Chicago Boxing



Boxing is one of the oldest sports known to man, nearly 2,000 years old depictions from Egypt and 5000 year old depictions by Sumerians show boxing. The ancient Greek brought forth boxing as a brutal spectacle but its popularity dwindled during the Roman times until 1600s, when it finally came to England. Modern Boxing was introduced in the early 1700s and evolved until it moulded into a better and more socially acceptable sports. In mid 1850s in United States, form of professional boxing was finalized as we see it now.

Chicago boxing was a famous bachelor activity throughout 19th century with the exception of a small ban initially. Boxing in Chicago holds one of the richest, most storied traditions. About 50 years ago, Chicago was home to some of the biggest and most significant boxing matches in sports history.

Boxing has been a very popular sport in recent times as it provides one of the best workouts and challenges a person’s limits and capabilities to their fullest. Boxing not only helps to build and tone the muscular stature but also strengthens mental capabilities and endurance.

With the need of perfection redefined, every man and women alike is searching for activities to tone bodies and burn the calories, the consumption of which has been on the rise since the fast-food. That is where boxing comes in handy. It is to be noted that in USA, Chicago is the second most obese city making boxing in Chicago a great idea.

“You can’t box without getting fit just as you can’t swim without getting wet,’ says Tony Parsons.

Boxing requires commitment. Even at an amateur level, it requires dedication, discipline and grit.

Boxing training is about mental fitness too as it makes you calm and teaches you control, changes your mind and ignites respect in hearts for others and yourself.

Growing fat on junk food around the world, the youth of today are restless and obsessed with their smart phones and with their frustrated minds twisted by the unsuitable, uncensored information on media.

Men and women have lots of pent up frustrations and emotions due to steady piling up of life problems. Like meditation, boxing is a more satiating way of calming the mind and body, resulting in a more peaceful lifestyle.  Boxing not only strengthens the soul, body and mind but also helps in relieving stress and is a very safe outlet for people who have anger management issues.

What’s more, having defensive skills has never gone to waste; protecting oneself in dangerous situations is an advantage that most wish to have. For centuries, boxing has been the epitome of immense masculinity, the epic display of a man’s capabilities in their raw form, displaying potential of courage and tolerance for pain. However, with the struggle for gaining identity and rights, women have achieved their rights in the ring too.

Over the past 50 years or so, except for newer safety measures incorporated in training and protective gear for the boxers, the shortening of rounds, the addition of nutritionists and coaches, boxing remains unchanged as it was initially—a test of endurance, wit and form. Boxing is the science of mental multitasking on several levels and displaying disciplined and aggressive manner and has proved to be effective in all the said benefits.