as if they are mythical deities from the best-packaged Greek of Egyptian tales. In short, they are the queens and custodians of true feminine fitness. Their names run as follows:

Rachel Bilson

From head to toe, Rachel Bilson  embodies the authentic meaning of a twenty-first century Miss Perfect. She is tall, beautiful, and extraordinarily trim. One would imagine that Rachel spends more than 365 days every year in the gym. On the contrary, the Hart of Dixie celebrity prefers dancing or sporting whenever she wants keep strong and perfect. Hiking, tennis, and some quiet moments of Yoga are among her other passions.

Nicole Kidman

True fitness finds perfect meaning in Nicole Kidman’s unique body balance. Her flawless poise and covetous arms have portrayed her as a woman who knows the perfect exit from the worries of weight and stress. Nicole’s other great assets include a marvelously toned body and well-defined facial aesthetics. There are credible claims about Nicole’s past plastic surgery and Botox treatments have never diminished her graceful and mystical attraction every time she shows up on stage.

Courtney Cox

Nothing defines consistency and great effort better than Courtney Cox’s approach to physical training. With a massive daily training and a few plastic surgery procedures the results are great and splendid. Courtney has one of the top-most body frames that every woman wishes to acquire. Courtney’s fitness trainer, Michelle Lovitt takes her through various results-oriented approaches that include treadmill, elliptical, power-plate strength training, and resistance band.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez stands on two long and well-shaped legs that give her the true gait of a supermodel. She is in many ways one of the top fittest female celebs we adore, venerate, and desire to emulate. The pressures of motherhood have never showed on Jennifer’s supremely fit body. Gunnar Peterson is the skilled trainer who takes Jennifer through the details of weighted sumo squats, reverse lunges to front kicks, and single leg squats. It is now easy to understand why J Lo looks fabulous and very fit in and out of any season.


Every part of Madonna’s body seems to have been designed and created by a supremely gifted divine master. The entire world finds it tough to believe that Madonna is beyond 50. She has a perfectly toned body that recently charmed crowds during her half time Super Bowl performance. Madonna is believed to care about every detail of her beauty. In the celebrity world, Madonna is known as an avid Yoga and fitness enthusiast. In fact, therein lies her secret.

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger is, no doubt, one of the most beautiful and fittest women in Hollywood. Her celebrity greatness owes a lot to the perfect contours that define her arms, waist, stomach, and backside. She has one of the most competent trainers called Adam Ernster who has helped her to build muscle. Nicole’s other fitness schedules include several squats, regular running, and dancing. This is why Nicole’s body impresses her legions of fans.

Bar Rafaeli

Nothing gives kick-boxing a good name than the fitness of Bar Rafaeli. She stands tall with a confidence that derives from her trim figure and marvelous arms. There are no traces of irregular fat bulges on any part of her body. Perhaps, it is because of this reason that Sports Illustrated featured her as their model. Bar’s legs, abs, and butt are finely defined in ways that testify to the effectiveness of martial arts in achieving the true meaning of feminine beauty.

Elsa Pataky

In many ways, Elsa Pataky is one of the great reasons behind the popularity of Fast & Furious. The reason behind this is that people, by nature, like watching female celebrities with perfect bodies. Times and situations have proved that Elsa has no qualms flaunting her body parts, especially her trim figure, great and firm butt, and lovely arms. Many women wish to trade their bodies with hers. Elsa admitted that she is a fitness enthusiast and performs strength training about two times every week. She also takes active interest in Yoga and understands the value of good dieting.