Why there are few .Net projects among startups?

coherentHave you ever wondered, why there are so few IT-startups based on .NET? If we carefully examine relevant charts and lists, we’ll hardly found a dozen of the projects. In such a case anyone who is curious to some extent will raise a question about the reasons of the phenomenon.

Why .NET is popular among developers?

It is .NET which is the most popular modern platform. And this is not surprising. Microsoft always produces only the best tools for internal business applications development. One of its masterpieces is .NET platform.

Millions of people who are involved in outsourced software development make their choice in favor of .NET and master it in perfection. Total automatization is precisely one of major peculiarities of the platform. This provides more time for a developer to polish up his skills. And, yes, .NET masters are really great.

However, the fact remains: .NET specialists take part in startups very rarely

Perhaps, the reason is that .NET is created with a certain purpose – to integrate Microsoft products, conquering market share by the same token. Any of us who are satisfied by credible state of things will argue that it is quite a normal strategy. Of course, they are absolutely right.

But there are also those who are interested in multidirectional evolution. For them .NET isn’t the right choice. If you enter upon the path of Microsoft solution, you won’t turn anymore. You’ll be bogged down in .NET goodies which have no any relation to what’s going outside .NET, besides.

Finally you will face two options. The first one is to be engaged in .NET software development. Another is – to consider other platforms. May be that’s why people seeking new challenges prefer avoiding .NET, and developers who are committed to Microsoft ideas find no sense in elaborating green field.