The 8 Best Bowling Alleys In Chicago

According to the Encyclopedia of Chicago, the history of bowling in the city dates back to the 1850s and grew rapidly throughout the remainder of the 19th century. By 1910, Chicago was home to 230 bowling alleys. Bowling leagues sprouted everywhere within the city limits. Newspapers sponsored bowling leagues and handicap contests, notably the Sun-Times’ “Beat the Champions” tournament. Local television stations looked to bowling as easy programming during the early years of the medium.

The number of bowling alleys today is a far cry from that 20th century boom period, and the sport these days is mostly seen as recreational and a good excuse to have a couple beers and goof around. The bowling alleys that remain are mostly throwbacks to that era, from Skyway Bowl in Jeffery Manor to Habetler Bowl in Jefferson Park, from the Far West Side to the Loop, there are still bowling alleys where you can rent shoes, grab a ball, and roll.

Diversey River Bowl (Photo credit: Justin Carlson)

  1. Diversey River Bowl
  2. Lawn Lanes
  3. Waveland Bowl
  4. Southport Lanes & Billiards
  5. Lincoln Square Lanes
  6. Mont Clare Lanes
  7. Seven Ten Lounge

The 8 Best Bowling Alleys In Chicago

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