Benefits of Living in Myanmar as an Expat


Myanmar is already a very popular place that attracts tourists from all over the world. But did you know, that it is also a top destination for expats? Yes, apparently Myanmar has been going through so many positive changes that expatriates highly consider staying in Burma for a long time. There have been multiple Myanmar Expat Forums to support this kind of change. Here are the benefits of living in Myanmar as an expat.

Benefit 1: Economic Advantage

Myanmar was not this open to tourists before. In fact, it was just recently that Myanmar was able to open up the country for tourism and improvement in the economy. Because of this, expats have a lot of opportunities in Myanmar when it comes to business. Most of the establishments there are locally owned. Just find the right products and services to sell and you will make a fortune.

Benefit 2: People are honest and helpful.

The locals are very helpful and honest. Crime rates in Myanmar are very low. One of the risks of living
as an expat in any country is the fact that people can cheat on you or take advantage of your lack of knowledge. Myanmar is very different. They take pride in respecting the innocence of new comers and give them knowledge about their own country.

Benefit 3: Many benefits for expats.

Myanmar welcomes expats with arms wide open. They have expat health insurance, expat banking, travel insurance, business and services and the like. Basically, everything you need is there. You just need to contact the right people or companies. Myanmar is not like other countries where you will have trouble with immigration right away and sometimes won’t be able to enter the country.

Benefit 4: The Culture is rich.

I cannot express how rich the culture of Myanmar is through words or images alone. When you learn about the culture of Myanmar, you just don’t learn about the country, you also learn about its role in Southeast Asia and its surrounding countries. You get the opportunity to take part in the lives of past and present leaders who are very much proud of their country – something you don’t see every day.

Benefit 5: Be part of a continuously improving nation.

It is safe to say that Myanmar is improving at a very fast pace. Most economic experts predict that the industrialization in Myanmar will be faster as expected. It is another challenge to maintain the natural resources of the country while making it more inviting for tourism and it would be great if you could be part of this as an expat. Rarely will you see countries that are industrialized but still environment friendly.

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