Top rated Online Music Recording Studio Now Also Available Offline In Chicago


SongCat is a music production studio that’s operating online, yet they are offering an offline Partner Studio in Chicago. SongCat Partner Studio Chicago is going to offer high quality services to all those who are looking to use a professional studio to record their songs. At this moment, there’s only one Partner Studio, but there are plans for more. Los Angeles, New York and Florida are some of the potential locations for new partner recording studios.

SongCat, normally associated as a top rated online recording facility for songwriters and singers worldwide, now enables local bands playing all instruments themselves to access SongCat’s services in studios near them.

SongCat produced around 300 songs in their first year of operation, which is a fantastic result for a young startup that has been founded in 2014. The fact that so many singers and songwriters choose SongCat proves that this company is one of the leaders in the industry, having a lot to offer to its clients. Singers, lyricists and songwriters from all genres can use the services SongCat is offering, no matter where they live.

Now these high quality services are offered to those who want to record their music in a studio as well. Partner Studios have everything a band would require for music production. Whether a band wants to record their own instruments or a singer would like to record vocals in a recording studio, this is now possible through SongCat Partner Studios.

Bobby Boyd, one of the clients of SongCat who has penned hits for George Strait and Garth Brooks is impressed with the services and production quality SongCat has and is satisfied with the professional demo SongCat offers: “I am very impressed with the production and service from SongCat….They take the time to make sure you are satisfied with their demo and production work.  I would recommend SongCat for a great professional demo at a low cost…”

Chris Erhardt, Co-Founder and Head of Production at SongCat states: “We will always be a music production company focused on making professionally produced music available online for songwriters that don’t play and sing their songs, or singers that need help producing their music.  However, we realize that an online solution is not suitable for everyone.  Many bands are looking for an affordable and professional physical studio to record their music, and we’re happy to be able to provide just that in different locations with the goal of covering the entire US and Canada in the very near future.”

You can find out more about SongCat by visiting or go directly to their partner studio in Chicago at