Troy James Boys – A Lifestyle Brand Of Pure Hipness!


Meeting the needs of some of the world’s smallest fashion lovers this new boys brand is making its mark. With HIP attire, fun energy and flawless fits as its primary goal Troy James Boys is a perfect fit for today’s modern youngster. The Troy James Boys Collection provides stylish quality apparel and original accessories. It introduces those hard to find items as well as those barely boring basics to the 0 to 6 year old boys market.

The collection is defined by its softness and made for movement motto. Its range is broad from uptown bow ties all the way to downtown bermudas. Troy James Boys‘ attractive price points assure the brand as a one stop shop certain to complete any stylish boy’s wardrobe!

One of its true attributes is in its playful packaging. The packaged series embraces sustainability by creating multi functioning, reusable packaging. The brands signature stackables, piggy banks, toys and storage containers for mothers are a few of the many ways Troy James Boys delivers innovation to marketplace. All of this without neglecting the foundation of kids’ fashion: Comfort!