Elevate Your Bathing Experience with TubToday’s Walk-In Tubs


TubToday Walk-In Tubs are easy to maintain and provide unmatched comfort

CHICAGO – TubToday, a renowned Chicago-based dealer and installer of walk-in tubs, is thrilled to introduce the Ella cutting-edge self-cleaning walk-in tubs to its esteemed clientele. Merging effortless maintenance, unparalleled reliability, and exceptional cleanliness, these walk-in tubs embody the future of bathing luxury.

Streamlined Maintenance for Your Ultimate Convenience

With TubToday’s introduction of Ella walk-in tubs, strenuous tub cleaning routines are a thing of the past. These advanced tubs come equipped with an Auto Purge system, an innovative feature that activates 20 minutes post pump shutdown, efficiently clearing the air jet lines of residual water. This swift, 120-second purge cycle ensures your tub remains gleaming, discouraging any mildew growth. With TubToday and Ella, you gain more freedom to enjoy your tranquil bathing retreat instead of grappling with maintenance chores.

Reliability You Can Count On

TubToday is committed to delivering products that stand the test of time. Ella walk-in tubs, known for their exceptional quality and reliability, fit perfectly with this commitment. These tubs are meticulously crafted using superior materials and cutting-edge technologies. The Auto Purge system operates seamlessly, promising steadfast performance with every use. Rest easy knowing TubToday provides reliable, long-lasting bathing solutions through Ella products.

Exceptional Cleanliness for a Refreshing Experience

Ella walk-in tubs, available through TubToday, are dedicated to ensuring a clean and hygienic bathing environment. The tubs eliminate scrubbing, reduce dirt, bacteria, and other residues, thanks to the Auto Purge system. This feature effectively drains excess water and moisture, preventing mold and mildew growth. Step into a TubToday-installed Ella tub and embrace a fresh, spotless bathing experience.

Additional Features for an Unmatched Comfort

Beyond their signature self-cleaning technology, Ella walk-in tubs offer additional features to enhance your bathing experience. These include an Air Massage System, a therapeutic feature with strategically positioned air jets for optimal relief. TubToday is excited to bring these advanced features to Chicago residents, promising a bathing experience that harmoniously combines convenience, cleanliness, and comfort.

TubToday – A Dealer That Prioritizes Your Satisfaction

As a trusted dealer and installer, TubToday is renowned for its dedication to customer satisfaction. They go above and beyond to customize your walk-in tub to suit your unique needs. From essential safety features to personalized design elements, TubToday ensures that every Ella walk-in tub provides a bathing experience that aligns perfectly with your preferences.

With the introduction of Ella self-cleaning walk-in tubs, TubToday is revolutionizing the bathing experience for Chicago residents. Their advanced Auto Purge system, unparalleled ease of maintenance, and pristine cleanliness make Ella products the epitome of bathing luxury. Indulge in a refreshing, hassle-free, and comforting soak with TubToday’s installation of Ella self-cleaning walk-in tubs. Experience this new standard in bathing luxury and enjoy the ultimate relaxation every day.